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Venuway to Lock! (Mega Venusaur EX / Garbodor)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by energyfullart(?, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. energyfullart(? Full Art Ultra Rare


    Pokemon 15
    • 3 Venusaur EX
    • 3 M venusaur EX
    • 3-3 Garbodor garbotoxin
    • 2 Sigilyph Safeguard
    • 1 Tropius

    Trainers 37
    • 4 Professor Juniper
    • 4 N
    • 4 Skyla
    • 4 Hypnotoxic lazer
    • 4 Ultraball (maybe heavy ball)
    • 3 Evolution soda
    • 2 Professor letter
    • 4 Float stone
    • 2 Escape rope
    • 2 Tool scrapper
    • 1 Super rod
    • 1 Scramble switch
    • 3 Virbank city

    Energy 12
    • 9 Grass
    • 3 Blend GFPD
    think this> if your are fighting against a ex pokemon it means 180/170hp. So, if you use crisis vine with virbank city, you will hit 150 + paralisis then the defending pokemon will be knock out at the end of the opponent's turn
    garbodor will be used to prevent: rush in, verdant wind and busybody
    ok this is not a lock like gothitelle does, but is much consistently, and lock is not the only option
    if you want to make OHKO then you may use sigilyph as a fishing bait for non/ex (specially for engines like hydreigon, blastoise, emboar, and the new fairys) then retreat and ko them
    also sigilyph may be used with HTL to win time the turn you M/evolve
    tropius is a nice tech to fight safeguarders, specially against suicune, also against blastoises and keldeos

    Edited your title to coincide with the rules! :D ~Kecleon

  2. Mora Silently Chaotic


    I like the idea a lot, but it needs Energy acceleration, and I just don't known what that should be. Four Energies is hard to build up without any support from Double Colorless, Blastoise, etc.
  3. TheElite711 Electric Maniac


    You should consider putting in Virizion EX for much needed energy acceleration. M Venusaur EX has a monster of an energy cost, but oh so worth it. Plus I would take out a line of Garbodor because it seems like alot for something that isn't absolutely necessary.

    -1 Trubbish
    -1 Garbodor
    -2 Skyla
    -1 Virbank City Gym
    +3 Virizion EX
    +2 Muscle Band

    I think these would be reasonable additions and subtractions out of the deck. 4 Skylas to me is a bit overkill; as I said with the Garbodor line, 2 should be just fine; and you should be fine at 2 Virbanks in this. Now I added Virizion EX for good energy acceleration, and Muscle Band because more tools to exploit Garbotoxin never hurts, especially with Tool Scrapper around. Besides, Muscle Band is just a great card altogether. The one card I questioned was Professor's Letter, it seems counterproductive to get energies from out of the deck when Virizion EX does that for you. Other than those, I like this deck! Good luck!
  4. Mora Silently Chaotic


    If you do chose to go with Virizion EX, in would includes least 2 Energy Switch to move the Energy off of Virizion and onto Venusaur once your done using Emerald Slash. That way, you can start attacking with Venusaur on turn three. That's not exactly a good thing, but it's better than nothing. And maybe you can find room for a Max Potion to go with Scramble Switch?
  5. Ryan Sinclair 4-2-2 at my first Nats, 33rd/151
    Ryan Sinclair


    I've been thinking about this deck, myself. I think Garbodor and Virizion EX both work really well, in the same way Darkrai works with Garbodor. You're nullifying their abilities, and if they Tool Scrapper you're still benefiting.

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