MD2, GE Apprentice Patch

POP 7 today? Tomorrow? We’ll seeeee…

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Personality TestMystery Dungeon 2 Info – A new Mystery Dungeon 2 section is now up on, providing details on the game’s story, an introduction to the game as a whole, the basics, the wild Pokemon, and information on Pokemon abilities. A personality test is also available, assigning your characteristics to a Pokemon based on a series of situational questions (the test was not very accurate with my personality, telling me I was a Cyndaquil and Treecko, but it’s still fun to take). Remember, “Explorers of Time” and “Explorers of Darkness,” the sequels to the original Mystery Dungeon games, will hit the shelves on April 20th in the United States!

Great Encounters Apprentice Patch – Thanks to Deckmaster, we now have the newest [Apprentice patch]! I have learned how to use WinZip’s .EXE creator program to a much better degree, so now you simply need to download and run the patch, and all the files will go in to place in the Apprentice folder. You don’t need to move the Cardinfo.dat file like in the past – the .EXE file does it for you. For more information on this TCG program, check out our Apprentice page. For information on Redshark, our own TCG simulator, check out our Redshark page.