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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by AFEX, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. AFEX Eon Duo Rules!


    I recently watched the new USUM trailer, and was excited for the effects on the tcg, then I watched till close to the end, and my eye caught that "Rotom Friendship Support Mode" can allow you to use Z moves presumably twice in a battle...

    So my brain went full speculation mode to go to think, could this be implemented into the tcg, basically it would look like this-

    Rotom Dex Freindship Support Mode- (Item)

    *You may only play this card when you have used your GX attack*
    You may use 1 more GX attack this game, and you can only play this card
    once per game.
    I mean... this isn't too far fetched is it? This could be a legitimate reality.

  2. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    It is. Thanks for the thread see you soon!

    Ok. I'm gonna take this serious.
    It's not gonna happen. It just isn't. That is going to be a thing in the Videogame and thats it and also only in the story mode and not in Competitve battling. Here's why:
    Remember these "X took a hit so you won't worry" things that happen in S&M? That didn't carry over into the Comp scene either. Why would this "mechanic"? It's probably also just "chance" based aswell.

    It's even less likely that it's going to be in the TCG because all the GX Moves been designed with only beeing used once in mind. Means if they now change it it would be way to overpowered. Some GX moves pretty much Guarantee a Knockout on any Pokémon. So make it be able to use twice and the game is basically useless.

    Other example: Just look at Guzzlord GX. You just need Guzma and you can get 2 Knock Outs on ANY POKÉMON and win the game.

    It's just isn't happening.
    It's not happening.
    Please stop thinking it is.
    You making this gull sad.
  3. AFEX Eon Duo Rules!


    Was this meant to be rude? The end of your argument sounded very rude, besides it was just an opinion no need to be openly rude at all. I'm not making you sad, you made yourself sad, reading this and commenting.

    Thanks for the thread see you soon? What the heck does that mean?
  4. FlavorfulPineApl Natsuki Best Grill


    I think this would be cool, but WAYYYYYYYY too overpowered. Its honestly pretty cool in the VGs though.
  5. GekkisaiDaiNi The light flickers. I flicker back.


    I mean, it would be awesome, but let's look at this from a power standpoint.

    If you used Charizard's GX attack twice, you'd be milling 20 cards.

    If you used Nihilego's GX attack twice, you'd be giving your opponent four more Prize Cards.

    If you used Necrozma's GX attack twice, you'd be doing 200 damage to all of your opponents GX/EXs and probably just winning right then and there.

    If you used Sylveon's GX attack twice, you could set your opponent back 6 turns.

    That's all that I can think of, but you get the idea ;).
  6. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    I don't think a card like this will happen and if it does, they are going to have to address the current broken GX attacks. This is looking purely for the in game story, where it doesn't matter. An effect like this for competitive is very hard to balance and gives too much advantage to Pokemon with cheap but game changeing GX attacks. Kartana-GX taking two Prize cards for pretty much free will cause a problem.
  7. Kietharr Aspiring Trainer


    Only if they bring ACE SPEC back and make it one. Then it would be balanced, provided there were other ACE SPEC cards that forced you to take a tradeoff to play it (ie something as good as computer search)
  8. AFEX Eon Duo Rules!


    About Nihilego, remember that pidgeotto card that added prizes for a dce, or something like that?
  9. GekkisaiDaiNi The light flickers. I flicker back.


    That sounds totally broken, please link me to the card xD
  10. GekkisaiDaiNi The light flickers. I flicker back.


    Wait, do you mean this Pidgeot?
  11. AFEX Eon Duo Rules!


    Sadly I can never seem to find the card I'll keep trying though.
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