Pokethlon Details Revealed on Pokemon Sunday

Pokemon Sunday revealed new HeartGold and SoulSilver information today, specifically in relation to the new feature in the games called the “Pokethelon.” Yaminokame has translated all the details of the episode below. This is the racing game I saw at the early premiere of the Arceus movie.

  • The Pokethlon tests you and your Pokemon’s Speed, Power, Technique, Stamina and jumping ability.
  • You get to choose three Pokemon. Each Pokemon appears to have stars in each category being from top to bottom, “Speed,” “Power,” “Technique,” “Stamina,” and “Jump.” Each stat can be up to 5 points. For example, Cyndaquil’s speed is 5 stars, power is 4, and the rest are 3.
  • Two different types of minigames in the Pokethlon are discussed: Dash Hurdle and Bound Field.
  • Dash Hurdle is located in a place called the Track Dome.
  • Bound Field is located in a place called the Jump Dome.
  • Dash Hurdle: You control 3 Pokemon simultaneously, as they run you must click on their overworld sprites. By doing so, they will jump over the hurdles. The course gets harder the further you run through. This track focuses on your speed and jump abilities.
  • Bound Filed: Again, you control three Pokemon simultaneously. In this, your technique and jump abilities are being tested. The more lit-up (yellow) things you touch when you make a jump, the higher your score rises.
  • Pokemon can earn medals.