Future Episode Titles and Summaries in Japan

Credit goes to forum member Xous for drawing the Pokemon in the Christmas banner! He does a great job, doesn’t he? :D Also, there is now less than a week until the new Pokemon and the 12th movie title are revealed!

Heerosferret has translated summaries and titles for upcoming episodes in Japan. The title of the last episode below comes from Rica Matsumoto’s blog (the voice actress of Ash), and is subject to change.

DP106: The Way to Befriend a Pokemon – 12/11
While the kids wait for Byron to return, Dawn begins to train her Piloswine for contests, but… it won’t listen to a word she says! But then, they discover a school for befriending your Pokemon, and Dawn heads there immediately!

DP107: Rampardos vs. Bastiodon – 12/18
Byron, the leader of Canalave Gym, and his son, Roark, use revived fossil Pokemon. They both start to say they like fossils the best, and eventually argue until it becomes a battle. Ash finds out Byron has returned, and goes to ask for a Gym Battle…

DP108: Canalave Gym Match! Steel Battle! – 12/25
Ash challenges Byron to a Gym Battle! Byron sends out his Bronzor, and Ash’s Chimchar defeats it immediately with Fire-type attacks! But Ash soon learns Byron is prepared to protect his reputation and Ash will no longer be able to cause any damage to the Gym Leader’s Pokemon…

DP109: The Lost Wailmer! – 1/8
A Luxio appears and begins to steal food from Ash and co.! They chase it into the sewer to find it is giving the food to a Wailmer who is trapped and can’t get back to the ocean.

DP110: Riley and Lucario – 1/15

DP111: The Historic Ruins of Iron Island! – 1/22

DP???: Froslass in a Blizzard! – ?/??