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Tool Sigilyph/Trubbish/Masquerain

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by IceCascade, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. IceCascade Aspiring Trainer


    Please read beforehand..
    1. This deck is just for fun. If you are looking for a cheap, decent deck, in the future, here you go.
    2. This is by no means a perfect list. It's just a fun list that I'm currently playing and comfortable with.

    Decklist updated 21/5/2013
    Pokemon: 12
    3x Sigilyph (BW9 Megalo Cannon)
    1x Sigilyph DRE (Safeguard)
    2x Surskit (BW9 Megalo Cannon)
    2x Masquerain [Plasma] (BW9 Megalo Cannon)
    4x Trubbish (PLS 65/135)
    Supporters: 12
    3x N
    3x Professor Juniper
    2x Elesa (Shiny Collection 20/20)*
    2x Skyla
    2x Colress
    Trainer (Items): 11
    3x Bicycle
    4x Level Ball
    3x Pokemon Catcher
    1x Super Rod
    Trainer (Pokemon Tools): 14
    4x Eviolite
    1x [Ace Spec] Rock Guard
    2x Float Stone
    1x Rescue Scarf
    2x Exp. Share
    2x Silver Mirror (BW9 Megalo Cannon)
    2x Silver Bangle (BW9 Megalo Cannon)
    Energy: 11
    3x Double Colourless
    8x Basic Psychic

    Total: 12+12+11+14+11=60 cards
    *Elesa : I'm not very sure whether this card will be released in English set, if it won't, refer below for some considerable replacements.

    Card Translations

    Sigilyph [Basic] [P] 90HP
    [Ability] Item Box
    This Pokémon can have 4 Pokémon Tool cards attached to it. (If this Pokémon no longer has this Ability, discard Pokémon Tool cards attached to this Pokémon until there is only 1 left.)
    [P][C][C] Cutting Wind : 70 damage
    Weakness [L]x2
    Resistance [F]-20
    Retreat Cost [C]

    Surskit [Basic] [G] 50HP
    [G] Sweet Scent : Heal 20 damage from 1 of your Pokémon.
    Weakness [R]x2
    Resistance N/A
    Retreat Cost [C]

    Masquerain [Stage 1, Evolves from Surskit] [Team Plasma] [G] 70HP
    [Ability] Tool Reverse
    As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may return a Pokémon Tool card attached to 1 of your Pokémon to your hand.
    [C][C][C] Bug Bite : 60 damage
    Weakness [R]x2
    Resistance N/A
    Retreat Cost [C]

    Elesa [Supporter]
    Search your deck for 3 Pokémon Tool cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

    Silver Mirror [Pokemon Tool]
    As long as the Pokémon this card is attached to is not a Pokémon-EX, prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to this Pokémon by your opponent's Team Plasma Pokémon.

    Silver Bangle [Pokemon Tool]
    As long as the Pokémon this card is attached to is not a Pokémon-EX, that Pokémon's attacks do 30 more damage to the Active Pokémon-EX.

    General Strategy
    This deck makes use of Sigilyph's Ability to place as many pokemon tools in the field as possible. The deck also makes use of Trubbish's attack, Tool Drop, to do 20x no. of pokemon tools in play. Since you play 13 tools, the average damage output would be about 100-120 damage per turn. Sigilyph can also be used as tank, with 3 eviolites+1 rock guard or 4 eviolites if necessary. Sigilyph's attack can be painful too, with 1 silver bangle it can OHKO Mewtwo EX and Deoxys EX, and with 2 silver bangles, Jirachi EX, Victini EX and Shaymin EX.

    My style of playing would be, ideally, placing Trubbish in the active plus Masquerain and Sigilyph benched. Masquerain provides you with the ability so that you can place the appropriate number of pokemon tools just nice to knock out the defending pokemon. The rest should be returned to your hand. Example, the defending pokemon is Cobalion EX with 180HP, place no more than 10 tools in the field (including tools on the opposite side) (or 9, if Trubbish has Silver Bangle attached). It is also wise to spread out tools among the bench, so that you dont lose tools too quickly. Since I don't play any form of item recovery (recycle sucks!!), it's always better to have my tools N'd into the deck rather than discarding it.

    Sigilyph DRE is pure AUSOME. With silver mirror attached, it is practically untouchable. Or, silver bangle could be attached to give some extra firepower against EXes.

    Masquerain with float stone gives every pokemon free retreat as long as you have both in play. Rescue scarf is to be attached to Masquerain or Sigilyph DRE (since I only play 1).

    I include exp.shares to be equipped to a benched Trubbish, so that in case your Trubbish gets KO'd (which will be often, since Trubbish has only 70HP) you can immediately attack the next turn. After getting your next Trubbish to be active, move the exp.share to a benched one.

    Bicycle is to be abused. Place all your tools to all your pokemon, draw cards, and return the tools back to your hand. Nuff said.

    Some of my considerations to replace/add
    Blue = considerable, Red = too much drawbacks

    Switch/Escape rope : Of course having switches in your deck is always better, it gets you out of status condition locks, effect locks like Cobalion NVI's Iron Breaker,etc.. but this deck is super tight on space. Float stone is better since you will use it more often than switch and it adds to Trubbish's damage output.

    Sableyes+Prism/BlendGPFD : This provides the deck with some form of item recovery. You can use your ace-spec multiple number of times, never run out of cards due to bicycle, and keep Trubbish's damage high. However, based on my playtests (although not many times), this hurts on the decks consistency.

    Plasma badge/Plasma energy/Colress machine engine : This speeds up the deck, enabling trubbish to attack as early as turn 1. With Elesa in hand, trubbish can deal 60+ damage. Furthermore, plasma badge CAN be moved by masquerain, thus enables colress machine to attach to any pokemon. However, this conflicts with the silver mirror engine and there's hardly any space to fit colress machine engine. This addition is actually very feasible and playable.

    Recycle : Gets your tools back out of discard pile. But they sux, too flippy!

    Revive : This card is all-time useful. It gets 10 out of your 12 pokemon from your discard pile back to the bench. It was in my previous list, but it was the first card to be cut since I play super rod as well, coupled with 6 search cards, revive becomes redundant sometimes.

    Any non-tool ace-spec : Dowsing machine and computer search is okay. Scramble switch is a no-no. Scoop-up cyclone is kinda useless. I just feel that rock guard just fits in nicely. Its 3-in-1 rocky helmet and still adds 20 damage to Trubbish's attack. Fantastic.

    Potions, in any form : Although potions seems like a good idea since sigilyph will tank ridiculous amount of damage, the decklist is tight. Putting them in is not a bad thing, though i feel they are not as important as the other cards that are currently in the list.

    More Skylas, less Elesas, or vice versa* : Personal preference. I use 2-2 since I think it's the nicest combination. If Elesa is not legal in English, then Skyla should be upped to 3 or 4.

    More silver mirrors : Considerable. In the future, plasma decks will be lying all around the place. Lugia EX, Deoxys EX, Thundurus EX, Tornadus EX, Snorlax, etc, and pokemon printed this card for a reason. If I would to increase the no. of silver mirrors, I would cut down a silver bangle or an energy or a Sigilyph.

    Trubbish NVI 48/101 : Garbage collection is one option of recovery. It doesn't hurt consistency as much as Sableye but it wastes your turn. At most maybe one.

    So thats basically all I have. Suggestions and comments much appreciated. Will keep playtesting to see how the deck goes in the future. I don't live in Japan, so not many people will play future decks in my area. My playtestings may not be reliable.

    Thank you and hope you enjoyed reading my first ever decklist online :) lol
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  2. Hegafire >Disappears for months > Appears randomly


    I think it would be decent to also add Rocky Helmets, because you can attach 1 Rock Guard and 3 Rocky Helmet, making it so whenever the opponent attacks, they take 120 damage.
  3. Awesomeguy76 Aspiring Trainer


    There's also a new supporter card that came out in Megalo-Cannon called Caitlin:

    Caitlin – Trainer

    Return any number of cards from your hand to the bottom of your deck in any order you like. Then, draw an equal number of cards.

    You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

    You could consider putting this into your supporter line since you don't want to discard things.
  4. IceCascade Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks for the suggestions, i playtested with rocky helmets and caitlins.

    The deck actually work okay with rocky helmet, although not better than without them. Probably because most of the time i keep my trubbish active instead of sigilyph, and i can only attach 1 tool to it. So its either rock guard or silver bangle. I attached rocky helmet to sigilyph and they almost never attack my sigilyph (probably because i spread tools in the bench and trubbish is more of immediate threat)

    Caitlin is somehow..useless. I playtested with 2 counts in the deck, and most of the time i draw into caitlin is when my hand size is low, so i can only draw so few cards. Actually, you will be playing with small hand size throughout the game anyway.

    I decided to take out 1 bianca and the great balls entirely (its abit inconsistent) and put an exp share and maxed out bicycle. I find myself with hand so low that i have to skyla for a bicycle to draw four.
    -1 Bianca
    -2 Great ball
    +1 Exp. share
    +2 Bicycle

    The deck is quite fun to play. I managed to OHKO a darkrai EX with trubbish and LOL'd until LMAO, and that moment when they played tool scrapper, think for ~5 minutes on what tool to discard and laughed ad them because they discarded the wrong tools. (Almost nobody discarded the exp share which kept the trubbish going) they will aim for the ace spec forever.

    Any ideas to improve on, especially on supporter lines? I plan to take out something for another juniper since my hand always so low...but idk what to take out. Also Let me know what u think :)
  5. IceCascade Aspiring Trainer


    Updated decklist! And considering plasma energy engine aswell buut no time to playtest
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  6. petertclo Ehh I want my B&W back!


    You might want to consider upping the count of Silver Bangle in this deck and cutting the Rescue Scarf and Eviolite. Ultimately, Kyurem is still going to 1-shot your Trubbish, Virizion (EP) and Genesect (after tool scrapper) will 1-shot your Trubbish, etc. Anything that doesn't 1-shot Trubbish doesn't really matter; you are 1-shotting them all day every day anyway.
    As for tanking with Sigilyph, yes you can attach 3 eviolites onto it and reduce damage by 60, but a Kyurem will still pewpew you to death. Black Kyurem EX will still pewpew you to death. Genesect can also kill you after a Tool Scrapper. Then there are the lesser attacks that hit 30; even with Deoxys boosting, just 1 or 2 Eviolite will tank well enough to avoid the damage. I don't really think you need to run 4 in your deck especially since you can pick up your tools and reassign them every turn.

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