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Elbow (04-13-2015 at 06:21 PM)
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Elbow (04-09-2015 at 05:02 PM)
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Lol 15th what a scrub

Blui (04-07-2015 at 05:51 PM)
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RogueChomp, same to you!

Blui (04-06-2015 at 05:51 PM)
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RogueChomp, oh nice, I'm also on holidays and then a Regionals this weekend to get my last 15 points Tongue

Blui (04-05-2015 at 09:20 PM)
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Hey man! What's going on?

Ironman131 (03-22-2015 at 03:17 PM)
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Blah mentioned to me that the Seismitoad EX/ Slurpuff/ Swampert deck was your creation. Would you be willing to share a deck list for it with me.

Claire6969696969 (02-23-2015 at 04:22 PM)
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RogueChomp, Do I know you? Tongue Do you go to my league?

Elbow (01-04-2015 at 09:51 AM)
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Says he left beach, is on beach...

TwistedTurtwig (08-05-2014 at 03:47 PM)
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Happy birthday, RogueChomp!

Luispipe8 (08-05-2014 at 08:42 AM)
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Happy Birthday!

> Personal Info
Location: NJ, U.S.A
Gender: Male
Interests: Stuff.
hanging out with friends
listening to music
Boy Scouts

TCG/VG Accomplishments: (Got so many. moved to bio lol)
Deck Records:
KFV 2-2
Reshiboar- 21-23 (2 top cuts) 5 Cp
Durant- 5-2 (1 top cut) 5 CP
Roguechomp- 14-6 (1 top cut)
Vilegar/Polteirplume- 8-8
Gardelade/GardeGallade- 12-4 (1 top cut)
Hydreigon/ZekEels- 10-5 (1 top 4) 4 CP
Zekeels- 27-16 (4 CP)
In testing: 107-50 With ZekEels

7-5 NJSD
2-2 RayEels
3-3 Darkrai/Roserade/Terrakion
3-1 TurboFighters 30 CP
7-2 Darkrai/Tornadus EX 50 CP
12-3 DarkGenies 80 CP (110 overall, 30 not counted)
5-3 Aspertia/Eels 40 CP
3-2 Darkrai/Landorus EX/Lasers
18-7 BigBasics/Garbodor 260 CP
2-1 Garbodor/Cobalion EX/Landorus EX
4-1 garbo lando mewtwo 10 CP
4-0 the purge 15 CP
Darkrai/Absol 7-4 40 CP

5-2 Virizion Mewtwo 45 CP
20-9 Darkrai/Garbodor 84 CP
2-1 Darkrai +1 Mewtwo 10 CP
17-5-4 Darkrai/Mewtwo/Bouffalant 200 CP
10-5-4 Yeti 90 CP
1-2 Round
5-3 Pyroar
5-4 virgen

2-2-1 Pyroar
4-4-1 Yveltal Garb
8-3 Yveltal 10 CP
4-2 Yveltal/Manectric
18-5-5 Mega Manectric/Aromatisse 125 CP
4-2-1 Toad Bats 10 CP
11-3-2 Psy Bats 90 CP
Smeargle Donk
30-10 and 14 donks (Donks include Thundurus, Darkrai EX, and Mewtwo EX. )

VGC Accomplishments:
T32 Philadelphia Regionals 2012-2013 (5-2 22nd place)
T16 Philly Regs 13-14 (5-2 15th)
T16 MA Regs 13-14 (5-2 15th)
Friend Code(s): 3DS F.C.: 1993-8205-0955
Pokemon Involvement:
  • VG Player
  • TCG Player

Team terrakion will spread the meaning of pump up smash
There shall be the 3 apostles Arjun Alex and Jeremy
Then there shall be lord terrakion our savior
alexmf and blah shall be our apprentices
And our goal is to rid the world of accelgor Our sworn nemesis
We are allied with the landorus republic
And the garbodor gangs
PINSIR is our weakest operative
Our main weapons are enhanced hammers and we are armed with max potions to keep us in top shape
We are fast versatile and bulky
We are the rebellion
We are
Team terrakion
Cue music
We bring the darkness to its mercy
We thwart evil organizations
We beat turtles
We are
Team terrakion

1000th post on 9/24/12
Contributor'd 8/21/12
1234 posts on 11/18/12
Staff'd 12/24/12
1,500 posts on 12/28/12

Favorite Movies:
(no order)
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Rises
Transformer series
Iron Man series
The Hunger Games
And more.

2012-2013 season
525 CP

1st Place LC Mega Manectric Aromatisse
1st Place LC Virizion EX/Genesect EX/Raichu
1st Virginia Regionals (2013-2014) Darkrai/Mewtwo/Bouffalant
1st place NY States (2013) BigBasics/Garbodor (LandFill)
1st Cities (2013-2014) Darkrai/Garbodor
1st Cities (2013-2014) Darkrai/Mewtwo/Bouffalant
1st in Spring BattleRoads(2010) Healevoir
1st in Spring Battle Roads(2012) ZekEels
1st in City Championship (2012-2013) Darkrai/Tornadus EX/Bouffalant/Mewtwo
1st Cities (2012-2013) Darkrai/Genies/Terrakion
1st Spring Battle roads 2013 Absol/Colress Machine/Darkrai
1st Cities (2014-2015) Mega Manectric/Aromatisse
2nd New York States 2014 Yeti
2nd League Challenge (2013) Darkrai Garbo
2nd League Challenge 2014 Yveltal/Garbo
2nd MA Regionals Garbodor/Big Basics
2nd in City Championships (Fall-Winter 2011) Reshiboar
2nd in City Championships (Fall-Winter 2011-2012) Durant (yeah!)
2nd Cities (2014-2015) Mega Manectric/Fairies
3rd in NJ States (2015) Psy B O Y Z
3rd in NJ States(2011)RogueChomp
3rd Cities (2012-2013) Darkrai/Genies/Terrakion
3rd Cities (2012-2013) Darkrai/Genies/Terrakion
3rd League Challenge (2013) Straight Darkrai +1 Mewtwo
3rd Spring battle roads 2013 Garbodor Cobalion Landorus
3rd Spring Battle roads 2013 Garbodor Landorus Mewtwo
3rd in City Championships (2012-2013) TurboFighters
3rd in Spring BattleRoads(2011)RogueChomp
3rd Spring BRs (2013) Garbodor/Landorus EX/Cobalion EX
3rd Winter LC Darkrai/Garbodor/Hammers (2014)
3rd Spring LC Round.dek
4th in Spring Battle Roads(2012) Zekeels/Terra
4th in Spring Battle Roads(2012) Zekeels/Terra
4th in Fall Battle Roads(2011) Reshiboar
4th in Fall BattleRoads(2010)Polterplume
4th Fall LC (2014-2015) Yveltal
6th in NY States(2011)RogueChomp
T8 CT States DarkraiLando
T8 NJ States Garbo/Big Basics
T8 Cities 2014-2015 MegaManectric Fairies
12th NY states(2012) Hydreels
12th NJ states(2012) Hydreels
16th in Regionals(2010)Healevoir
T16 NY states 2015 PsyBats
T16 PA Regionals 2013 (10th) Virizion/Mewtwo/Bouffalant
T16 VA Winter Regionals (2013) (Aspertia Eels)
T16 MA Regionals TCG 2014 (12th) Yeti
30th in Regionals(2012)ZekEels
T32 Nationals 2013 Darkrai/Absol
T32 Worlds 2013 Pump Up Trash (Terrakion Ex/Garbo/Enhanced)
T32 Worlds 2014 Pyroar
2013 Worlds Competitor
2014 Worlds Competitor

T16 PA Regionals VGC (2013)
T16 MA Regionals VGC (2014)

Team UN 2012-2013 had 2059

Werewolf XVII II Winner (scum)
Werewolf XVIII Winner (indie)
Winner of iisnumber12's PlayTCG Tourney!
Winner of the 8-man Twist Tourney!
Tied for the win in Glaceon and Nigel's Deckbuilding Contest
Winner of isnumber12s DBC 2
Winner of Infinitys Single Elimination
Winner of ATA Rogue Tourney
Sheninja's Stupendous Tournament

Top 4 in the Pokebeach Trivia Contest #1
Generation Started: 1
Username Changes: 0

RogueChomp's Signature
Live and die by the laser
~ (formely known as) Rougechomp
I Wrote:There are no legit games in Pokemon...
The WORST at Werewolf in Werewolf history
Season Record: 74-30-8
Rating: 1830 sumthin

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