Set list

A huge surprise (unrelated to the Modified Card-Dex) will be coming to PokeBeach within the next few weeks! Look forward to it – it’s something completely unexpected that will replace something extremely popular.

Diamond and Pearl Set List, Info – Today I spent seven hours in testing (with six hand-written essays and 55 multiple choice questions over the course of an AP and IB exam), only to come home to an e-mail from a classmate telling me that there is a “group” project due tomorrow that I have to work on tonight – what a “fun” day! So, I only have time to post the set list tonight, which you can view by [clicking here]. The set list is also now accessible from the right menu, so you do not have to go searching for this news story in the future to find the link. We also have discovered that the Diamond and Pearl booster packs, which contain 10 cards now instead of 9, have an extra uncommon card as the additional card. The distribution of packs is now as follows: 5 common cards, 3 uncommon, 1 rare (or holo card), and 1 reverse holo. More scans will be posted when I have extra time!