Gamestop PBR Tourny Rules

Gamestop PBR Tournament Rules – I called eight Gamestops in my area to find out the rules for the Pokemon Battle Revolution tournaments next Saturday, and I had mixed results. One Gamestop (and multiple people on the internet, who have also called their Gamestops) confirmed that it would be double battles, 2-on-2, level 50, with no Pokemon above #490 allowed (Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus). It apparently will also depend on the store if they want to have double battles or single battles, and if they want to ban any additional Pokemon (such as legendaries). Three other Gamestops I called stated that participants would not be allowed to use their Diamond or Pearl, even though their website states for you to bring your game, and that people would be using rental Pokemon from the game instead, including additional rentals Nintendo had sent in. Two other Gamestops had canceled the tournament, even though they were still listed on the website, and the rest did not even know the rules yet because they had not read the paperwork (but they would know by Friday, since, you know, that’s helpful to people who want to train Pokemon over the next week). Next time Nintendo wants to sponsor an event, or Gamestop wants to hold one, they should make it publicly available what the rules are so that people can devise their strategies and teams in advance. :)

Even though three Gamestops I called said that rental Pokemon would be used by all participants, the common story on the internet by people who have called across the nation is that you will use 4 Pokemon, and that the store gets to choose if it is double or single battles (as well as who and what they want to ban). Since the levels are set to 50, it is suggested that you train a Pokemon to be level 50 or higher, since Battle Revolution can automatically raise or lower your Pokemon to level 50 (if you are below, you lose out on some EVs, though, which influence your stats when PBR raises your level). The best advice is to call your local Gamestops and find out what they are doing, along with IF they are doing the tournament.

As for people who have used Action Replay or Gameshark, or people who might be mistaken for having used one, Nintendo sent all Gamestop stores specific instructions on how to detect if someone has cheated. The employees have been told to check your bag and boxes for cheated items and Pokemon, specifically if you have too much of a single item (such as more than 3 Master Balls, 999 Max Repel, etc.), or many shiny Pokemon. If you have Darkrai, Shaymin, or Arceus in your PokeDex (but do not use them), they are instructed to “closely” watch your matches. If you have any of the three Pokemon at all, you are disqualified. Of course, there are ways to legally meet some of the conditions above that Nintendo and Gamestop consider to be “cheating,” so be sure to explain yourself and stand firm if you did something legally, but they are accusing you of cheating. With the PokeRadar able to allow trainers to catch so many shiny Pokemon in the wild legally, and Nintendo of America probably not aware of this recent discovery, Gamestop may accuse you of having altered your game if you have several shinies. DocRobot, our forum mod, spent one full day using the PokeRadar, and was able to catch over 10 shiny Ralts, and there are similar videos on YouTube of people doing the exact same feat. If you are one of these people, be sure to explain.

If your actual Pokemon are altered, in terms of their stats, the attacks they have, etc., you will be disqualified on the spot. Of course, if you have never cheated on Diamond and Pearl, you probably should have nothing to worry about. ;)