Programming Help Needed

The site WILL be back up tomorrow night. It would be up tonight but I had to write an essay on 1933’s King Kong for a Film class. :( PokeBeach has been in “standby” mode for years. I feel (and know) that it has never been at its full potential (kind of like Pokemon movies), so we will be working to bring actual content to it over the next few months. If you have been reading the site for years and are rolling your eyes because of how many times I have said something similar, I MEAN IT THIS TIME! The only problem we have right now is that we are lacking someone with programming skills to help finish off some of our projects, so if you know PHP/mySQL/all those nerdy languages, have a lot of spare time, and know a lot about Pokemon, please please please contact me at [email protected] and show me examples of your work!