Images of Journey Partner Promo Collections

Small product images have leaked of the upcoming Journey Parter promo collections that we first reported on back in June. As we stated before, the collections feature each of the starter Pokemon, though they will not contain their evolutions like we previously believed; instead, they will feature Black and White Pokemon that have been advertised this summer. Each collection features three cards, all holo: Journey Partner Tsutaaja comes with Tsutaaja, Munna, and Gear, Journey Partner Pokabu has Pokabu, Shimama, and Mamepato, and Journey Partner Mijumaru contains Mijumaru, Meguroko, and Zorua. Each package costs 280 yen and will be released on September 18th. Like with the first cards of any generation, each card features stock Ken Sugimori artwork. Thanks goes to Bangiras for translating this information!

As a side note, in October and November, the BW Starter Sets will be released as well. Despite all these side products, there is still no information regarding the first TCG set of the “Pokemon Card Game BW” era! Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer for word on the set…

Journey Partner Promo Collections