More EX Hidden Legends Scans Added, New Header!

More EX Hidden Legends Scans Added, New Header!
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Sunday – June 6th, 2004

»40+ EX Hidden Legends Scans Added: Thanks to Weilemom from the PokeGym, we have added more than 40 scans of EX Hidden Legends to the scans page, bringing the total number to over 65. Weilemom had a long day at her pre-release, but was kind enough to scan the cards, even though she was very sleepy and exhausted. Thank you Weilemom! Also, I added some more info on EX Hidden Legends to the left of the page, so be sure to check that out. To access the page, you can [click here]. Tomorrow we will have two EX Hidden Legends Card of the Weeks written by swanton1717, along with many more scans, so be sure to check back!

»New Header: As you can see, I changed the header to Regice to celebrate the pre-releases and release of EX Hidden Legends. As soon as the set is released, I will probably change it back to the three Deoxys forms. I hope you like the picture!

News/Event Reminders

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