Fall 2010 Player Rewards

Player rewards for fall 2010 have already started to ship. If you have attended a Pokemon-sanctioned tournament, league season, or Premier Event in which you participate and whose results are reported to Play! Pokemon, you receive one credit on your record. If you earn 3-5 credits (“tier one”), you will receive a set of foil energy in the mail. If you earn 6-10 credits (“tier two”), you receive the foil energy and two promo cards (two of each). If you earn eleven or more credits (“tier three”), you get the aforementioned rewards plus prerelease event sleeves. The rewards are shipped out to tier three players first, followed by tier two, and then tier one, so if you haven’t received anything yet, there’s still time.

The promo cards for fall 2010 are Cynthia’s Guidance and Volkner’s Philosophy, as you can see below. The cards do not feature the new Play! Pokemon logo because they were probably printed before the name of organized play was changed. Click the thumbnails for larger scans; thanks goes to Shakespeare for scanning them!

Volkner's Philosophy Cynthia's Guidance