Friday – October 29th, 2004

     .::  Friday – October 29th, 2004
We have a second update today since this is breaking and exclusive news to our site. If this is your first time visiting PokeBeach today, be sure to read the previous news story. You will not see the info or the scan we have today anywhere else. (read the first paragraph from the previous news story so that you understand the risks of reading and distributing this info) We will still have an update tomorrow for the EX Team Rocket Returns scans and set list, so be sure to drop by PokeBeach!

We have now confirmed that the pre-release promo is Dark Houndoom. As usual, the prerelease promo will have a golden stamp in it that states that it is a pre-release promo (click the thumbnail on the right for a larger scan). With this card scan also reveals how many cards will be in the English set, which will be 109. This does not include secret cards such as Shining Mudkip, Shining Treeko, Shining Torchic, and the Charmeleon box topper, so the set will probably have about 113 cards if those are the only secret cards.

Ok, that’s it for now! This is only the second time I have done two updates in one day since I opened my site. Be sure to come back tomorrow night or Sunday morning since we will most likely be the only site with any scans, as well as them being high-quality and a lot of them. PokeBeach has, is, and will be your #1 source for EX Team Rocket Returns, so keep checking back!

       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]