Sceptile from XY5, New Card Design

Another Sceptile from Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm has been revealed through a commercial showing on monitors at Japanese Battle Festa tournaments. The card seems to be a cross between a full art card and a regular Pokemon card. Sceptile’s artwork extends more than half-way down the card, but not the whole way like a regular full art Pokemon. Full art Pokemon also touch the physical borders of the cards, which Sceptile does not. So this is obviously a new type of Stage 2 design that may be reserved for special Pokemon (next paragraph).

Sceptile has question marks covering up the area where Primal Groudon-EX has its Ω Barrier “ability,” so Sceptile and other cards in the set may have the same type of mechanic going on. Sceptile’s artwork depicts a barrier, so perhaps Pokemon with the mechanic will have a card design like Sceptile’s. The names of the attacks on Sceptile are “Leaf Blade” and “Power Poison,” but their effects are too blurry to read.

A few other common cards were quickly revealed in the commercial, but none of the attendees managed to snap them with their cameras. Thanks goes to “Guren” for personally sending us this photo and Mia V. for the translations!

Sceptile from Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm