.::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: After talking to loadingNOW for a while, who made the mini-sprites we have, it seems as if obtaining the larger sprites won’t be easy. The sprites have been encrypted into the game in a weird manner, causing the coding of the sprites to be completely mixed up and hard to decode. In other words, ripping the sprites out of the game will be nearly impossible for now. Therefore, we are going to have to use photos of actual DS play to see the images, unless someone can figure out how to decode the jumbled coding of the sprites.

    Diamond and Pearl Names Added – It’s not Porygon3, it’s not Porygon0.5, it’s PorygonZ! It’s not Vineon or Ivyeon, it’s Leafia! It’s not Iceon, but Glacia! Thanks to Bangiras, we now exclusively have most of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon’s names! To view the full list, you can [click here]. Interesting things to note: there appears to be a new Regi, Regigigas; the most powerful Pokemon to ever hit a Pokemon game, Aruseus, has an ability called Multi Type, which could mean it changes types or something – it seems like a god Pokemon with its stats. Most of the legendaries are also named now as well. Check it out!

    Diamond and Pearl Attack List – Thanks to Bangiras for creating this list and Holy Star for HTMLizing it, we now have a huge Diamond and Pearl [attack list] as well! It details all of the attacks in the game (many of which we do not know the names of yet), as well as their elemental types, which classification of attack they are, and so much more!

    Last Week’s Episode – In all of the Diamond and Pearl craziness, I forgot to put up last week’s episode, [May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure]. Enjoy! I will have tomorrow’s new episode up tomorrow, since I will be home all day making up homework.

    Mew by Ken SugimoriMew Mew Mew! – Tomorrow is the Mew giveaway at Toys R Us! Since the event is apart of “Geoffrey’s Birthday Party,” which will be taking place at every Toys R Us store, the Mew download should be available for everyone at any Toys R Us in the gaming department of the store. The best advice is to call your nearest Toys R Us’ gaming department ahead of time to double check, since you never know what could happen. The event will take place from noon to 3:00 PM as well. Remember, you will need to trade one of your own Pokemon to get Mew, so you better bring a Pidgey, Zigzagoon, or Zubat to sacrifice for it. You will also need a Gameboy Advance, GBA SP, or GBA Micro, as well as a Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen game cartridge to get Mew. For more details on the event, click here!

    Thanks to LadyWolf, we also know that Mew will only come with the moves Pound and Transform, not the moves we originally reported. Click the thumbnails below for pictures of the games Toys R Us employees will actually have (I have no idea how she got these images – she must know someone who works at Toys R Us)! It seems as if they will have boxes and boxes of Mew to give away from their Gameboys, so if there is not a long line, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a couple of Modest Natured Mew. ;)


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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: Tomorrow (Friday) we will have a major update, including a DP attack list, a new episode, DP card news, and information on the Mew giveaway. Check back soon!

    I still have to stay home one more day because of the car crash, but at least I am able to use my new time for Diamond and Pearl! Hopefully, I will be able to go back to school tomorrow.

    Diamond and Pearl Pokemon List – Bangiras has compiled a detailed list containing most of the new Pokemon’s names, all of their types, most of their abilities, and their new evolutions and genders. You will not find a more complete list anywhere else! You can check it out by [clicking here]! Some information on the list is new information we, nor any other site, has posted up before, so be sure to check it out *is too lazy to type all the new stuff up*! Bangiras will also be creating other lists and sending in further information once she gets to the fifth gym, so stay tuned!

    In the meantime, feel free to post your comments in this thread or go chat in our chat room!

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    New Edit: Kirlia and Snorunt may have a split evolution line, although we are not as sure as we were about the previous evolutions we posted.

    Thanks to loadingNOW, who is a very talented ROM decoder, we are now able to see all of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon! Just look below! You can check out loadingNOW’s site here.

    Pokémon #387Pokémon #388Pokémon #389Pokémon #390Pokémon #391Pokémon #392Pokémon #393Pokémon #394Pokémon #395Pokémon #396Pokémon #397Pokémon #398Pokémon #399Pokémon #400Pokémon #401Pokémon #402Pokémon #403Pokémon #404Pokémon #405Pokémon #406Pokémon #407Pokémon #408Pokémon #409Pokémon #410Pokémon #411Pokémon #412Pokémon #413Pokémon #414Pokémon #415Pokémon #416Pokémon #417Pokémon #418Pokémon #419Pokémon #420Pokémon #421Pokémon #422Pokémon #423Pokémon #424Pokémon #425Pokémon #426Pokémon #427Pokémon #428Pokémon #429Pokémon #430Pokémon #431Pokémon #432Pokémon #433Pokémon #434Pokémon #435Pokémon #436Pokémon #437Pokémon #438Pokémon #439Pokémon #440Pokémon #441Pokémon #442Pokémon #443Pokémon #444Pokémon #445Pokémon #446Pokémon #447Pokémon #448Pokémon #449Pokémon #450Pokémon #451Pokémon #452Pokémon #453Pokémon #454Pokémon #455Pokémon #456Pokémon #457Pokémon #458Pokémon #459Pokémon #460Pokémon #461Pokémon #462Pokémon #463Pokémon #464Pokémon #465Pokémon #466Pokémon #467Pokémon #468Pokémon #469Pokémon #470Pokémon #471Pokémon #472Pokémon #473Pokémon #474Pokémon #475Pokémon #476Pokémon #477Pokémon #478Pokémon #479Pokémon #480Pokémon #481Pokémon #482Pokémon #483Pokémon #484Pokémon #485Pokémon #486Pokémon #487Pokémon #488Pokémon #489Pokémon #490Pokémon #491Pokémon #492Pokémon #493Pokémon #527Pokémon #528Pokémon #529Pokémon #530Pokémon #531Pokémon #532

    News will be pouring in all day. All translations are by Bangiras. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading here. The following evolutions are based off game data extracted from the Pearl rom. The numbers next to the Pokemon are their evolved form’s numbers. If you notice, #463-476 all go in PokeDex order like the old Pokemon (for example, it would had been Lickitung, Rhydon, and Tangela, but now it’s Lickitung evo, Rhydon evo, etc).

    • Nosepass (#476) has an evolution.
    • Porygon2 (#474) has an evolution (has lower defense and special defense, higher speed and special attack).
    • Gligar (#472) has an evolution.
    • Yanma (#469) has an evolution.
    • Togetic (#468) has an evolution.
    • Rhydon (#464) has an evolution.
    • Tangela (#365) has an evolution.
    • Lickitung has an evolution.
    • Magneton (#462) has an evolution (lower speed, but higher stats in everything else).
    • Magmar has an evolution.
    • Murkrow has an evolution.
    • There is some indication that Aipom has an evolution, but this has not been confirmed yet.
    • For sure, Lucario has a pre-evolution (#447).
    • Manaphy is breedable.

    • We believe Eevee will have two new forms, Ice (65/60/110/65/130/95) and Grass (65/110/130/95/60/65). The stats are very similar to the five other Eeveelutions.
    • Although not confirmed yet, the legendary trio may be comprised of Ghost types. There are three Pokemon towards the end of the Shinou list that are Ghost/Ghost, Ghost/Ice, and Ghost/Electric that have higher than normal stats.
    • Pochama’s final form is Water / Steel, Hikozaru’s final form is Fire / Fighting, and Naetle’s is Grass / Ground.
    • The Pochama evolution posted yesterday is real, and evolves from Pochama at Level 16.
    • New type combinations include Normal / Water, Ghost / Flying, Poison / Dark, Poison / Fighting, Grass / Ice, Steel / Dragon, and Ghost / Dragon.
    • Lucario most likely has a pre-evolution. The Pokemon that comes before him is pure Fighting and has lower stats. Although, this does not mean for sure that he does.
    • The Dragonite / Tyranitar / Metagross line of the Shinou region is apparently Psychic, although this has not been confirmed for sure yet.
    • Check out the intro to Pearl by clicking here!
    • Karanakushi – Sea Slug Pokemon. It lives at watersides. Its physical appearance varies depending on its environment.
    • Riishan (Baby Chimecho) – Bell Pokemon. Riishan emits noise as it bounces. It uses high frequency cries to defeat its enemies.

    The following images are from Memphis358.

    Naetle's Final EvoHikozaru's Final EvoPochama's Final Evo

    • Hikozaru (Ember Monkey) -> Moukazaru (Inferno Monkey) -> Goukazaru (Hellfire Monkey)
    • Pochama (Drip Lord) -> Pottaishi (Drip Prince) -> Empelt (Emperor Pelt) – as in little drops of rain “dripping” on you and a hard rain “pelting” on you.
    • Naetle (Sapling Turtle) -> Hayashigame (Forest Turtle) -> Dodaitoise (Foundation Tortoise). Dodaitoise is classified as the Continent Pokemon. A herd of Dodaitoise in search of water and shelter is like a moving forest.
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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Wow, three updates in one day! Good thing about getting into a car accident and having to stay home for two days – constant updates on Diamond and Pearl, and right before they are released! You can be sure that any news will be here as soon as it appears on the internet, especially since we have had every new piece of Diamond and Pearl information revealed today here before anyone else! Also, please read the previous two updates if you have not been here today. Keep checking back for constant updates!

    Pochama’s Evolution? – This image just appeared on the internet, and we are unsure of its origin. It may be real considering how realistic the image looks, but then again, there is always the possibility that it is fake, so do not believe it for sure yet. There are some talented fakers our there, although I do not know why they would fake a new Pokemon so close to the release date. If there are any developments on this (possible) new Pokemon, we’ll post them immediately! The first image is the original image, and the second one is a sharpened and color-adjusted picture.

    Pochama Evolution?Pochama Evolution?

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #1: Added Pearl demo screenshots.

    We have some exclusive Diamond and Pearl information right now that you will not see anywhere else. Bangiras will also be receiving the games soon, and when she does, she will be sending us all the information she finds! Also, if you have not been here today, please read the previous update to see a new Pokemon!

    Information – The following information includes new attacks and numbers of several Pokemon.Roselia Shiny by Ken Sugimori

    • Lucario is #116.
    • Roselia is #26.
    • Rozureido is #27.
    • Bonsly is #92 (Sudowoodo #93?).
    • Lucario learns Ripple and First Place.
    • Bonsly learns Copy, like Mime Jr.
    • Pachirisu learns Spark, Swift, Charm, and Endure.
    • Munchlax gets Lick, Screech, and Recycle as new moves.
    • Perap learns Peck, Fury Attack, Growl, and Sing.
    • Cherimu learns Sunny Day, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, and Helping Hand.
    • Rozureido’s stats: 60/70/55/90/136/105, with 324/236/188/251/373/309 at level 100 (with a neutral nature – HP / Attack / Defense / Speed / Special Attack / Special Defense).

    Pearl Demo Pictures – These images have no common origin, but I decided to put them up anyway. Click the links for the pictures. If anyone knows who took these pictures, please e-mail me so I can provide credit.

    Pearl Demo Pic #1
    Pearl Demo Pic #2
    Pearl Demo Pic #3
    Pearl Demo Pic #4
    Pearl Demo Pic #5
    Pearl Demo Pic #6
    Pearl Demo Pic #7

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #1: Bangiras has translated new information, which can be seen below the scan.

    Sorry for not updating yesterday. I was in a car accident with a friend who was taking me home from a Debate tournament, and the firemen made me go to the hospital via an ambulance (fun). I will update the site with clips from the Mastermind re-dub, as well as the new episode that aired over the weekend, either today or tomorrow. Also, wear seatbelts – they save your life, especially when someone driving 70 mph rams in to you and sends your car spinning four times into the middle of a busy intersection. ;)

    One New Pokemon, Two New Names – And once again, we reveal a new Pokemon before anyone else, this time thanks to LilLatias. Vincent has translated the names as Nyaruma (the blue springy cat) and Mimiroru (the brown fluffy thing). The image is most likely real, since the style of the magazine page seems to be typical of previous scans we have seen (although you never know). Not to mention, the drawings of the two Pokemon look like typical Ken Sugimori artwork. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

    New Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, Nyaruma and Mimirou

    • Mimiroru is Normal-type.
    • It is the Rabbit Pokemon.
    • Its abilities are Runaway, and (not 100% sure on this name) Multiply.
    • Part of Mimiroru’s name stems from the word “ear,” and the other half cannot be deciphered because of the small size of the text.
    • Nyaruma is also Normal-type.
    • Its abilities are Own Tempo and Limber.
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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Sorry for not updating last night. I fell asleep too early. Today I will have the new episode(s) up either extremely late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

    Lucario Movie Clips – With Mastermind clips tomorrow! If you like these clips, then go buy the movie from PokemonCenter.com or your local store. To open the clips, click the links.

    [Lucario Awakens]
    [Bonsly Steals Food]
    [Regirock Appears!]
    [Attack of the Regice!]

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: I have been busy with school, and will not be able to update until later tonight (on Friday). By then, I will have some Loo-car-e-o stuff up. Random news: In Diamond and Pearl, the female Pikachu sprite has a sort of “cut / split” at the tip of its tail, while the male will obviously look like previous Pikachu. Check back later tonight for an update!

    Mi mama kindly went out to Best Buy today and bought me Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, which was bundled with the new Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon special. Tomorrow, if I do not have a lot of homework, I may post some “stuff” from the movie. ;)

    EX Dragon Frontiers FeraligatrEX Dragon Frontiers Set Specs – We have new information on EX Dragon Frontiers! First off, there will be 67 Delta Species Pokemon and four regular Pokemon in the set. There will also be ten EX cards and two Pokemon-stars (Charizard, Mew). As for Trainer cards, there will be twelve of them, along with six special energy cards (Dark, Metal, Scramble, Boost, Double Rainbow, Delta Rainbow Energy?)! So for those of you who like to make set lists before the sets actually come out, there you go!

    2006 Collector Tins – Gracias a Benlugia, we now have scans of the three EXs you can receive in the 2006 Collector Tins (the ones we reported about over two months ago). Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

    Kyogre exGroudon exRayquaza ex

    PokeBeach Strategist Positions Open – Several of our Strategists are now busy with school and can no longer fulfill their duties, so we now have two positions open (and possibly more by the end of this week, although doubtful). If you feel that you have the mad skillz required to fill the positions, which means you will be writing one extensive card review each week, please private message DocRobot on our forums with your qualifications (and make a good impression). You MUST have good ranking in the TCG (as in, win stuff and place high a lot), use correct spelling and grammar (not grammer) usage, and be able to give out good advice to readers about cards (put all of your qualifications in your application). You must also be committed to writing every single week (you will know five weeks in advance what you will have to write, so you will have plenty of time), so if you miss one week, we will drop you. So, if you really think you can do it, PM Doc!

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    The games come out next Thursday in Japan! Only a little while longer until we see most of the new Pokemon! Then everyone can take a break from reporting on them all the time and just… play the games, maybe, or even take a nap!

    New Diamond and Pearl Video – Nothing special, other than added effects to the 3D starter scenes and some more game footage revealed (elevators…).

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    New D/P Anime and Game Scans – Several new images have popped up on the internet pertaining to Diamond and Pearl, once again showing that new red-head character we saw several days ago. There are also several new game pictures, showing the Gym Leaders and what appears to be the Shinou map as well. We will have translations and information later today. Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

    Diamond and PearlDiamond and PearlDiamond and PearlDiamond and Pearl

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Sorry for not updating this weekend. I was busy with schoolwork and family time.

    Sweet Baby James – I forgot to set my recorder on Saturday, so I missed the two new episodes. However, I managed to catch the re-run of “Sweet Baby James” today (at 5:30), and since I did not post it last week, I figured I would now. [Click here to view]. Cartoon Network will be showing re-runs every Sunday at 5:00 and 5:30 PM, so if you miss an episode, you can catch them there!

    Site Suggestions – We will have several surprises within the next few weeks, mostly related to site content, and I am sure most of you will be happy with what we will be doing. However, in the mean time, we need some site suggestions and feedback from you guys! Sometimes I feel like I have to guess what you guys want, and it’s so annoying to figure it out, especially since NO ONE TELLS ME (except those few of you that e-mail me). So, if you have any site suggestions or feedback, you can post them in this thread. As soon as next month starts, I am going to be extremely busy with school, more than I have ever been in my entire life (with college admissions and all), so I have to get to work now if I want to get anything done. Post away!

    New Shinou Map – This map is highly detailed and shows how large the region of Shinou truly is! It seems like it will be a diverse region, as usual, and pretty packed. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Shinou Map

    Pikachu on MSN – First Pokemon was on Wikipedia’s front page a month or so ago, and now it made it to MSN.com’s front page! This was on Saturday, by the way. Power to Pokemon! Click the thumbnail for a larger picture.

    Pikachu on MSN.com

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Please read the previous update if you have not been here today. Tomorrow, we will have the you-know-whats-up.

    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl TCG SetDiamond and Pearl TCG – Diamond and Pearl this, Diamond and Pearl that! Bah I say! Anyways, we have new information on the next Diamond and Pearl TCG set. It will be released on October 27th, Friday, in Japan and will be titled “Pokemon Card Game DP.” The very first set image, as far as we know, will be released at the latest on September 28th, and we will post it as soon as we have it! Further information will follow, and you can be sure we will be your #1 source on the set, as always.

    DP Pokemon, Attack, and Abilities Descriptions – Bangiras has translated several PokeDex descriptions for many of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, as well as information on attacks and abilities. You can read all of them below. Thanks Bangiras for all your hard work!

    Naetle: Naetle, who is classified as the Young Leaf Pokemon, has a leaf like object on its head. The carapace on its back appears to grow harder when it drinks water. Also, its Overgrowth ability raises the power of its Grass type attacks in a pinch. Its name means “sapling turtle.”

    Hikozaru: The mountain dwelling Hikozaru can easily scale any cliff or precipice without breaking a sweat. It has the Blaze ability, which raises the power of its Fire type attacks in a pinch. Incidentally, its tail flame seems to go out while it’s asleep. Its name means “little fire monkey.”

    Pocchama: Pocchama’s body is covered with a fine down that protects it from the cold. It has a cute appearance, but is surprisingly prideful, and doesn’ t like to be receive food from its trainer. It has the Torrent ability, which raises the power of its Water type attacks in a pinch. Its name means “plump fisher.”

    Mukkuru: Mukkuru is a small bird that flaps its wings with incredible power. It travels in large flocks, making it are easy to spot in grassy areas. It has the ability Keen Eye, which makes it impossible to lower its attack’s accuracy. Its name stems from “starling.”

    Beappa: It has a brash and adamant nature. It is called the Round Mouse Pokemon because its round cheeks and tail give it cute appeal. It has a gentle expression, but contrary to its appearance it is quick to move.

    Corobohshi: Its two large feelers also work like a musical instrument. It swings its head around, and when the feelers collide, they make a sound like a xylophone. It possesses the Shed Skin ability, which gives it a 1 in 3 chance of healing a Special Condition during its turn. It’s name means “cowled cricket”.

    Korinku: Upon sensing danger, it shoots out a dazzling light from every hair on its body. While the opponent is blinded, it takes the opportunity to quickly escape. The yellow pattern on its ears and tail is reminiscent of flashes of light.

    Subomii: In the cold of winter the bud closes tightly, and when spring comes it opens and disperses pollen. It is a Poison type, so those who are enchanted by its appearance are punished painfully. It evolves into Roselia, who is also a Grass/Poison type. Its name means “bud.”

    Minomucchi: The green portion of its body is a straw raincoat. To protect itself from frigid winds, it attaches various things around the circumference of its body to make the coat. Its name means “bagworm.”

    Masukippa: It is called the Fly Trap Pokemon because it is skilled at seizing prey. After luring something near with the delicious smelling liquid that it secretes, it chomps down on the prey with its massive jaw. Then, it slowly eats the prey over the course of 1 day.

    Pinpuku: The cute looking Pinpuku loves round, white things. It mimics Chansey by carrying an egg-like item in its arms. In actuality, the item is not an egg, but a stone that looks like an egg. Its name means “pink child.”

    Zugaidos: A Pokemon that lived in dense forests roughly 100,000,000 years ago, its outstanding characteristic is its iron-hard skull. It only appears in the Diamond version. Its name stems from the word “skull.”

    Tatetops: Like Zugaidos, it lived in dense forests roughly 100,000,000 years ago. It is characterized by the extremely tough hide on its face. It is only accessible in the Pearl version. Its name means “shield face.”

    • Both fossil Pokemon are resurrected from fossils found in the Shinou underground.
    • Brave Bird: A Flying-type physical attack. The attacker folds its wings and dives low to assault the opponent. An incredibly strong attack, but the attacker receives damage as well. Mukkuru’s attack.
    • Metal Burst: A Steel-type physical attack. If the attacker received a lot of damage from the opponent’s last attack, that damage is returned to the opponent. An attack that can turn the odds when battling a strong opponent! Tatetops’ attack.
    • Double-Edged Headbutt: A Rock-type physical attack. The attacker lunges headfirst into the opponent at full power, but the attacker also takes massive damage. A recoiling one-hit KO move. Zugaidos’ ability.
    • Fantastic: Attacks bypass the opponents’ abilities.
    • Fighting Spirit: Korinku’s ability. If Korinku and the opponent are of the same gender, Korinku’s Attack is raised.
    • Simplify: In battle, the chances of receiving a boost from a hold item or attack are increased. Beappa’s ability.
    • Natural: In battle, even when the opponent raises its Attack, Defense, Special Attack, or Special Defense stats, they will battle without the boost. Beappa’ s ability.
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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #1: Added “Diamond and Pearl Cast” news story.

    Advanced Generation / Ruby and Sapphire is coming to a close now, incase you didn’t notice. We are going to be heading to Shinou / Shino / Shinoh (however you romanize it) now.

    Trading Figure Game Pictures – Thanks to Oddish196, we now have a poster depicting each of the figurines you can buy for the Pokemon Trading Figure Game. Currently, the game has not been released in America, but it should be making its way here early next year. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

    Pokemon Trading Figure Game

    Ash heading to ShinouLast Episode of AG Aired in Japan (spoilers) – The last episode of Advanced Generation aired in Japan today, concluding the four-year series. In the episode, May and Max decide to go to Johto to compete in Pokemon Contests, while Brock decides to go back to Pewter City. While Ash is trying to go back to Pallet Town, Team Rocket tries to steal an Elikible (Electabuzz evo), but Gary pops out of nowhere and orders it to rock’em-shock’em (which means he owns it). Ash then heads back home where there is a surprise party waiting for him, with Oak, Tracey, Mr. Mime, and Gary being there. Afterwards, Gary and Ash have a battle, with Gary sending out his Elekible and Ash using his old rat. Pikachu loses. Gary then decides to head off to Shinou, and Ash watches him leave (he’ll always be better than you, buddy). It seems as if Ash wants to go to Shinou now too, and Delia seems extremely saddened that her little 10-year-old boy (who should be like 20 now) is leaving her again. At night, she works at her desk compiling what seem to be Ash’s new clothes for Shinou that he was shown wearing in that image we posted the other day. The next day, as Ash leaves for Shinou (with Oak giving him a new PokeDex), Aipom looks sad, but Ash leaves him and everyone else anyways. When he gets on the boat for Shinou, his hat flies off (note that at this point he does not have his new clothes yet), and he discovers that Aipom has snuck aboard (now why would Ash have caught Aipom so late in AG and it come with him to Shinou if it wasn’t going to evolve?). Team Rocket is also seen in the water holding on to the ship, which means they are going to Shinou too! And thus, Ash, Pikachu, Aipom, Team Rocket, and Gary (who is not seen, but went) head off to Shinou.

    Diamond and Pearl Cast (spoilers) – But after Brock leaves, he comes back? Like in Advanced Generation? And Hikari is the newbie trainer, like May? And she rides a bike like May, too? Oh my, it looks as if we have a rehashed Advanced Generation on our hands! Check out what I am talking about by clicking here. When I have told people I hate the writers, I really mean I hate the writers. If the cast does not go back to that CoroCoro magazine page from a few days back with it only being Ash, Hikari, and the purple/red-head guy with Hikorazu (the fire starter), there are going to be a lot of angry fans, since most people (including me) wanted a fresh start. Go away, Brock!

    MukkuruThe Beginning of the D/P Games – Will you attempt to walk into the wild and a professor stop you? Will your rival break into the professor’s lab and steal a Pokemon? Will the professor be attacked in the wild by Pokemon and you have to save him? Well, close to the Ruby and Sapphire version, except that YOU and your rival get attacked in the wild! Thanks to Bangiras, we now know the specifics of what will happen!

    In the story, the main character starts out in Futaba Town. Before long, the main character sets out with his young rival to Lake Shinji, to look for the rare Pokemon from a TV report.

    When the pair arrives at Lake Shinji, unable to suppress curiosity, they step into the grass. When they do, a wild Pokemon suddenly appears! Without Pokemon of their own, how will the main character and his childhood friend survive this attack?

    In a dropped trunk nearby, there are 3 Pokeballs! In a split-second decision, the Pokemon inside the Pokeball is used, and it’s able to defeat the wild Mukkuru…but who do the trunk and Pokemon belong to?

    The lost trunk belongs to Professor Nanakamado, an expert on Pokemon evolution. In order to return the Pokemon, the main character and his childhood friend hurry to the Professor’s research lab in Masago Town. However, when he sees the attachment the Pokemon has with the main character, the Professor says he’ll give it to him (or her)! So, to see and capture every Pokemon in Shinou, and with the request to complete the PokeDex… the true adventure begins!

    Tsunekazu IshiharaDiamond and Pearl Interview – In an interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara, one of the original creators who worked on Red and Green with Satoshi Taijiri, we get to hear some interesting information on the Diamond and Pearl games. For one, Ishihara hints that this game will have more Pokemon than any previous game (which would explain why they have released so many new Pokemon, more than usual, prior to the game’s release). To read the interview, click here.

    Two Diamond and Pearl Videos – Nothing new, other than 3D starters and some game footage we have not yet seen (windmills, trains). The first video will play when you open the link, and the second will play when you click the second link under the video window. Check them out by clicking here.

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    You all have homework today. You must read two articles (three if you count this news story as one), and explain what the author is trying to get across to the reader.

    Nintendo Wii’s Price and Other Info  [Discuss] – Gamers have been wondering for months how much the Wii would cost, and now we have the answer! The price of the Nintendo Wii will be $250.00, and most of the games will go around $50.00. So when Pokemon Battle Revolution comes out, it will cost $300 for both the game and the system for us Pokemon fans. To read about other features of the Wii, you can read this extensive article from the New York Times.

    Pokemon Battle Revolution Video  [Discuss] – And speaking of Pokemon Battle Revolution, it is going to be released in Japan in December. Check out the video below, showing Kyogre, Groudon, Dialga, and Palkia (who is floating in a scene or two). Pretttty awesome!

    [Video No Longer Available]

    Mew by Ken SugimoriMew Giveaway Information  [Discuss] – Finally we have some info! I thought the giveaway was going to turn into another Wal-Mart situation. On September 30th from noon to 3:00 PM, you will be able to receive Mew (while supplies last – I hope that does not mean they only have six) at any Toys R Us. It would be for the best if you called your Toys R Us in advance (probably the day of, since many workers never know anything about what is going on in advance) so that you can confirm whether they are doing it or not. Also, please note that you will have to TRADE for the Mew, which means you are giving up one of your Pokemon for it. To read more about the giveaway, you can read this article from Toys R Us.

    New Card Review – Today’s INVALID CARD SHORTCODE features a Pokemon that is able to fly 4,600 feet into the air. What is this Pokemon? Why it’s [Charizard (Delta)] from EX Crystal Guardians! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

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    .::   Tuesday - January 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Sad day in history… However, we have an extremely large update today, probably one of the largest in a long time. We have Diamond and Pearl games / Anime news, TCG news and updates, and English Anime news.

    So Many New Pokemon and So Much Info! – You saw this here first (and if you did not you are late)! Click the scans below to see the new Pokemon. Bangiras has translated every piece of information from the scans below, which you can view below the pictures. Enjoy, and thanks Bangiras for all her hard work in translating all of this information!


    To identify the Pokemon listed below, look at the first two scans, and look at the Pokemon from left to right, from up to down.

    • Corobohshi (the bug guy) – the Cricket Pokemon. Type: Bug. Ability: Shed Skin. It can learn Growl.
    • Korinku (the blue, yellow, and black cat-thing) – the Flash Pokemon. Type: Electric. It has two abilities, Intimidate and Fighting Spirit. Fighting Spirit increases its Attack power when something (not sure what – perhaps Ability?) is shared with the opponent. It can learn Spark.
    • Subomi (green and yellow guy): the Bud Pokemon. Types: Grass/Poison. Abilities: Natural Cure or Poison Point. Evolves into: Roselia. It can learn Mega Drain.
    • Mukkuru (the brown bird): the Starling Pokemon. Types: Normal/Flying. Ability: Keen Eyes. It can learn an attack called Brave Bird, which is a strong Flying type attack. It is a 1HKO move.
    • Beappa (the beaver): the Round Mouse Pokemon. Type: Normal. Ability: Unknown, but it is new. It can learn Tackle.
    • Pinpuku (Chansey pre-evo): the Pretending Pokemon. Type: Normal. Abilities: Natural Cure and Serene Grace. It likes to “play house.” o_O It can learn Charm.
    • Zugaidos (the pachycephalosaur): the Headbutt Pokemon. Type: Rock. Ability: Fantastic, which apparently blocks the opponent’s ability. He learns Take Down and a new attack called Double Edged Headbutt, which is a rock-type version of Double Edge.
    • Tatetops (the yellow dinosaur): the Shield Pokemon. Types: Rock / Metal. Ability: Sturdy. It can learn Ancient Power and Metal Buster, which is a massively damaging Steel attack.
    • Masukippa: the Flytrap Pokemon. Type: Grass. Ability: Levitate. It can learn Vine Whip.
    • Minomucchi (the pineco-looking thing): the Bagworm Pokemon. Type: Bug. Ability: Shed Skin. He is most likely the pre-evolution to Pineco. He can learn Protect.
    • Dialga (the blue Diamond legendary) is Steel / Dragon.
    • Palkia (the pink Pearl legendary) is Water / Dragon.
    • The new Poke Balls in the scans are Heal Ball, which heals a Pokemon when it’s caught, and Dark Ball, which has a high catch rate in darker areas.
    • One of the members of Team Galaxy (which could possibly be “Astro” when the name is adapted in America) is named Mars (the woman in the fourth picture).
    • The Kurogane City Gym Leader is named Hyouta, and he gives out the Coal Badge (the guy in the fourth picture).
    • In the Union Room, you can trade, swap records, chat, have a quick battle with two level 30 Pokemon, or draw a picture on the oekaki (image) board with four other people.
    • Over a DS-DS wireless connection, you can use the Union Room, play minigames together, compete in Super Contests, battle in a Battle Tower multi battle.
    • Over Wi-Fi, you can use the Pokemon Wi-Fi Club (Wi-Fi version of Union Room), use the Global Trade Station, use the Battle Tower, trade, voice chat, or do a level 30 battle.

    Diamond and Pearl Anime Clues – Looking at the below image (click for a larger scan), it would appear as if Ash will be choosing Naetle for his journey through Shinou. It also looks as if there will be a new rival, who has chosen Hikorazu. And it’s also important to note that May, Max, Brock, and Misty are no where to be found on the image. Perhaps Ash will travel with two new characters?


    POP 4 Scans – Thanks to Benlugia, we now have most of the POP 4 scans! Click the links below to view them. Each link opens in a new window.

    • [2/17 Deoxys d]
    • [6/17 Combusken]
      Deoxys by Ken Sugimori
    • [8/10 Heal Energy]
    • [9/10 Pokemon Fan Club]
    • [10/17 Scramble Energy]
    • [11/17 Mudkip]
    • [12/17 Pidgey]
    • [13/17 Pikachu]
    • [14/17 Squirtle]
    • [15/17 Treecko d]
    • [16/17 Wobbuffet]
    • [17/17 Deoxys ex]

    Promo #34 – Typhlosion – Benlugia has also scanned promo #34, Typhlosion, which is a reprint of the EX Unseen Forces card, but with different art. It is available in the Value Pack 2, which sadly comes with an EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua, EX Hidden Legends, and EX Team Rocket Returns booster pack (all of which have been rotated out of the modified format). The kits go for around $9.00.

    Typhlosion, Promo #34

    Preview of “Chip Off the Old Brock” – Click the link to the preview below to play the video clip. Is it just me or does Brock sound almost exactly like the old Brock? He is getting so close to the original voice actor that it’s weird. This episode airs on Saturday at 9:30.

    [Preview of “Chip Off the Old Brock”]

    New Card Review – Today’s INVALID CARD SHORTCODE features a Trainer card that stops a Pokemon from attacking. What is this card? Why it’s [Holon Circle from EX Crystal Guardians]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

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