And yet another quick and mysterious update! My fixed laptop should come back to me sometime this week! I am sleepy, so I’ll put up older news I need to show here later this week.

Disney Using Pokemon Music? – The only reason I am even making an update tonight is because of a Peter Pan DVD commercial I just saw. The commercial was actually using background music from the official Japanese Pokemon movie website – from when the Manaphy movie was being promoted during the summer. I am a big Pokemon background music junky, so I recognized the music instantly – I was actually thinking about the specific music in question today, which was ironically featured in the commercial. The music was on the Japanese Pokemon movie website when Pachirisu, Drapion, and Cherrim were revealed last summer (I think I went on the website the very day they were released in CoroCoro). The music played when you first loaded the website and featured vocals and trumpets, followed by a preview of the Manaphy movie’s ending song. Then, you dove down into the ocean with Lanturn, and were taken to a water Pokemon background with a moving Manaphy that you controlled with your mouse for navigation on the website. A slightly random news story, but kind of interesting (even if you have never been to the website or have no clue as to what I am talking about). Why is Disney using Pokemon music – music that was only featured on the official Japanese Pokemon movie website, and in a Peter Pan DVD commercial of all places? Very strange. I’ll try to record the commercial next time I see it, and then put it up when I get my laptop back. Could Disney have some sort of future with Pokemon in America, and if not, why on Earth is Disney using Pokemon background music on national television for a 1953 American film?