Three ‘Call of Legends’ Cards Revealed

Lucario (#14/95), Lugia (#SL7), and Houndoom (#10/95) have been revealed from Call of Legends; click the thumbnails below for larger images. The Lugia is a Shiny Pokemon promo that was released in Japan this past summer, Lucario is from Lost Link, and Houndoom is a reprint from HS – Undaunted with new artwork. Along with Hitmonlee, Houndoom further solidifies that this set will feature a load of reprints with new artwork a la EX Power Keepers. The set will have a total of 106 cards (95 normal cards and 11 secret rare Shiny Pokemon).

Lugia is numbered SL7, which means the rest of the Shiny Pokemon promos will be numbered: SL1 Deoxys, SL2 Dialga, SL3 Entei, SL4 Groudon, SL5 Ho-Oh, SL6 Kyogre, SL7 Lugia, SL8 Palkia, SL9 Raikou, SL10 Rayquaza, and SL11 Suicune. Considering Call of Legends hits store shelves February 9th, the Shiny Pokemon are obviously a cross-promotion with Zoroark: Master of Illusions, which features a shiny Entei, Suicune, and Raikou and will premiere on February 5th. It is also a cross-promotion with the Shiny Beast distribution, which takes place, in intervals, from January 3rd to early February 6th.

Call of Legends - Lucario Call of Legends - Lugia Call of Legends - Houndoom