Now Streaming: Worlds Masters Division Finals for the TCG and VG!

Update (7:30 PM) – Ray Rizo from the United States has won the video game title for the THIRD time in the Masters division, while Toler Webb won Seniors and Abram Burrows won Juniors. All three are from the United States as well!

Update (6:45 PM) – Congratulations to Igor Costa for winning the title of TCG World Champion for the Masters division! Congratulations also go Chase Moloney from Canada for winning the Seniors division title and Shuto Itagaki from Japan for winning the Juniors division title! No one from the United States this year. :( The video game finals will be starting soon!

The final matches for both the TCG and video game Masters division are now being streamed live! For the TCG, the match is between Igor Costa from Portugal and Harrison Leven from the United States. For the video game match, it is between two-time World Champion Ray Rizzo and Wolfe Glick, both also from the United States. Which two players will take the title of 2012 Pokemon World Champion? You’ll find out live right below!

If you’re having trouble getting the stream to play, you may have to refresh this page a few times or hit play and pause on the video player. Or simply hit play and wait a bit for it to load. But once you get it going, there’s no lag and the video quality is perfect!