Riddle, Manaphy, Psyduck

Riddle “Translation” – The riddle I posted a few weeks ago was originally a warning that the Japanese were going to play a “secret deck” at Worlds, but in writing the riddle translation and reviewing AIM conversations I conducted with Japanese players, I discovered that Yamato’s Empoleon / Infernape deck was almost told to me and I did not realize it. You can read the riddle translation article and explanation by clicking here. It’s a long read.

Manaphy TRU Giveaway Update – When you go to Toys R Us on September 29th to receive Manaphy, it will be available via wireless download (Mystery Gift).

Unlike the Mew giveaway last year, which had HUGE lines at some Toys R Us stores due to the manual trading people had to do with employees, obtaining Manaphy should not be too time-consuming or difficult, since everyone can download Manaphy at the same time (there may not even be any lines!).

Although I am not completely sure, downloading Manaphy from a wireless signal at Toys R Us could either allow you to only download one Manaphy or download a few. When downloading surfing Pikachu from Pokemon Battle Revolution, you can only download it once per Diamond and Pearl cartridge per the account you are using in Pokemon Battle Revolution. However, if you try Mystery Gift on another account in PBR to get Pikachu, it will allow you to receive the Mystery Gift again, but only a few times more (through the method of using different accounts). Thus, if the Toys R Us wireless signal is the same throughout the event, you will most likely only be allowed to download one Manaphy per cartridge, but if it alternates, you may be able to download more than one Manaphy. Guess we will have to wait and find out what their plan is!

Your Ponyta for My Psyduck – From Sunday, August 26th to Thursday, August 30th, GAMEFREAK employees Ken Sugimori (artist), Junichi Masuda (director), and Shigeki Morimoto (battle director) will be trading their Japanese Psyduck for your American Ponyta. However, they will only be trading 30 Psyduck each, and thus, chances of making a trade with one of them are very low.

If you want to try anyway, deposit your Ponyta into the Global Trade Station (GTS) during the period of time mentioned above, and request for a Psyduck (with no preference for gender or level). If you are lucky, you may receive a Psyduck from one of them in exchange for your Ponyta, and Psyduck’s PokeDex entry will be completely in Japanese text! To check if you receive one of their Psyduck, Ken Sugimori’s trainer ID is 38793, Junichi Masuda’s is 05458, and Shigeki Morimoto’s is 53473.