COTDs, Misty update

Forgot to mention the other day. If you have any questions you would like me to ask the VAs at ComicCon, feel free to post in that news story’s forum thread (not in this one’s).

New Card Reviews – Our Strategists have reviewed Raichu and Kingdra from EX Holon Phantoms this week. To read the articles, please visit the Card Reviews and Articles section of our forum.

Misty?Follow-up on Mysterious Misty Images – I was supposed to post this three weeks ago, but I completely forgot. A while ago, we posted images of Misty where she was with a little girl and the harbor lady from the first movie (with the blue hair). Well, now we know that those images came from one of the early Mewtwo movie trailers from Japan. Like most early Pokemon movie trailers, the scenes they include never make it to the movie and are made just for the trailer, which you will see here. In this particular case, it seems like the writers for the movie went through several ideas before they came out with the final Mew vs. Mewtwo plot we know today, which is evident by the completely different scenes and what they are depicting.