Cities – What’s the Play?

Sorry for the lack of updates – there hasn’t been too much news until now.

Forum mod Celebi23 has written a very informative guide for what you can expect at Cities tournaments this weekend.

Our metagame has been a triangle for awhile. Magnezone loses to fast decks, but those decks lose to Damage Swap lock decks, but those decks lose to Magnezone. A lot of people got fed up with that format, and are eager for a change. The latest set – Noble Victories – has the potential to bring that change, and make the format for Cities much more fair and interesting.

However, the title is somewhat deceiving, because there really isn’t one specific deck that is the best play for Cities. The format, while it’s no longer a perfect triangle, is still a mess. Nothing in Noble Victories is broken enough to redefine the format, but some stuff is good enough to modify it.

I’ll start off by doing a mini set analysis, only covering the cards that will make it into tier one or 1.5. Then, we can get into how the HS-EP decks are either helped or hurt by this set.

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