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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Random418, Aug 12, 2017.

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    So I've recently got my girlfriend super excited about playing the TCG with me and she's been collecting cards on her own a bit and she's watched me play in a tournament, and she really wants to play in a tournament but feels like she isn't ready to build her own deck, and really enjoys theme decks. Any ideas? I've thought about maybe just organizing some friends to do a mock tournament for fun and I kinda like that idea, but any suggestions are welcome!

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    It's not for pokemon, but I used to exclusively do theme deck vs theme deck for magic, where WOTC used to release 4 theme decks per set, and 3 sets per block for a total of 12 theme decks per block. I used to place all the theme decks related to a block into one box, and organize it into a 2 column x 6 row fashion.

    A coin represents the columns, and a die represents the rows. I would flip a coin and roll a die, and that would determine what theme deck I have to use. My brother does the same, and if the result lands in a deck I already picked, he flips and rolls again, because I do not buy 2 of the same theme decks.

    I cannot do this randomization trick anymore because when they started to release 5 intro packs per set, and most recently, they now release 2 planeswalker decks per set, so I cannot do the whole coin + die randomization technique because the total deck per block does not equal 12.

    Maybe you can assign a number to each theme deck you own and have random.org choose a theme deck for you.

    This is coming from a guy who owns a lot of MTG theme decks, intro packs, and planeswalker decks; Pokemon theme decks; and Yugioh structure and starter decks. For these games, I've played exclusively preconstructed vs preconstructed decks against my brother. Now that he doesn't play with me, I just buy them to complete my collection. Even if I didn't want it at the time, I would still buy them, because it would be cheaper to buy it now, rather than pay online shipping and have the online retailer sell the deck at an increased price, or to find a deck in a box set that costs $40 CDN, cough cough, EX challenge box, cough.

    Pokemon TCG online also has a theme deck only format.

    If you feel you are never ready to build your own deck, you will end up buying nothing but theme decks. Take it from a guy who knows hahaha. I pretty much have every single theme deck dating back to fall 2011, and I even have ones older than that, just missing a few of them. I do not have a whole lot of theme decks older than 2009. Even today, I still buy theme decks.

    The great thing about owning a lot of MTG, Pokemon, and Yugioh preconstructed decks is that it allows me to loan one of my precon decks to a person, who normally doesn't play or invest in MTG, Yugioh, or Pokemon, just to play a few games.
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