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Standard Solgaleo GX gor league cup

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Noteman32, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Noteman32 Aspiring Trainer


    Here's my list for the league cup I plan on traveling to. It's a place I've never been to so I don't know what to expect there besides the few people I know who are going. I've been running this list for awhile now and I find it pretty consistent. I have a feeling that Buzzwole will be all over the place there but I have no way of knowing for sure. Which brings up the question of which tech to run in place of Registeel or maybe even running a third Rayquazza. Any other suggestions are welcome. Also would like to find a place for Hala maybe taking out the Lusamine for it.

    Pokemon 16
    3-Solgaleo GX
    2-Tapu Lele GX (would run a third but I don't have a one)
    2-Rayquazza GRI
    1-Mr. Mime (debating about Magearna EX or maybe even Mr Mime as a tech instead)

    Supporters 13

    Items 18
    4-Ultra Ball
    2-Heavy Ball
    2-Max Potion
    2-Field Blower
    4-Rare Candy
    2-Choice band
    1-Rescue Stretcher
    1-Super Rod

    Energy 13
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018

  2. HouchinsDJ Aspiring Trainer


    I would definitely expect Buzzwole GX. I think Mr. Mime would be better than Registeel for that reason alone. If you struggle to set up quickly, Jet Punch will pick off your Cosmog. You listed Rayquaza from Shining Legends, but did you mean Rayquaza from Guardians Rising? The GRI Rayquaza helps with Energy acceleration, and attaches two Basic Energy as opposed to Registeel's one.

    As far as Supporters go, I recommend cutting the Lusamine. It's better to just run thicker Supporter lines of cards you need. I think a second Brigette would be good, since this deck needs a Turn 1 Brigette.

    Add two more Rare Candy. You need to maximize your chances of getting a Turn 2 Solgaleo. I would cut the Float Stones since you have Solgaleo's ability.

    Hope I was able to help and good luck!
  3. TheJollyFlyingMan Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Run Mime. Buzzwole is Everywhere and Magearna is a 2 prize Guzma target for it
  4. Noteman32 Aspiring Trainer


    yeah that's the rayquazza for some reason I always think it's from Shining Legends. I like having the float stones for those Garbotoxin matchups even though I know I have Guzma it's just nice to know that I have a second out. I probably will cut Lusamine for Hala it just makes more sense in this deck than Lusamine.
  5. Noteman32 Aspiring Trainer


    Made some changes. Took out Lusamine for hala and dropped two Float stones for Rare Candy. Possibly drop a Max Potion for a 2nd Brigette?
  6. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    If you want a way more consistent list, consider building Solgaleo/Zoroark. I built it yesterday and tried it at my league cup with great success. The problem with only using Solgaleo is that your setup is really slow. Once I get two zoroark GX's out, I can set up extremely fast. Heck, I even played a Buzzwole deck yesterday and won without any problems.

    I would highly recommend getting rid of Skyla, Heavy Ball, lusamine, float stones and choice bands (you already 1HKO everything in the meta).
  7. Noteman32 Aspiring Trainer


  8. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    I strongly disagree. You add Zoroark for the drawing power, which is why so many decks are powerful right now. You add so much consistency to the deck because you can just draw into whatever you need. I run 4 rare candy and 2 evosoda in my deck so getting out either Solgaleo and Zoroark is a piece of cake. If you get two Zoroark gx's in play, you are essentially drawing 5 cards every turn and you have a secondary attacker in case you can't get Solgaleo out quickly enough. You also need to run 3 copies of brigette. Helps your odds of starting it in your opening hand. Saves you the trouble of having to Lele just to get your bench set up. Once you've used one, you use the rest as trade fodder.
  9. Noteman32 Aspiring Trainer


    Adding Zoroark would make the list extremely tight and I just can't see what you would want to discard except maybe rare candy and other Pokemon search cards. Like I said I have been wrong before and won't know til I play test it myself. It's an interesting concept which didn't seem viable to me before but that doesn't mean it won't work. I don't have time to test it before my League Cup but I will test it in the near future.
  10. Ecko9i6 Aspiring Trainer


    I don't see how it would make it extremely tight, but that's just my opinion. You have plenty of cards to discard such as the third zoroark GX (I would never set up more than 2 in this deck), Brigette (I run 3 so after the first one, you have 2 to discard) and your energies. You can purposely get some in the discard pile and Turbo Storm to attach them in the same turn. This is a great alternative if you're having a hard time setting up your Solgaleo right off the bat.

    Either way man, best of luck to you in your league cup. Let me know how you do once you're done!
  11. Noteman32 Aspiring Trainer


    Will do. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Mr. Mirek Aspiring Trainer
    Mr. Mirek


    Well, as you may already know, this deck profile works on TCGO at least. I just played it multiple times, and every time I came across Buzzwole-GX with Lycanroc-GX, it resulted in a win!

    If indeed you play it, and spread damage with Buzzwole or Tapu Koko is a thing, you should do well.

    Good luck!

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