Mega Diancie-EX Premium Collection / Gallade-EX Box Photos

Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully the child with blood red eyes won’t stop me from delivering my super late Christmas present to you guys next month…

Both the “Mega Diancie-EX Premium Collection” and “Gallade-EX Box” are now available early at some Target stores for you late Christmas shoppers (presumably Gallade is marketed toward boys and Diancie toward girls).

Diancie’s box comes with a holo M Diancie-EX promo (XY44), a jumbo version of the same card, a holo Diancie-EX promo (XY43), a “brilliant and shining” Mega Diancie collector’s pin, six booster packs, and a Mega Diancie coin. It costs $39.99.

Gallade’s box comes with a holo Gallade-EX promo (XY45), a jumbo version, and four booster packs. It costs $19.99.

A huge thanks goes to PkmnEvolutionaries and JR Madison for sending us all the photos below!

XY43 Diancie-EX XY44 M Diancie-EX Diancie-EX Cards Diancie Pin Diancie Coin Diancie Coin
XY45 Gallade-EX Gallade-EX Cards Gallade-EX Box