A Few CoroCoro ‘Platinum’ Scans

Two of ten CoroCoro magazine Platinum pages from this month’s issue have been revealed, though one of them is a bit small. Click the thumbnails below for larger images. Since these two pages were revealed early this morning, expect the other eight pages to come soon after.

CoroCoro Platinum Page Scan CoroCoro Platinum Page Scan

Nothing of major importance is revealed in the scans, though we do see redesigned Gyms, Shaymin using Leaf Storm, and learn that the detective hunting Team Galactic is code-named “Handsome.” Again, more information should be revealed soon when someone from Japan scans the remaining eight pages.

In terms of other Platinum-related news, demo stations are set up throughout Japan that allow players to play small portions of the game. Filb.de, who is on-site in Japan, reports that Porygon will be obtainable early in the game at Veilstone City. Blue Sky, a Japanese Pokemon blog, says that the player’s rival has a Gible on their team early. What other changes will occur?