Finished Reggie's Racing Cup Season 4 Race 10 (No Video due to Glitch)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Reggie McGigas, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. PikaMasterJesi The Precious Smartass


    I'd like to go with Pit Crew, please. ^v^

    Lookin' good so far! Sorry about my recent inactivity, BTW; school's being a jerk to me. >_<"

  2. double o squirtle Guy that looks like a girl
    double o squirtle


  3. GekkisaiDaiNi #GekkiLogic/#GekkiFails


    Car #: 44
    Pokemon Sponsor: Garbodor
    Colors: Black, Purple, White
    Extra Info: Have black on the hood, with purple on the rest and white stripes on the side.
    Stat Distribution:

    Aggression: 60
    Reliability: 60
    Qualifying: 40
    Pit Crew: 40

    Hope I can be in the next race :) (BTW the car is intended to look absolutely ridiculous lols)
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  4. mirdo Bada Boom - Realest gull in the room.


    Do i get a price for most consistent?

    Started first row twice and came 8th twice now. Good Pelipper please help me.

    Give me Aggression

    (also @Little Cherrim you may assign a second Update since you didn't after the first race.)
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  5. Do I get a sec- oh,

  6. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

    Forum Super Mod Advanced Member Member

    Let's go with Aggression!
  7. Celever Wheeeee~


    Wow, most wins in RRC history? That's exciting!

    Also, why did I just like, casually drive into a wall? Like, there was no one else even close to me, and my driver was like "hmm, should I drive along the road or... nah, the wall looks good. The wall looks comfortable. Let's go there."

    Anyway, I'd like to upgrade aggression please!
  8. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


  9. mirdo Bada Boom - Realest gull in the room.


    Welcome back to "Fun with statistics and also mirdo!"

    First off all: Reminder Carrier Gull to @rainyman123. You are the last after Race 2 who didn't submit an Upgrade

    • We now have a Laps Lead section in the driver overview in my Excel Spreadsheet (which you can find here). Celever is the car to lead the most laps with 15. Both Little Cherrim and mirdo lead 8,
    • BBninjas despite beeing the current king of the standings lead only 7.
    • Tails is almost last in the standings despite leading 4 Laps so far.
    • The best without beeing any laps in the lead are Steffenska and Rainyman123
    • The avarage car so far would have 73,5 in Aggression, 50 In Qualifing, 36,5 in Pit Crew and 48 in Reliability
    • The #17 of Athena is the first car that managed to get laped without dropping out of the race compleatly
    • The #64 of PikaMasterJesi is the first and so far only person to improve it's Pit Crew
    • Aggresion has been improved 20 Times, Qualifing 7 Times, Reliability 4 times and Pit Crew only once so far.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2017
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  10. Aggresion
  11. Reggie McGigas Hi I'm Reggie, and this is Reggie's Racing Cup
    Reggie McGigas


    Well this was an absolute wreckfest

    Race Video:

    Race Results
    1 5 78 Tails 63.697 20 3 Running
    2 3 79 Mirdo -0.54 20 5 Running
    3 9 86 Steffenka -1.15 20 0 Running
    4 16 42 doubleosquirtle -1.80 20 0 Running
    5 15 97 rainyman123 -1.92 20 0 Running
    6 11 14 Epist -2.05 20 0 Running
    7 7 22 NinjaPenguin -2.22 20 0 Running
    8 2 28 jade -2.45 20 1 Running
    9 6 8 GM Draclord -2.71 20 0 Running
    10 10 36 Celever -2.93 20 0 Running
    11 17 44 GekkisaiDaiNi -3.15 20 0 Running
    12 4 37 Lord O Da Rings -3.64 20 0 Running
    13 12 64 Pikamasterjesi -4.12 20 0 Running
    14 8 08 bbninjas -4.52 20 0 Running
    15 1 48 Blakers -7L 13 11* Accident
    16 13 17 Athena -13L 7 0 Accident
    17 14 99 Little Cherrim -18L 2 0 Retired
  12. Jadethepokemontrainer BST Forum Moderator

    Forum Mod Member

    hey, I'm improving! :p Let's just keep moving up there. Can't believe I survived that flip. Sorry Blakers D:
    I'll update Aggression
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  13. Blakers In it to win it!


  14. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    When I was in 3rd place near the end, I was so excited. And then I finished 7th. Why can't my car be aggressive when it counts?
    I'll upgrade Aggression.
  15. GekkisaiDaiNi #GekkiLogic/#GekkiFails


    Wow I got hit THREE times and didn't explode? :0 Lol Aggression please!
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  16. Lord o da rings Diabolical
    Lord o da rings


    Man I am trash this season. Aggression.
  17. Epist Captain Clamps

    Advanced Member Member

    Same here, after that last wreck it looked like I was in 2nd but then I fell back to 6th. Bummer, but hey my best finish yet!

    Upgrade Aggression please!
  18. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Advanced Member Member

    It's not Watkins Glen; but happy to bag a win! :D

    Also @Athena; Donnie Neuenberger says hi.

    Improve Pit Crew please.
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  19. double o squirtle Guy that looks like a girl
    double o squirtle


    Aggression please
  20. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord



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