Reverse Holo Flareon 4 and Gliscor 4 Promos

A new TCG product containing either a reverse holo Rising Rivals Flareon 4 or Gliscor 4 is now available at stores like Target for $4.99. Despite what the box pictured below says, it actually comes with a Diamond and Pearl series booster pack and a POP 7 promo pack. Click the thumbnails below for larger images, courtesy menoknow3 and Skitty. It seems as if reprint cards will use the glassy holofoil now, since this trend has been happening for a few months.

If you ever find new promo cards or products at your local TCG stores, feel free to shoot us an e-mail with your name, what it is, the price, where you found it, what comes inside it, and of course scans! You will be credited here for doing so. Thank you!

Flareon 4 Reverse Holo PromoGliscor 4 Reverse Holo PromoGliscor and Flareon Box