.::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Correction to the Manaphy Toys R Us news story: The nature of Manaphy changes every time you soft-reset (we said before that it was set by the download, but it is not). Thus, if you reset enough times, you may end up with a Modest or Timid Manaphy (I received the former on my first try)! This also means you can receive a shiny Manaphy if you reset enough times.

    Shinx DP15 promoDP15 Promo: Shinx – Thanks to Omahanime, we now have a scan of the fifteenth Diamond and Pearl black star promo – Shinx! It is available in the “Diamond and Pearl Trainer’s Challenge Set,” which, if it is anything like the previous Trainer’s Challenge Set, comes with three booster packs (Diamond and Pearl series packs) and one Trainer Kit (the Diamond and Pearl Trainer Kit with the Lucario and Manaphy holo reprint cards). The entire package costs around $20.00. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger scan of Shinx. It is an exact reprint of the [Diamond and Pearl Shinx], but with different card artwork.

    Kricketune Card Review – Our second PokeBeach Strategist card team, Team Lv.X, has decided to review [Kricketune (Mysterious Treasures)] for their first card review. Team Lv.X consists of Red5bv06 (the team leader), Krucifier, and Smacktack15, who look at both the pros and cons of Kricketune, and whether it can stand as its own deck against other decks in the current format. To discuss Kricketune and Team Lv.X’s card review, click here.

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: Added a new news story on the new holo POP 5 Mew and Pikachu cards. See below.

    Don’t forget about the Manaphy event at Toys R Us tomorrow (12:00 – 3:00 PM)! Receive your Manaphy and breed for your Phione!

    Holo POP 5 Mew and Pikachu – Thanks to our master card scanner, Shakespeare, we now have scans of new holo POP cards – Pikachu and Mew from POP 5! Each are available at stores like Target, and come individually in a package with five booster packs (two Diamond and Pearl booster packs, one EX Holon Phantoms pack, one EX Crystal Guardians pack, and one EX Power Keepers pack). A coin is also included. Each package retails for $14.99, and you can click the thumbnails below for larger images of the holo POP promos that come in them (one promo per package, not both).

    Mew Holo POP 5Mew Holo POP 5

    Empoleon: Diamond and Pearl – Our first PokeBeach Strategist card review features [Empoleon from the Diamond and Pearl set]. The first of our three Strategist teams is Team Stunky, which consists of Dendrobatida (the team leader and main writer), Teddiursa, Muffins, and Woody. Team Stunky worked extremely hard to write an in-depth and extensive review on Empoleon, featuring analysis of many different components, combos, and strategies of the card, so be sure to check their review out! It goes over EVERYTHING.

    By the end of the week, two more card reviews will be posted, featuring Kricketune and Flygon ex δ. Stay tuned!

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I will post the first PokeBeach Strategist card article review after I buy my class books tonight (which are a ridiculous RIPOFF at UCI’s student store – I have to pay 120 bucks for some little 45-page-pathetic-excuse-for-a-book).

    Pokemon Trainer’s Final Smash – In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a final smash is the ultimate attack a character can use. For a character to use its final smash, it simply needs to grab a Smash Ball, as shown in the first picture below with Ivysaur, and then its attack will be activated.

    In the case of Pokemon Trainer, his final smash is “Triple Finish,” which uses Ivysaur, Charizard, and Squirtle’s SolarBeam, Fire Blast, and Hydro Pump to launch one combined attack. Characters in the immediate vicinity of the attack are warned to run when it is launched due to the massive damage it inflicts (the attack does look pretty powerful!). Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

    Pokemon Trainer's Final SmashPokemon Trainer's Final SmashPokemon Trainer's Final SmashPokemon Trainer's Final Smash

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    The previous update was posted only a few hours ago, so if you were not here today, be sure to read it. This update was posted around 1:00 in the morning. :p I may try to post the first PokeBeach Strategist card review tonight, but if not, for sure tomorrow.

    Manaphy TRU GiveawayManaphy and Electivire! – As most of us know, this Saturday, Toys R Us will be distributing Manaphy to Diamond and Pearl. Thanks to Spacechild, an employee at Toys R Us, we now have new and exclusive information on both the Manaphy giveaway and the hidden Electivire download in Pokemon Battle Revolution! We spill the beans on everything, so if you do not want to be spoiled or if you want your trip to Toys R Us on Saturday to be a complete surprise, do not read the following update.

    First off, 16 people will be able to download Manaphy at a time, which means lines should go pretty fast (as we posted a few weeks ago, the download will work through Mystery Gift, and then you will have to go to the Mart, talk to the man at the counter, and he will give you Manaphy). Each Manaphy will have random stats and random natures, and only ONE Manaphy can be downloaded per Diamond or Pearl. Once Manaphy is in your game at the Mart, soft-resetting your game (turning it off and on) will change Manaphy’s stats, but not its nature (which is randomly determined by the download). Manaphy’s moveset and other information can be seen below:

    Manaphy (Lv. 50)
    Trainer ID: 09297

    ~Heart Swap
    ~Water Pulse
    ~Acid Armor

    Has a Classic Ribbon, holding a Red Scarf, in a Cherish Ball.

    Each Toys R Us has to enter the original trainer name manually ahead of time, so different Toys R Us may give different original trainer names. Most likely, the common original trainer name will be “TRU.”

    Also, if you have three Wonder Cards from downloading Pikachu from Pokemon Battle Revolution, you will have to delete one to make room for Manaphy’s Wonder Card. If you do not know what this means, don’t worry – it most likely means you do not have three.

    Manaphy will NOT be tradable through the Global Trade Station. The GTS itself is programmed to refuse depositing of Pokemon inside Cherish Balls. You can, however, trade Manaphy to a friend normally who is right next to you (DS to DS) or to a friend via friend code. Remember, though – you can only download one Manaphy per cartridge.

    Electivire PBR DownloadElectivire’s turn! When Pokemon Battle Revolution came to the United States, the Japanese programmers changed a few things for us. The game was made widescreen compatible, darker-colored trainers were programmed into the game, and two Pokemon were hidden away in the game as a surprise for Americans to download in the future.

    Pokemon Fan, an official magazine, will be given to people who attend the Manaphy event on Saturday (along with a Manaphy bookmark with 9th movie information on the back and a $5-off coupon for DS games purchased in the store). The magazine will contain information for downloading Electivire from Pokemon Battle Revolution to your DS.

    Of course, we are spoiling that information too! To get Electivire from PBR to your Diamond or Pearl, follow the below instructions. You will need your DS handy with Pokemon Diamond / Pearl inserted. You are allowed to have more than one DS downloading Electivire at once, but you will only have three minutes to do so, so have all of your DS’s out and ready!

    1. Load your Pokemon Battle Revolution account, and customize your Battle Pass’ “Self-Introduction.” To do this, go to “Menu -> Profile -> Profile -> Self-Introduction.”
    2. Enter the code: BA16-X4SH-E2AT (enter the code with subtraction signs / dashes, which are located in the “characters” section with the math symbols).
    3. Exit out of the customization, and go to the Shop. You will see the “Shocking Gift” as an item at the bottom of the list. Buy it (it’s free).
    4. The Wii will now send out Electivire’s signal (after telling you to turn on your DS).
    5. Basically, follow the same instructions as above with Manaphy (accept the Mystery Gift, go to the Mart, talk to the man in green, receive Electivire).
    5. You will only have three minutes to download Electivire.

    Electivire’s stats will be different for every download, and soft-resetting the game will change its stats. The nature, however, will remain the same for everyone, unlike Manaphy’s – Electivire has an Adamant nature.

    Electivire (Level 50)
    Trainer ID: 06257
    From the Lovely Place and apparently met in a fateful encounter.

    ~Ice Punch
    ~Cross Chop

    Holding a Magnet, inside a normal Poke Ball, always male.

    The code for downloading Magmortar, which is also hidden in Pokemon Battle Revolution, will be revealed on Pokemon.com in October.

    Although not completely confirmed by our source, Darkrai is supposedly going to be given out at Toys R Us early next year, and Shaymin the year after. The plan for Arceus is currently unknown.

    Pretty cool information!

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Tomorrow, if I have time, we will have our first PokeBeach Strategist card article up!

    Victory Medal promoBattle Road Promo – Thanks to kirbypopstar, we now have a scan of the Victory Medal promo card you receive at Battle Road tournaments if you come in first place. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image.

    College and Pokemon – This is a personal update. I warn you, over the next week, PokeBeach may become bloggy as I experience college life for the first time (I’ll look forward to reading my entries in four years when college is over). Feel free to skip this update – it’s very informal and is all about me, which may be boring / stupid to many visitors of this site. :D

    So far, UCI (University of California, Irvine) is awesome, even though classes have not started yet. I put a Mysterious Treasures Magmortar poster on my dorm room door (Chrisbo gave me at our last prerelease :D), and now everyone in my hall is telling me things like, “Oh, I used to watch / play that” and “I used to be addicted to Pokemon.” (None of them play or watch it currently, though – or at least no one has said they do.) I came to my room early today because my sandals cut the side of my foot, and one of the hall students popped his head in and said “Pokemon’s on, Pokemon Jon.” I could hear it on the television from his room too, so I think he must have been watching it for old time sakes or something (Here, the cable is set four hours ahead, so I get to watch everything before anyone in the United States). There are a TON of animé lovers at this school, so I am sure a good chunk of them at least play the Pokemon games, but are probably afraid to admit it due to the reputation Pokemon has garnished as being “kiddy.” I’m not afraid to say I like Pokemon – I let EVERYONE know who asks about what I like. :D

    When we had a large dorm meeting last night, everyone was forced to talk about themselves in front of everyone for two minutes each, so for one of the “something interesting about yourself” parts, I told everyone I am a Pokemon freak. The person in charge of our dorm building put his head down when I made that comment about myself, and people who knew him started to laugh, announcing to the room that he also loves and plays the Pokemon games and “he must be my perfect resident assistant (RA)”. Once I lock myself out of my room over the “three times” limit, he’ll open it for me for free, since we are now “Pokemon buddies.” See what Pokemon does for you when you shout to the world that you love it? It gives you “connections.” :D

    Surprisingly, UCI’s “anim達 and “Speech and Debate” clubs are both dead, so tomorrow, I am going to look into starting them up again. I started the animé club in high school and was president of Speech and Debate, and in both clubs, I found a way to promote Pokemon in some way (in animé, we watched Mewtwo, Lugia, and Lucario, and in S/D, I did a speech on Pokemon for “Expository Speaking” that took me all the way to the California Speech and Debate State Championships.) Good times – enjoy high school while you can.

    Unless you know people are going to beat you up, which is probably rarely ever the case (although… some of those middle school kids are sometimes MONSTERS from that hot place), never hide who you are or what you really like just because people might not find it “cool (even though Pokemon really is cool).” Be yourself and never compromise your values for less-than-admirable people, and maybe you will find people who have the same interests / values as you… and possibly get perks in the process.

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: Whoops, we grabbed the wrong Japanese promo images for Buneary and Piplup, but they are now fixed. Clear your cache if you still see the old images, or refresh multiple times.

    I am getting ready to move into my college dorm, and there will be programs at school once I move in to help me “settle in,” so updates might become rare over the next week or so.

    POP 6 Japanese Images – We do not have any actual English card scans of POP 6 yet, but what we do have are Japanese images of each of the cards. All of POP 6 originates from Japanese promos, so you can see what the card art looks like below (thanks go to Bangiras for tracking down the images for me). Click the thumbnails for larger images, and hover over the left or right of an image once it is opened to scroll through the rest of the cards like a slide show.


    I have also updated our POP 6 list so you can see just how much of a reprint set POP 6 is – some cards are even reprints of reprints! The only two new cards are Pikachu and Gible. For the rest, simply look up the original cards to see what the attacks are.

    1 – Bastiodon (MT reprint with different art)
    2 – Lucario (D/P set reprint with different art)
    3 – Manaphy (D/P set reprint with different art)
    4 – Pachirisu (D/P set and DP04 promo reprint with different art)
    5 – Rampardos (MT reprint with different art)

    6 – Drifloon (D/P set reprint with different art)
    7 – Gible
    8 – Pikachu
    9 – Riolu (D/P set reprint with different art)
    10 – Staravia (D/P set reprint with different art)

    11 – Bidoof (D/P set reprint with different art)
    12 – Buneary (D/P set and DP06 promo reprint with different art)
    13 – Cherubi (D/P set reprint with different art)
    14 – Chimchar (D/P set reprint with different art and DP02 promo reprint with same art)
    15 – Piplup (D/P set and DP03 promo reprint with different art)
    16 – Starly (D/P set reprint with different art)
    17 – Turtwig (D/P set and DP01 promo reprint with different art)

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I’ll probably add a new news story later on today if we receive any POP 6 scans (if you have any POP 6 cards, we would appreciate it if you scan them at 300 DPI and send them to wpmpb@pokebeach.com). Remember, 2007’s Pokemon League season starts this weekend with Oreburgh City, so if you haven’t gone to League in a while or are interested in attending to learn how to play the TCG, be sure to find out if a Pokemon League in your area and what Pokemon League is all about! Another reminder – the Manaphy Toys R Us event is next Saturday.

    Piplup in SSBB – The official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website has revealed yet another Poke Ball item Pokemon – Piplup. It uses its Surf attack to wash away characters on the field, with the simpler the field, the stronger the attack. If you get caught up in its Surf on the edge of the field, it appears as if Piplup will wash you right off. Click the pictures below for larger images.

    Piplup in SSBBPiplup in SSBBPiplup in SSBBPiplup in SSBB

    So far, Pokemon known to be available in Poke Balls are Goldeen, Chikorita, Deoxys, Groudon, and Munchlax.

    Organized Play 2007 Tournament OverviewPokemon Organized Play has posted a tournament season overview, generally explaining each type of tournament event for this year and the next. The K-value for each type of tournament is also listed, which determines your player ranking based on each event’s value and how well you perform. The first tournament events of this season will be the Battle Roads, starting this month, with each worth a K-value of 8.

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT @ 8:00 PM: No scans (probably tomorrow, though), but we now have the complete set list for POP 6!

    Our host is having problems today (as usual…), so you may have to “fight” the refresh button.

    POP 6 List – Thanks to Sheimi492, we have the complete set list for POP 6, which you can view below. What a great set – no trainers or supporters from the previous format, no LV.Xs, no special energy, no nothing! Just reprints and junky cards. :D

    1 – Bastiodon (MT reprint with different art)
    2 – Lucario (D/P set reprint with different art)
    3 – Manaphy (D/P set reprint with different art)
    4 – Pachirisu (DP04 promo reprint)
    5 – Rampardos (MT reprint with different art)

    6 – Drifloon
    7 – Gible
    8 – Pikachu
    9 – Riolu (D/P set reprint with different art)
    10 – Staravia

    11 – Bidoof
    12 – Buneary
    13 – Cherubi
    14 – Chimchar (DP02 promo reprint)
    15 – Piplup (DP03 promo reprint)
    16 – Starly
    17 – Turtwig (DP01 promo reprint)

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    No POP 6… yet!

    Penny Arcade Pokemon ComicPenny Arcade, a website unrelated to Pokemon but popular for its comic strips, has created yet another Pokemon comic, this time featuring the TCG! You can view the comic strip by clicking here. One of the two main webmasters, Gabe, must really be turning into a Pokemon fan based on the comics and stories related to Pokemon that he has posted in the past few months. Today, his co-webmaster mentions on the front page how Gabe has talked about the “Holon Engine” he uses in his deck.

    … Too bad no one told Gabe that the “Holon Engine” is dead because of the format rotation (looks like he wasted his fictional money on that deck). Their next comic strip should focus on how Pokemon Organized Play is constantly rotating legal sets every year so that we can all buy more cards. :D Japan can use the same sets for years in their tournaments, but nooo, not us. Leave the game for a year – half of your cards are illegal to use in tournaments. Leave the game for two years – almost none of your cards are usable. So… sorry, Gabe, but your deck is outdated now! (This paragraph was not whiny in any way. :p)

    Nintendo’s Forums Closed – Nintendo has officially closed their NSider Forums indefinitely, following four years of serving Nintendo fans across the world. To view Nintendo’s announcement regarding the closure of their extremely popular forums, simply visit NSider.

    It appears, however, that Nintendo might actually be replacing their forums with something else, as foreshadowed at the very end of their announcement: “We’ll see you soon elsewhere on the Web.” Could they be replacing their forums with something better in the future? The announcement also states, “Remember also that the unique features available with Nintendo DS and Wii give Nintendo the opportunity to communicate directly with fans, while also enabling fans and friends around the world to communicate with each other.” Perhaps this messages foreshadows something special for Nintendo discussions in the future, like a Wii channel for discussing Nintendo-related topics (a Wii message board)? Of course, this is not likely, but anything is possible, and only time will tell!

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I move into my college dorm one week from today, and I’m still not done with the new website. Oh well. :( This week, we really should be getting POP 6 scans and news (possibly even tomorrow).

    Shieldon DP08 Promo – The eighth Diamond and Pearl black star promo, Shieldon, is now available at Target in three-pack blisters. Each blister pack costs $10.99 and features two Mysterious Treasures booster pack, one EX series booster pack, a Shieldon coin, and the Shieldon promo. The packaging and the Shieldon promo can be seen below (click the thumbnails for larger pictures). Thanks go to Shakespeare, our master card scanner, for the promo scan!

    Shieldon DP08 PromoShieldon DP08 Promo Packaging

    Pokemon League Delayed – Pokemon League has been delayed by a week due to shipment problems. You can view the announcement from Pokemon Organized Play below.

    Several of the materials for the Oreburgh City league season were not delivered to our warehouse in time to make the September 15th launch date. Unfortunately, this means that we’ve had to push back the launch date by one week.

    The new start date for the Oreburgh City league season is September 22nd. To reduce the effects on the general league schedule, the additional week that was added to the Veilstone City season to compensate for the holiday season has been removed.

    The new Sinnoh cycle season schedule is now:

    Oreburgh City: 9/22/2007 (Next Saturday) to 10/27/2007

    Eterna City: 11/3/2007 to 12/8/2007

    Veilstone City: 12/15/2007 to 1/19/2008

    Pastoria City: 1/26/2008 to 3/1/2008

    Hearthome City: 3/8/2008 to 4/12/2008

    Canalave City: 4/19/2008 to 5/24/2008

    Snowpoint City: 5/31/2008 to 7/5/2008

    Sunyshore City: 7/12/2008 to 8/16/2008

    We apologize for the inconvenience that the delay may have caused. If you or your players have any questions or concerns, please email them to leagues@pokemon-tcg.com and we will do our best to answer them.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

    Pokemon Organized Play

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Mystery Dungeon 2Watch Mystery Dungeon 2! – How would you feel if you randomly woke up one day and discovered you were a Piplup? TV Tokyo is now airing the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time and Darkness Expedition television special on their website, which answers that very same question! The special is almost 30 minutes long, and to watch it, scroll down on the page linked to above and select “1Mbps” if you have a high-speed internet connection, or “500kbps” if you have a slower connection.

    GTS Website Up! – The official Diamond and Pearl GTS website is now online and running! The website shows details of trades going on around the world (although they are probably not in real time), including which Pokemon are traded the most, what their individual attacks are, and all sorts of statistics concerning different countries and the most popular Pokemon traded in those countries. You can also bookmark your favorite Pokemon and countries for easier access to statistics on them.

    The website, however, only seems useful for satisfying curiosity about trades going on around the world, since no actual interaction can take place between your DS and the website (it is only for viewing statistics on trades, and nothing else). Since you can see the attacks of Pokemon being traded, I guess the website could be used to extrapolate what types of strategies people are using for certain Pokemon, but other than that, it is just for fun it seems. Still quite an interesting website, though!

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Is anyone besides me having trouble remembering the set name for Secret Wonders?

    Diamond and Pearl 4, Moon Hunting / Night DashingNew “Moon Hunting / Night Dashing” News – New news for Japan’s DP4 set has just come in from the official Japanese TCG website, and it now officially confirms that our Secret Wonders (DP3) set will be a combination of both Japan’s Shining Darkness (DP3) and Japan’s Moon Hunting / Night Dashing (DP4) sets, as we predicted earlier this week.

    Moon Hunting / Night Dashing will feature two 30-card theme decks, each themed after Electivire and Magmortar (pictured below). Since both cards are in our Secret Wonders set (DP3), but come from this Japanese set (DP4), we now know that our Secret Wonders set is a combination of both Japan’s DP3 and DP4. Most of the card images revealed on Monday are from Japan’s DP3, and now we have these DP4 cards in our English set (I am trying to be as clear as possible with explaining this). However, as we previously discussed, cards like Darkrai, which were originally in Japan’s DP3 set, will probably be removed from our set and placed into the next American set to coincide with the release of Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkai, the 10th Pokemon movie. The DP4 cards substituted into the set are probably making up for the DP3 cards taken out.

    Diamond and Pearl 4, Moon Hunting / Night Dashing

    Pictures of three new cards were revealed as well, featuring Cresselia, Glaceon, and Leafeon. However, the images are too small to read, so translations are not available at this time.

    Diamond and Pearl 4, Moon Hunting / Night Dashing, CresseliaDiamond and Pearl 4, Moon Hunting / Night Dashing, LeafeonDiamond and Pearl 4, Moon Hunting / Night Dashing, Glaceon

    It appears that Latios, Latias, Roserade, and Floatzel will appear in DP4 based on the wallpaper below, which was previously unknown. To download the wallpaper, select your screen resolution below, save the image to your computer, and set it as your desktop wallpaper.

    Diamond and Pearl 4, Moon Hunting / Night Dashing


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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: Added Secret Wonders card images (they are above the press release and set logo)! The contents of the news story have also been updated, so please read it if you already were here earlier today.

    America’s DP3: Secret Wonders – The next American Diamond and Pearl TCG set will be named Secret Wonders. It appears that the English set will actually be a compilation of both Japan’s DP3 set, Shining Darkness, and Japan’s unreleased DP4 set, Moon Hunting / Night Dashing (for more information on the Japanese DP4 set, due to come out in October in Japan, check out our [July news story] on it).

    The images we received today are of cards from the original Shining Darkness Japanese set, but there are new cards included as well, such as Weavile. This leads us to believe that such cards come from Japan’s Moon Hunting / Night Dashing (DP4) set, featuring Cresselia, and that our Secret Wonders set will comprise of cards from both sets.

    In previous years, sets themed after movies have been released at a later time and out of order to coincide with their movie release. This occurred with EX Legend Maker, which was themed after the 8th Pokemon movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Its release was pushed back and switched with the release of EX Delta Species in America, when originally, it was supposed to come out before EX Delta Species (this is why EX Legend Maker interrupts the Delta Species Pokemon sets – it came out after it was supposed to).

    Unlike the above method of pushing movie-themed sets back to a later release, as the case would have been with Shining Darkness (since it is themed after the 10th Pokemon movie, Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai), it appears (note: appears) that PUSA has taken a different approach this time. For the most part, the Secret Wonders set we have seems like it will largely comprise of cards from Shining Darkness (DP3), but theoretically, cards like Darkrai, which appear in the 10th movie, will be removed from this set and placed into our next set (which will be released around the same time as when the 10th movie comes out in America). The cards that are removed will probably be replaced with cards from Japan’s DP4 set (the Cresselia set), which already seems to be the case with Weavile.

    For spoilers of Japan’s Shining Darkness set, [click here].

    Secret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret Wonders

    Secret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret WondersSecret Wonders

    Secret Wonders

    BELLEVUE, Wash.-September 10, 2007-Pokémon USA Inc., a worldwide leader in the trading card game
    industry, today announced the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Diamond & Pearl-Secret Wonders,
    will be released on November 7. The expansion features more than 130 cards, including even more brand-new
    Pokémon for players to collect for the very first time.

    In Secret Wonders, players travel deeper into the Sinnoh region, where they will discover more exciting
    Pokémon. Pokémon with different versions, each with distinct characteristics; Pokémon with Items that
    continue to give awesome advantages; more of the useful Unown that work so well as a group; and additional
    Pokémon LV.X all come together to make Secret Wonders a secret worth uncovering!

    The Pokémon TCG: Diamond & Pearl-Secret Wonders expansion will be available in two 60-card theme decks-
    Powerhouse and Lavaflow-as well as in booster packs. Theme decks and booster packs go on sale in stores on
    November 7, priced at $11.99 for the theme decks and $3.79 for the booster packs. Each booster pack features
    10 randomly inserted game cards. Theme decks include a unique coin, an updated rulebook, card list, a oneplayer
    playmat and damage counters.

    Munchlax in Super Smash Bros. BrawlMunchlax in SSBB – The Super Smash Bros. Brawl website has updated with the next Poke Ball Pokemon – Munchlax!

    When Munchlax is released from its Poke Ball, it walks around on the field and eats any item it sees. This isn’t good for important items, such as the Smash Ball, which allows a character to use their “Final Smash” attack.

    So far, we know that Goldeen, Chikorita, Deoxys, Groudon, and Munchlax will be available in Poke Ball items in the game. Who could be next? Arceus? I wish…

    For more pictures of Munchlax, visit the Super Smash Bros. Brawl website.

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    STILL working on new layout and content. The Modified Card-Dex is what is taking the most energy and time to finish.

    DP 07 Promo, CranidosCranidos Promo, DP07 – Like with Buneary yesterday, Cranidos comes in Mysterious Treasures value packs at Target, each available for $4.99. To recap, each value pack contains one Mysterious Treasure booster pack, one POP 3 booster pack, and either a Cranidos or Buneary promo (look at yesterday’s post for Buneary). Thanks to omahanime, we finally have Cranidos’ scan, which you can view to the right (click the thumbnail for a larger image).

    Battle Road Locations Posted – The Fall Battle Road location list is now available on the official Pokemon Organized Play website. Get your “EX Holon Phantoms and on” decks ready! For more information on Battle Roads, click here.

    New Forum Additions – If you are a frequent poster on our forums, you may have noticed our new Article Submissions and Card of the Day forums, but if not, let me explain what they are.

    If you have ever been interested in writing articles on the TCG for other people to read, but have not known where to post them, we now have a place to accommodate such a need! Whether your article concerns cards, decks, tournaments, people, or anything, feel free to post it in out forum’s Featured Articles section. There, forum members and visitors can both read and comment on your work. If your article is deemed “well-written and insightful” by readers and our staff, we will post it in our future “Featured Articles” section on PokeBeach, where thousands upon thousands of visitors can read what you write (plus, each article will be introduced on this main page first, so it’s almost like having the spotlight).

    Our new Card of the Day section is something our forum members have been requesting for quite some time, and is a feature many websites have, but oddly, one we, a TCG site, do not! Well, now we do. Every day, one card will be posted in its own thread, and anyone can give their own mini-review on whichever card is chosen for the day. Of course, we still have our PokeBeach Strategists’ card reviews, but now there will be two places to read reviews on cards – one place run by normal members, and one run by select individuals who have proven themselves excellent players. Everyone can give their opinions and reviews now!

    Mystery Dungeon 2 Commercial – A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time Exploration and Darkness Exploration commercial has been released! This one features new animé and game-play footage. Click the picture below to go to the Japanese Nintendo DS website to watch it.

    Mystery Dungeon 2 Commercial

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    .::   Saturday - April 29th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    You know that Pokemon cheating has become more-than-prevalent when you see two seven year olds at Target with Action Replays and Pokemon Diamonds (especially when they shove their shiny Ho-Oh and Lugia in your face). -_- On a different note, we should be getting POP 6 news / scans within the next week.

    DP 06 Promo – Buneary – Thanks to Arri, we have a scan of the eighth Diamond and Pearl Nintendo promo, Buneary, which you can view below (click for a larger picture). Buneary comes in the new Mysterious Treasures value packs, which are now available at Target for $4.99. Each value pack contains one Mysterious Treasures booster pack, one POP 3 booster pack, and the Buneary promo. Target should also have Cranidos promos in the value packs, but we do not have a scan of one yet.

    DP 06 Promo, Buneary

    Drifloon in SSBBMore SSBB News – Earlier today, the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website updated with the Pokemon Stadium stage’s music, which combines the common gym theme from the RPG games and the Pokemon evolution song. You can listen to the song in the second news story on the website.

    I also did not notice this yesterday, but Diamond and Pearl Pokemon are now confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you look at the “Flying” stage picture, right below Meta Knight’s sword, you can see a flying Drifloon. Click the picture to the right to see Drifloon – I have circled it in red.

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