Porygon Z, DP TKs, Regigigas

Porygon-Z Lv.X – Like with the Garchomp Lv.X card that was released in the Japanese Mystery of the Lakes / Shining Darkness picture book, a new Porygon-Z Lv.X is set to be released in the new Moon Hunting / Night Dashing (DP 4) picture book. The book itself will be released in Japan on November 30th for 750 yen, and the Porygon-Z card will come in it! We will have Porygon-Z Lv.X’s image and translation in the next few weeks. Thanks go to ToysRUsKid and Bangiras for the news!

Diamond and Pearl Trainer Kit Holos – Shakespeare, our master card scanner, has scanned the two holo cards that come in the new Diamond and Pearl Trainer Kit. Both are reprints of Diamond and Pearl set cards, but with alternate art. Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.

Manaphy Diamond and Pearl Trainer KitLucario Diamond and Pearl Trainer Kit

Regigigas in 11th Pokemon Movie11th Pokemon Movie Teaser – The official Pokemon movie website has revamped itself for the 11th Pokemon movie, featuring Regigigas (and possibly Shaymin, since flower fields are shown, and it is the next “hidden” legendary). There is a teaser trailer to the right of the website (click the play button), and it shows a COLOSSAL Regigigas emerging from the ground (it is basically the same scene that was shown in July’s CoroCoro). The location scouting for this movie took place in Northern Europe (Scandinavia), so we can expect beautiful nature scenery for this movie.

Dialga and Palkia also appear at the end of the trailer (Palkia has the same voice as that animal Obi-Wan rides in Revenge of the Sith – the one the clones shoot down), but they won’t have any major part in the movie, especially since the footage of them is just re-used from last year’s movie trailer. Teaser trailers for Pokemon movies often convey situations that do not happen when the actual movies come out, so expect this to be true with Dialga and Palkia (possibly with the fact that Regigigas is huge, too).

If Shaymin is in this movie, what roll will it have? Maybe it sealed away Regigigas a long time ago, it has become weak [insert nature theme somewhere, like human-induced global warming has hurt it or something, and Regigigas is going to kill them for it], Regigigas has escaped, and now Ash and crew must save the day? Maybe Regigigas is destroying all of the pretty flower fields and they hire their local gardener, Shaymin, to regrow them all, while we all learn about photosynthesis in the process? Maybe Shaymin is evil and it plugs into Regigigas to create Regishaymin to terrorize everyone? Who knows… We’ll find out more about this movie in December, when a longer trailer is released.