Pokemon Top 5 favorite Pokemon

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Acetrainer_Samwise, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Acetrainer_Samwise Aspiring Trainer


    Mine are...
    5. Gengar
    4. Luxray
    3. Zekrom
    2. Mimikyu

    1.... Undecided

    What are yours?
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  2. Shfinx I Solemnly Swear To Never Play a Meta Deck


    I'm only really sure about the 1 and 2 spots, but here's a quick top 5:

    5. Wigglytuff
    4. Lunala
    3. Primeape
    2. Shinx
    1. Aromatisse

    Primeape I thought was really cool when I saw him in an episode of the anime. Sylveon and Wigglytuff are cards I've done some trolling with in the tcg. Shinx is a long story, but he's the inspiration for the username I use basically everywhere. Aromatisse is the main Pokemon in my favorite deck of all time, which I've been playing some version of since around 2014: Fairy Box (or other Aromatisse variants. I've done some stupid stuff with that beautiful Pokemon).
  3. Articuno_Aria Articuno is UNO for a reason

    Forum Mod Member

    1. Articuno (obviously lol)
    2. Spoink
    3. Vaporeon
    4. Carbink
    5. Lurantis
  4. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

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    1) Whimsicott
    2) Minun
    3) Primarina
    4) Tapu Lele
    5) Pikachu

    If you asked me this question a decade ago; my favorite Pokemon would be Pikachu. I still like Pikachu, just not as much as I used to. I've come to love and favor a few Pokemon moreso than the series' mascot.
  5. StarChar Aspiring Trainer


    I love to think about this a lot.

    1. Charizard
    2. Golduck
    3. Garchomp
    4. Gardevoir
    5. Breloom

    The bottom 3 are pokemon that brought me my success that I saw in the competitive scene when I was an extremely active player.
  6. James_Cooler "It's James."


    1. bad snorlax
    2. onyx
    3. inkay
    4. koffing
    5. mareanie (lately)
  7. Nekoban Ryo Fake Card Artist, Moth Freak, Fossil/Shiny-Hunter
    Nekoban Ryo


    "Favorites" is a term I've been having a lot of trouble with these past couple years. For example: I used to say that Frosslass was hands-down my favorite Ice-Type (and still is aesthetically and functionally), but the Shiny Glaceon I MM'd in Black 2 is more precious to me than any Froslass I've raised (including my full-odds Shiny Froslass from Moon). Does that make Glaceon, if only this particular Glaceon, my favorite Ice-Type? I've got a similar ordeal between Lickitung and Porygon2. It's an internal battle. Dx

    I may not be able to make a top-5 list at the moment, but these have been my top-3 lately. I can't decide which to keep in the lead of my party...

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  8. CrossBeau Aspiring Trainer


    1. Cyndaquil line
    2. Luxray
    3. Shuckle
    4. Scizor
    5. Jumpluff

    I guess I'm a bit of a gen 2-er... lol
  9. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    Oof, I'm gonna have a lot of trouble naming my favorites, but I'll do my best. I used to be able to list my top 10, but I'm sure its changed since then.

    1. Sawk
    2. Jolteon
    3. Bulbasaur
    4. Alolan Ninetales
    5. Wooper

    Yeah, let's stick with that
  10. Gengar#094 Aspiring Trainer


    6. Krookodile
    5. Mandibuzz
    4. Tyrantrum
    3. Metagross
    2. Scrafty
    1. Gengar

    Sorry, I'm weak, I couldn't decide between the last three, so added them all.
  11. TheRealBro.. Lookin' at you!


    Nice, cool post.

    I'd have to go with;

    Slowbro (do I have to explain why?)
    Tyrantrum (always was a fan of Jurassic park, so yeah.. )
    Ho-0h and Lugia (Grew up playing Gold & Silver. Best legendary's to date in my opinion)
    Venusaur (because it is a dino-frog-flower done perfectly right)

    edit; honorable mention goes to Vileplume for being awesome as well.. don't know why though

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