.::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #2: [SPOILER] Okay, now the movie website removed Buizel from Hikari’s profile. Could they have released the info too early and taken it down, or was it a mistake and Ash really does have Buizel? I guess we will have to wait for the episode to air in which SOMEONE captures Buizel…

    EDIT #1: [SPOILER] The movie website also revealed that Hikari is going to get Buizel, not Ash, as previously posted. She will have it before the 10th movie premieres in theatres this July in Japan.

    States continue tomorrow! If I can tell that I am not doing well at my Speech and Debate tournament tomorrow morning, I am going to say “Forget this!” and head down to the California States in Irvine, where I will then proceed to lose again since I have no deck. However, I will build a junky one tonight (TMI?). :p

    New D/P English Names – The Spanish Pokemon site, Pokexperto, single-handedly and exclusively revealed several new Pokemon names earlier this morning. You can see all of the names they revealed below:

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Turtwig -> Grotle -> Torterra

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Chimchar -> Monferno -> Infernape

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Piplup -> Prinplup -> Empoleon

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Starly -> Staravia -> Staraptor

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Bidoof -> Bibarel

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Kricketot -> Kricketune

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Glameow -> Purugly

    [Images No Longer Available]
    Stunky -> Skuntank

    10th Movie Teaser TrailerDialga vs. Palka vs. Darkrai now has a decent trailer for us to watch! You can view it by clicking here. The music is pretty awesome, and the storyline the trailer is “teasing us” with seems to be interesting as well. The official movie website has also been completely revamped. Could this finally be a good movie for Pokemon fans? Details this summer! Funny how the blonde girl has a hair style similar to Drifblim, just like how Bianca had a hair-style similar to Latias. Foreshadowing?

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #1:This IGN article has confirmed that Pachirisu’s English name will be Pachrisu, deleting an “i.” However, many fans have spelled the Pokemon’s name the same way before (just do a Google search for the name and you will see), so it may just be a spelling error on IGN’s part and it could be keeping its Japanese name in full (and it may not be). For now, though, we are classifying Pachrisu as its real name.

    Quick update… again!

    EmpoleonPiplup + Rare Candy = Empoleon – Gamespot has revealed the name of Pochama / Piplup’s final evolution – Empoleon. To quote the article, which was about Pokemon Battle Revolution, “We saw a flaming unicorn shoot fire from its mouth; Empoleon, a penguin, rode a large wave that did damage to two characters at once; and there were all sorts of colorful casting attacks [link].” You should know where the name of Empoleon derives from if you went to fourth grade and took “Social Studies.” :p

    Sarah Natochenny (Ash’s VA) Interview – A month or so ago, I e-mailed Sarah Natochenny with some questions, and she replied to me today! The interview has been reproduced below.

    1. When did you first hear about Ash needing a new voice actor?

    My manager sent me on the audition around April of 2006.

    2. How many people showed up to audition for the voice?

    Actors get appointments so there was no American Idol line for it, but when I asked out of curiosity, they said a LOT. They probably called all the NY agencies for submissions and went through their own files of actors they personally know. So yeah. A lot.

    3. Once you got the part, how did you react? How did others in your family or your friends act?

    I was shocked. Completely. I remember walking out of the 1st audition, calling my mom, and telling her how awful my audition was. I was shocked to even get a callback. My family was proud, my friends lovingly laughed at me. Or maybe not so lovingly.

    4. Have you ever met Veronica Taylor or any of the other original VAs?


    5. What is a typical day for you go like? Do you drive to work? Talk to other VAs? Get Starbucks? Leave and go to McDonalds? :p

    I don’t eat McDonalds. Sorry! I live in Manhattan, and actually got behind a wheel for the first time only a few days ago…which is probably illegal…I only drove like 3 feet in an empty parking lot. I walk to the studio, or if it’s freezing I’ll take a cab. I live too close to it to make any sense out of taking the subway there, but that’s generally how I get around. I’m usually the only actor in the studio, sometimes we overlap, but I rarely see other actors, because we all record separately. We order food at the studio, I usually have a salad or fruit with yogurt. Sometimes there’s a chocolate cake hanging out somewhere in the studio and I eat that too :). On a day that I’m not recording, I’m a regular actor. Auditions, some work, German and French classes, improv practice, and just hanging out with friends, with my cat…regular stuff!

    6. How long do you usually spend working as Ash everyday? Does it ever get tiring or over-exciting?

    Well I don’t work every day. I usually schedule it as one long day. It sometimes gets tiring, because I’m naturally a pretty low-energy person, but they take good care of me!

    7. How do you prepare for an episode? Do they show you the script in advance? Do you practice it? Or do they just give you the script when you walk in?

    The script never leaves the studio. There’s a synopsis that I read, and then go right into it. I read the script as we go so my reads are correct.

    8. How hard is it to match the lip flap?

    At first it was quite difficult, but now I usually get it on the 1st take.

    9. Has Ash’s voice changed your own voice in any way?

    Not at all.

    10. Did you enjoy dubbing the Manaphy movie? How long did it take to do?

    I loved it. The movie is sooo beautiful. It took me about 6 hours to do. It comes out April 3rd!!

    11. Have you started dubbing the Diamond and Pearl season in Sinnoh? Do you know any Diamond and Pearl English names, besides Mantyke, Manaphy, Buizel, or Chatot?

    I just dubbed the 1st two episodes…and you ain’t gettin any names outta me! (WPM Note: the first two episodes of the Sinnoh region are the last two episodes of the current season. The actual D/P season does not start until summer.)

    12. How close are you to the other VAs on the show?

    We’re all friends, but we don’t see each other as much as we should! Parties are always a blast with these people.

    13. Have you read any criticism about the new VAs? How does it affect you?

    Sometimes I read the boards but I don’t post on them. I get a lot of fan/not so much a fan mail. Some I agree with, some I don’t, some makes me work at the voice harder, some the read harder etc. Overall it’s helped.

    14. Has working with Pokemon opened any doors as far as future voice acting work goes?

    People think it’s cool. Even people who are in straight acting take notice. Mainly it’s just random and unexpected for a young actress to say “yep and I also do Ash on Pokemon.”

    15. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about what you have seen behind the scenes of making Pokemon episodes?

    I honestly can’t think of anything because the work isn’t very integrated…we have a lot of laughs!

    Thank you!

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Quick update! Laptop still being fixed, too.

    Pokemon Ranger Dub VoicesToonami Jetstream has a preview clip up of the dub version of Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, showcasing the English voices for the Pokemon Ranger, Jackie, the pirate, Phantom, and the Pokemon parrot, Chatot. To view the clip, click “Search,” type in “Ranger,” and play it! The movie premieres on Cartoon Network on March 23rd at 7:00 PM, so be sure to catch it!

    Battle Revolution Release Date – Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Nintendo Wii will be released on June 25, 2007, in America. The date was officially revealed by a Nintendo press release today. Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS will be released two months earlier on April 22nd.

    Need a Car? Like Pokemon Cards? – A user on eBay has submitted his PokeMobile for purchase. It is not one of those Pikachu beatle cars everyone has seen a million times – it’s actually a unique creation, using Pokemon cards protected by a layer of… something… to prevent the cards from damage. It also has a Base Set Mewtwo in the front, psychically protecting the car from car crashes and forming a deflector shield around the car. Click here to view the unique car!

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    I haven’t been updating because the repair store lost my laptop and I have been trying to track it down for the past week! After yelling at the top of my lungs on the phone to seven people (literally!) over the course of the past four days, I finally found out that my laptop is in Mexico, when it should be in Texas being fixed. -_- I finally made it through to the corporate office and talked to a representative who was extremely rude to me, even though I was courteous (funny how kids act better than adults at times). I tried to explain my laptop was central to my work, including school (!!!) and my Pokemon website, and that they should have fixed it a long time ago, and the man said “Who the [bleep] even likes Pokemon anymore? (he was annoyed with me because he thought I was acting like a know-it-all in explaining what was wrong with my laptop and in knowing how their company works with repairs – they don’t like it when you know more than them, even when you are being nice about it)” I was totally blown away by what he said and demanded to talk to his boss, and he transferred me. Twenty minutes later, I talked to a very nice woman and she told me what I needed to know after calling a couple of other people/places, and she even apologized to me about the man. So, I will not get my laptop back until probably a week or so from tomorrow. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened – three years ago, my old laptop was sent to England via a plane when it should have remained in the store near my house (which is in CA). Joy. :D

    Quick News Tidbits – I don’t have any major news stories right now because of a lack of time, so I’ll just give the cold, hard news without any fluff (some of the news is old since I have not had time to post it recently). The Diamond and Pearl English booster packs will have 10 cards in them instead of the usual 9 (and old 11), and the set will feature three theme decks instead of the normal two. Meowth346 (the webmaster of the old Pokemon website, PokeFor) and I are working on the next version of the Modified Card-Dex (details later), which will feature new improvements and interactivity. Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea airs on Cartoon Network at 7:00 PM on March 23rd, Friday, and the movie trailer can be seen on the front page of PokemonCenter.com. (spoilers) Brock is going to obtain a Happiny and Ash a Buizel before the 10th Pokemon movie comes out in Japan, as revealed by an official Dialga vs. Palkia movie poster recently uploaded to the internet. Hmmm, what else? …. I think that’s it! Don’t forget that TCG States will continue next weekend! PokeBeach’s podcast has been delayed because of my laptop, so we will probably not have the first episode until two Saturdays from now (that is the… 24th, the day after Manaphy airs on CN). If you want to be a call-in guest or a regular on the podcast, please post in this story’s news thread! To be a regular, you will need to know everything about Pokemon (the games, TCG, and Anime). Post your experience in the thread (your personality, knowledge, etc.)! We will probably only select one person.

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #1: All translations, except Croconaw, are now available for viewing by [clicking here]. Thanks go to Bangiras and nimonosandes for making them!

    So sleepy…. Since this was a big update tonight and I did not have enough time to write other news stories, I will try to do so tomorrow, or by Friday.

    DP2: The Mystery of the Lakes Scans (115) and Translations – Thanks to nimonosandes, we now have 115 Mystery of the Lake scans before the set has even been released! You can view the scans by [clicking here]. Translations for most of the cards can also be found by [clicking here], and were created by Bangiras. With several poison-type Pokemon in this set being classified as psychic, as was the case with the first Diamond and Pearl TCG set, we can now officially say that poison-type Pokemon (such as Crobat, Drapion, Croagunk, etc.) in the TCG are psychic-types now (justification: purple is the color of poison in Pokemon – purple is the color of the psychic symbol – I don’t know :p). Thanks also goes to Porygon for creating the list for me, since editing the 115 scans took forever and I could not do everything at once. The list is organized by type and is alphabetized, is not complete, and is not in the correct order of the card numbers – there was no time to work on it, so the links are just there for the scans we have and are not in any official order. Tomorrow, if I have time, more scans will be put up, as well as more translations and information.

    Abra, ???????, Alakazam? – While there are Abra and Alakazam in this set, from looking at the OFFICIAL set list, unless there was a huge oversight, there is NO Kadabra card. The scans also suggest that there is no Kadabra, since we have most of the uncommon and common cards, and Kadabra is missing. When I talked to one of the Pokemon Card Game Japanese creators at Worlds 2006 and asked her about Abra and Kadabra, I wrote up a story:

    Abra and Kadabra – Not on Cards for an Unknown, Real Reason – I must have walked all over the entire room asking PCL members about why Abra and Kadabra do not have cards yet (in the EX blocks), showing them the Japanese text for their names so they knew who I was talking about. None of them really knew until I talked to the last girl. When I asked her, she said she knew what I was talking about, and that they knew they had not made them into cards yet. When I asked her WHY they were not made into cards, she laughed and said she could not tell. I asked if it was because of a magician (the Yuri Gueller guy or whatever his name was who got mad over Kadabra), but she did not know what I was talking about (probably because I messed up the guy’s name), so I asked again, and she made a “my lips are zipped motion” and laughed (so giggly these Japanese fellows are). I had talked to her before about different Pokemon-related topics, and she had never tried to hide anything from me, but when it came to this particular topic, she zipped her mouth (literally). So, I suppose there is a reason why they never made them into cards, since she did acknowledge that they knew they had not made them (which means they did not just forget about them), but that reason is still unclear, and most likely will never be revealed to us – unless I get it out of one of them tomorrow. :p

    It seems as if Kadabra will never be made into a card again. At this point, it only appears that you can get from Abra to Alakazam with Rare Candy or by using one of Abra’s attacks that allow it to evolve directly into Alakazam (see translations above).

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    If (IF!) I have time tonight when I get home, I will have a largeeeeeeeee update (covering everything I have missed since Friday and new stuff). Also, there will be a side-dish of laptop and school drama. Stay tuned (but remember – IF I have time, which legally does not punish me if I do not have an update at said time :p)!

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    My laptop is supposed to be fixed in two weeks at the most. I may also get a new one, since my warranty states that if a part fails three times (my hard drive has had to be replaced three times), they replace the entire machine.

    DP 2: Mystery of the Lake Images – New and larger images have been released for The Mystery of the Lakes, which you can see by clicking the thumbnails below. We should have translations later today. As you can see, Buizel has a built-in Pokemon Tool, and many other Pokemon should have one too. If I have time over the weekend, I will make a page on the new set containing everything we know about it.

    DP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the LakesDP2: Mystery of the Lakes

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #1: Since I was in a rush this morning and did not post the image containing the names, you can view it by clicking here. Thanks goes to ASMzine for sending me the image yesterday (I would have put it up the news yesterday, but since my laptop is busted, I do not have regular access to my computer now and did not know they had sent the image to me until I checked my e-mail this morning at school). :p

    With my laptop in the shop right now (and it supposedly will be for several weeks), updating is going to be hard and not as frequent.

    Roserade and Others’ Official Name – As we stated a few days ago, Pokemon.com would reveal new official D/P names today, and now they have! Pokemon.com has revealed that Roserade’s name is just that… Roserade. It has also confirmed the starter Pokemon names, as well as Buizel and Mantyke’s name. More official names should be revealed soon as well!

    Additionally, a higher-resolution image from the New York Toy Fair has revealed the following new Pokemon names:

    • Bipper – Bidoof
    • Korinku – Shinx
    • Subomi – Budew
    • Fuwarido – Driftblim
    • Pinpuku – Happiny
    • Scorpi – Skorupi
    • Greggle – Croagunk

    Type: Grass
    Ability: Overgrow
    Height: 1’4″
    Weight: 22.4 lbs.
    PokeDex Entry: Turtwig is a tough Grass-type Pokemon with an earthen shell that hardens when it drinks water. But what happens to the sapling on its head when it evolves?

    Type: Fire
    Ability: Blaze
    Height: 1’8″
    Weight: 18.7 lbs.
    PokeDex Entry: Chimchar is a nimble Fire-type Pokemon that likes to jump off cliffs and even live on them! Its attacks are pretty tough, too, growing stronger in a pinch.

    Type: Water
    Ability: Torrent
    Height: 1’4″
    Weight: 11.5 lbs.
    Additional Information: Piplup is a proud Water-type Pokemon who won’t even accept food from Trainers. It has a soft downy coat, but its Ability, Torrent, means its a tough customer in battle.

    Type: Rock
    Ability: Rock Head / Sturdy
    Height: 1’08”
    Weight: 33 lbs.
    Additional Information: Bonsly may look like its always crying, but its really just shedding excess moisture. This teary-eyed Pokemon is easier to find in Pokemon Pearl.

    Mime Jr.
    Type: Psychic
    Ability: Soundproof / Filter
    Height: 2’00”
    Weight: 28.6 lbs.
    Additional Information: Mime Jr. loves to mirror the movements of its foe, mesmerizing the opponent so that it cannot look away. You’ll find this performer more often in Pokemon Diamond.

    Type: Normal-Flying
    Ability: Keen Eye / Tangled Feet
    Height: 1’8″
    Weight: 4.2 lbs.

    Type: Water
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Height: 2’4″
    Weight: 65 lbs.

    Type: Water-Flying
    Ability: Swift Swim / Water Absorb
    Height: 3’3″
    Weight: 143.3 lbs.

    Type: Grass-Poison
    Ability: Poison Point/Natural Cure
    Height: 2’11”
    Weight: 32 lbs.
    Additional Information: Roserade may smell sweet, but the poison thorns hidden on its body will take down any foe! Under the right condition a Roselia will evolve into a Roserade.

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Pochama’s Name Officially ConfirmedNintendo Power’s website has confirmed Pochama’s name to be Piplup. On the left menu, click “Current Issue,” then “Creature Feature,” and the name is shown in the article, along with Turtwig and Chimchar. Thanks to LaprasBoi from our forums for the news!

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Quick update since I have a ton of homework (and will have a ton for the rest of the week). I have a great deal of news I wish I could have put up this weekend from the past week (since school took up all my time last week), but I don’t have the time to write it now, so I’ll write it sometime this week if I have time.

    PokeBeach Podcast Intro Episode – We completed the podcast Saturday night, and edited it Sunday. This podcast’s purpose was to show that we could do one – an experiment, so to say, where we got a feel of how we would make future ones. We covered extremely general topics, such as the Pokemon movie pros and cons (mostly cons), the English D/P Pokemon names, Diamond and Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution, a few questions about Pokemon and PokeBeach, and general D/P TCG comments (with a lot of music!), so this podcast was covering all of “the bases” so that we could set the ground base. Future podcasts will cover specific topics depending on the previous week, and will most likely range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, not a little over an hour like this one. The podcasts will not be as general as this one either, and we will talk much more in depth about other topics, especially the TCG (we talked completely in general for the TCG portion of the podcast because we were tired and this was only an intro podcast – not an actual episode). To listen to the MP3 of the podcast, [click here]. PokeBeach Podcast Episode 1 will take place this Saturday night, and if you want to sign up to be a call in guest (which means you need a computer microphone, high-speed connection, and Skype), post in this story’s news thread.

    Official English D/P Names Coming – An official Pokemon source has informed me that Pokemon.com will reveal official English D/P Pokemon names sometime this week. The date is supposed to be on Thursday (February 22nd), but it could be anywhere around that date (like Wednesday or Friday). Can’t wait for Pochama’s real name (if that is one of the Pokemon names they reveal)!

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT: The podcast was completed last night, and should be up later tonighttomorrow sometime soon. I also recorded the newest Pokemon episode on Saturday with Regice, and that too will be available for temporary viewing later tonighttomorrow sometime soon.

    PokeBeach will have its very first podcast today. If you want to be a call-in guest, you will need a computer microphone, a program called Skype (plus an account, which is easy to setup and is free), and you will need to be in our chat room around 8:00 PM, PST (California time), for instructions. Call-in guests can ask questions about Pokemon, PokeBeach, or make comments (to generate discussion!).

    [Image No Longer Available]

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Mystery of the Lakes lv.X’s – The official Japanese Pokemon website has updated with three pictures of each of the Level X Pokemon in Mystery of the Lakes, which are Electivire lv.X, Lucario lv.X, and Booburn lv.X. You can view the images on this page!

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    Dialga vs. Palkia! – The 10th Pokemon movie will not only be featuring Dialga and Palkia, but now Darkrai as well. A CoroCoro magazine scan posted on Filb.de has confirmed the news, and another scan contains the official Ken Sugimori artwork of the Darkness legendary, seen below (A Darkness Pokemon revealed on Valentine’s Day – heh :p). The official Japanese Pokemon movie site has also been updated to reflect the changes in Pokemon that will appear in the movie. Click the thumbnails below for a larger picture of each scan.

    Pokemon Movie: Dialga vs Palkia!Pokemon Movie: Dialga vs Palkia! - Darkrai Ken Sugimori Art

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    EDIT #4: eI_at10s has sent us better quality images of those holo League energy from the other day, and they look completely different. You can see them under the sprites of the D/P Pokemon.

    EDIT #3: Pochama controversy! One product image called Pochama, Pochama, but another image (and all the pog images, for that matter) shows it as something else, ending in a Y and having a name much shorter than “Pochama.” What will Pochama’s name be? The two different names are a testament to the fact that all of the D/P names are still tentative, since the products the names are taken off of will not be released for months to come (plus the fact that Pachirisu does not sound like it would be suitable for American audiences, at least in my opinion).

    EDIT #2: And yet another new image has helped us to further clarify some of the English names below.

    EDIT: A new image has helped us to further clarify some of the English names below.

    English Diamond and Pearl Names – In New York right now, the 2007 Toy Fair is currently taking place, with Jakks-Pacific presenting a whole new line of Pokemon toys for Diamond and Pearl! We sent Blastoise-shellshocker to the event last night, but it was closed, and we asked him to go again this morning (since he lives so close). However, he discovered that the event is only open to the public media and industrial companies, and only they are allowed to attend the show (which we did not know earlier…). Luckily, some websites are covering the event, such as ASM, and have taken several pictures of the Diamond and Pearl merchandise, which you can view in a gallery here. One of the product images for a pog matching game shows several pogs lain out across a display, with English Diamond and Pearl Pokemon names on them, and you can view the image with those names by clicking here! While the names are not final yet and are still tentative, considering that this event is to show future items that have the potential of changing, several of the Pokemon names are distinguishable, and we have them listed for you below (some may be off by a little, since some of the names are extremely hard to read and can be misconstrued). Hopefully later tonight, we will receive a higher-quality image, or at least more information. Names in bold are correct for sure, names with dashes after them are partial, and everything else is subject to change or we are unsure if the names are read correctly from the image above. The sprites below the list are in the same order as the names before them, and if you want to see more Diamond and Pearl sprites, you can view our D/P Sprite Gallery.

    1. Naetle – Turtwig
    2. Hizokaru – Chimchar
    3. Pochama – Two different images say different names. One is Pochama, and the other is something else.
    4. Nyarmar – Glameow
    5. Karanakushi – Shelios or Snelios
    6. Elekible – Electivire
    7. Beappa – ???
    8. Fuwaride – ???
    9. Tatetops – Shieldon
    10. Perap – Chatot
    11. Kolink – Spinx
    12. Scorpi – Scorp—
    13. Pachirisu – Pachirisu
    14. Flowsel – Floatsel
    15. Koroboshi – Kricketot
    16. Subomie – Bud—
    17. Mimirol – Buneary
    18. Mukurru – Starly
    19. Greggle – Croalurk
    20. Pinpuku – Happini
    21. Masukippa – Carnivine
    22. Tamanta – Mantyke
    23. Buoysel – Buizel

    [Images No Longer Available]

    Holo League Energy – Click one of the league energy below to view a larger image. Hover over the left or right side of each image to scroll through all of the larger images.

    Grass EnergyFire EnergyWater EnergyLightning EnergyPsychic EnergyFighting Energy

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    .::   Friday - February 24th, 2017  [Link to this News Story]

    It looks like we are going to begin doing podcasts sometime soon, since every single person who posted about the idea yesterday said, “Yes!” to it. We honestly are not sure how we are going to do them or what we are going to do them on, so if you have any suggestions (especially for the first podcast), please feel free to post in this story’s news thread!

    2007 Spring TCG TinsEX Spring Tins Update – As mentioned in the news story on February 7th, three new EX tins will be released in March (for around $14 each, not $20), featuring Milotic, Camerupt, and Tyranitar on the actual tins. We now know that the tins will come packaged with holo versions of past EX POP cards, including Celebi ex, Ho-Oh ex, and Tyranitar ex. These tins are supposed to also come with one of three Diamond and Pearl Pokemon cards, but they apparently will not be the featured cards within the tins, since as the image shows on the right (click for a larger picture), the holo Exs are in the window of each tin. Hopefully we will find out soon what D/P Pokemon are available in the tins!

    Seismic Toss a Wailord? – Wailord are huge and heavy Pokemon, and you would think that it would be near impossible to use Seismic Toss on one (if Pokemon were real, that is – you can definitely use the move on it in the games). The video below is a funny, 15-second clip from Pokemon Battle Revolution in which a Blissey lifts the huge Pokemon and successfully performs Seismic Toss on it, without even breaking a sweat! It is kind of funny how a small Blissey (by comparison) can perform such an attack on the largest Pokemon in existence. If you have not seen the attack animation before, you will be amazed at the improvements PBR has made to previous games!

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