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  1. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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    I don't think many people know this, but for the past year or so, I have been under constant attack by Serebii, the webmaster that I am sure many of you know. Recently, the attacks have been getting worst, with me just entering chat rooms, and he just, 100%, out of the blue, attacking me. Most of the time when he has attacked me, it has been 100% unprovoked, although I will admit that sometimes, I have reacted to him, which has lead to further arguments - however, 95% of the time, it's him. Anyways, I am seriously tired of him bashing me on every forum I go to, every chat room I go to, and on AIM at times. It has gotten to the point of almost harassment, and at times, it causes me stress. He constantly lies, spreads that my site is unreliable, and that we constantly steal, even though he has often stolen information from US (especially when it came to D/P news, with one time, us posting early info that he copied on to his website, with our own errors in it). So, I figure if I post SOME of the MANY comments he has made about me or my site, he will eventually stop what he is doing out of embarrassment. Here are just a few examples of what he does from his own forums. This is not his primary method of attack - he attacks me most often in chat rooms. This has got to end, and if I have to post what he has done to end it, then I will.

    November 9th (referring to battle revolution video on site):
    Yes this is actually quite old. Pokebeach are posting old stuff which isnt theirs without credit. What a shock

    October 4th (referring to game sprites):
    Especially since they arent owned by Pokebeach, merely taken

    September 30th (referring to move list compiled by Bangiras):
    You are aware that we had a move list days ago. Jesus christ people. Pokebeach take most their info from Japanese forums, SPPf and BMGf, they are nothing special

    A user who talked to Serebii when we released D/P names and evolutions (specifically referring to PorygonZ):
    according to serebii, WPM is bullshitting fyi

    September 10th (showing hypocricy):
    And I agree that Pokebeach doesnt deserve most of the bashing but the peeps do have some good points. They have posted false information before claiming it was from one of their sources

    And I get info faster than Pokebeach, I just dont go to conventions...ZOMG ohnoez, run ffor the hills

    September 2nd:
    Pokebeach and Bulbagarden are usually among the last with the news where as 90% of the time I am first so your statement is flawed.

    June 4th:
    Dont necessarily trust Pokebeach...he has had his sources proven wrong countless times and just last week we beat his "source" and he even had to steal that proof from users on this forum.

    There are better sites than Pokébeach thats for sure, all he does is steal (Case & point, the recent Mime Jr/Weavile news, he stole the pictures from someone on my forums...who didnt actually own them mind you was just posting something for a friend to confirm, he got the credit wrong and watermarked the crap out of stuff that wasn't his) and accuse people of lying when they have facts behind him and all he has is thism ade up secret source that doesnt actually tell him anything we didn't already know. BulbaNews always seems to get new TCG news several days before Pokebeach for example.

  2. ArmaldoEX Pokemon Rose Scripter


    Whoa! Serebii? What rivalry. So what if we so-called-steal the info? Where do they get their info? Where do they get the scans, Sprites, etc.? Japanese sites usually. Isn't that called, "Stealing"?
  3. DocRobot_K-176 Red Raging Rampage


    I remember that Meowth346, the webmaster of Pokémon Forever (which doesn't exist anymore, sadly) and Serebii were not on good terms with each other. And now it seems that we are on the front lines now instead. Is it possible that this goes on with other websites as well?

    No matter what kind of criticism or harassment we take, we will continue to work hard to ensure that visitors that come to our site are informed accurately about the news in the Pokémon community and have a good experience in both our forums and our chatroom.
  4. Light Venusaur Deidara~Senpai's student (in training)
    Light Venusaur

    Advanced Member Member

    I'll have a word with Serebii to stop & have a good long & hard think about what he has beening saying about you..
    Also I've been able to nab some of his members...(Do you want me to keep it up?)
  5. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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    Please don't talk to him or try to "nab" his members. Nothing will work with him. -_-
  6. Aagron_92 Don't Do Religion.


    Until I read what Doc said I was ready to take out my sword and attack, BUT, I think this needs to stop...
    I have no idea what I can do, but moral support is almost as good.

  7. ArmaldoEX Pokemon Rose Scripter


    Well, since it's just AIM WPM, there's not much to it since MOST people do not have it. I am still disappointed that Serebii would do this. Anyway, they seem to only care about Anime and D/P Games and not TCG. So, they can do NOTHING but to accuse of us stealing info about D/P and Anime. Like Doc said, we can take cusses, we can take insult, but we will never give up on trying to head toward and no where else into improving pokebeach further.
  8. Light Venusaur Deidara~Senpai's student (in training)
    Light Venusaur

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    Ok, sure....I'll lay low for a bit on SPPF (coz I'm also a member there....but only for the anime & clubs side of it....but beach is still my main sauce (soz for the wrong spelling) of what I need to know)
  9. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

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    "destroy the competitions", we all know that SPP is one of the most visited sites in the area of pokemon, so anything that could take away their visitors can be seen as a threat, and what ways are better to stop people from coming to a site then saying they're wrong, late and thieves, phew, cowards
    anyhow, even while PokéBeach is more of a TCG website, you still seem to end up with news about the games or anime earlier then serebii does, so as far as I know serebii is only hurting himself, by almost forcing you to post this :p
  10. Noobnerd ~I see a little silhouetto of a man~


    Conflict must be avoided at all costs. Site rivalry is a very sad thing...Both sites are good in different ways, and attacks should not be made. But tolerance is the only hope, is it not? Site imrpovement, as others have said, should be the main goal.
  11. Ghost Pokemon Master Dun Dun Dun Dun...
    Ghost Pokemon Master


    This is bad.....I visit Serebii! But,did they really say those things about Pokebeach?
    -that Pokebeach is unreliable
    -WPM is *********** fyi
    -Pokebeach steals pictures/sprites
    did they/he?
  12. Aagron_92 Don't Do Religion.


    GPM, as implied by the topic, and WPM and other members saying it over and over again means that it is true. It's quite obvious to me that Serebii thinks were becoming compotition, that should be viewd as a good thing, because even Serebii thinks were getting bigger.
    As Noobnerd said, tolerence is the only answer, but we also can't ignore Serebii forever, he'll just use that against us too.
    I wonder if repeating what Cute-Mew said will make me look smart...
  13. Alchemist_Almighty Don't camp the baby...


    Ever since I was banned from that site for the stupidest reason ever, I've always hated that guy's attitude. The site is nice, I'll give it that. But his arrogance makes me sick. Someone like that should never be running a website. If he can't accept that he's not always going to be first with news and that he sometimes has to steal information as well, then get him off if you can. I'll support you either way.
  14. bacon !!!!!


    I don't think tolerence is the answer, he'll just keep it up and pokebeach might lose some members. It's not a good idea to try and beat him at his own game either, it'll go from bad to worse.

    If I were you WPM, I'd make good strong alliances with all the other pokemon websites. That way, if it gets too much, you can launch an attack from all angles from other websites against him. I don't really approve of stuff like that but heck, he deserves it.
  15. Jump-Adict Aspiring Trainer


    Offensive language removed. Please do not insult others, regardless of what forums they belong to. ~DRK176
  16. Shade Daroach


    there insulting pokebeach and bubagarden!!!!!!!!
    man im angry now.
    with making alliences i can probably get bublbagarden to join up.
    i know the bublergarden owener personly so i will put theis to him.
  17. Kirlia7755 Avid Fan


    wow.Serebii webmaster sure is crazy. Well, Faeces > Serebii :D :p

    Wow, are we stealing? or are THEY stealing?

    Edit: A_A: what reason didja get banned?

    A_A's edit:  Well, at least you apologized, lol.  And I got banned for showing off information from another site before he had it, then continued to tell him that the information was verified when he said it was unreliable information.

    Jayh's edit: Cleared out some stuff and changed it to something more appropriate which I like better.
  18. Jump-Adict Aspiring Trainer


    Im just saying that people at Serebii look down upon people who arnt exactly like them, or who even slightly disagree with them. I've experienced it. It seems like the members take after the admin. I mean, I actually got flamed at for believing that Ash would stay on the show after BF ended. I mean no disrespect to Serebii and his forum, but they really do mistreat a lot of people. Plus, Serebii steals his information too. I highly doubt he is the first to come up with all that stuff. Sure, he may be the first in America, but they get it first in Japan. I guess success got to Serebii, Success and money can destroy people. Well, I'll pray for Serebii, hopefully he will change.
  19. CCloud Aspiring Trainer


    I never thought Serebii would go this low. But, yes. You need allies. Serebii may have more members, but yeah, teaming up with Bulbagarden could work.
  20. Flygon I'm a girl :F


    I agree with CCould. I really don't belive Serebii could do this...
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