Holo POP 8 Yanmega and Heatran

A new “Collector’s Poster Box” is now available at stores like Target and Wal-Mart. It comes with a holo POP 8 Yanmega, two Legends Awakened booster packs, one Majestic Dawn booster pack, and one Majestic Dawn theme deck. It also includes two posters for Majestic Dawn and Legends Awakened with images of each card in each set. The package retails for $19.98 at Target. Thanks go to Omahanime for the images!

One of these Collector’s Poster Boxes was released last November with a holo POP 8 Lucario as well as a Secret Wonders and Mysterious Treasures poster, so this will probably become a new product released every few sets.

Yanmega from POP 8 (#5 - Holo) Collector's Poster Box - Front Collector's Poster Box - Back

Holo POP 8 Heatran comes in a blister pack with one Platinum and one POP 8 booster pack. The package comes with a Palkia coin and retails for $4.99 at stores like Target. Click the thumbnail below for a larger scan.

Heatran from POP 8 (#1 - Holo)