Finished Reggie's Racing Cup Season 4 Race 10 (No Video due to Glitch)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Reggie McGigas, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Advanced Member Member

    Reliability. I don't like logging frequent flyer miles against my will like that.

  2. Epist Captain Clamps

    Advanced Member Member

    To get me out of the back of the pack with the self-destructive (and Epist destructive!) purple cars, I will upgrade Qualifying please!
  3. Lord o da rings Diabolical
    Lord o da rings


    Yeah I'm gonna upgrade Qualifying because I started in the back of the pack, and ended in the VERY back of the pack.
  4. Aggression or death.
  5. double o squirtle Guy that looks like a girl
    double o squirtle


    Reliability please
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  6. Celever Wheeeee~


    Aggression please :D
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  7. mirdo Bada Boom - Realest gull in the room.


    Welcome to Fun with Statistics and also mirdo! (name is WiP)

    I want to start our show by saying that @Athena @Little Cherrim and @PikaMasterJesi haven't submitted how they want to put their 5 Point stat increase so imma guess you forgot so this is your friendly carrier gull reminding you to do so.

    I updated our handy dandy table. Which you can find here:

    I've added a section where you can see who increased what stat and when (the Driver Overview page) I've added informations on who had which starting position on the individual race pages and how many places they gained or lost. Also you can see what their stats were when that Race happend

    Also on the Overall Overview there is now a section dedicated to the Rookie of the year. To see who of the new additions to the driver roster did the best in the season.

    And now have some #Funfacts about race one:

    • None of the 6 Drivers who made up the top group in the end qualified higher than 9th (which was bbninjas)

    • Only 1 of the Top 5 is part of a Team.

    • Exactly half of the drivers are part of a Team. And almost half of the avabile points (27 of 56) have been given to teams. (so there is a lot of potential for the loners to team up :p)

    • 808 Motorsports has the same ammount of points as all 4 Rookies combined.

    • The 3 drivers who made up the last 3 places were also the last 3 to sign up. In the same order. (kinda spooky)

    So stay tuned for the next episode of "Fun with Statisics and also mirdo"!

    Don't forget to better your car or still sign up to join in the season for the second race
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  8. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

    Bah, I didn't get a notification that this thread updated until Mirdo pinged me. Stupid forum software. :U

    Let's upgrade Aggression, please.

    I'm going to be MIA for the next several days while I have and recover from laser eye surgery, so feel free to randomize any choices I need to make for the next week or so, just in case.
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  9. Epist Captain Clamps

    Advanced Member Member

    I am open to teaming up if anyone is interested.

    Also good luck with your eye surgery Athena!
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  10. PikaMasterJesi The Precious Smartass


    Oh, we get another five points? For whatever reason, I wasn't getting notifs for this. >_<"

    I'll put them in Qualifying, please.

    Thank you for letting me know, friendly carrier gull!
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  11. Reggie McGigas Hi I'm Reggie, and this is Reggie's Racing Cup
    Reggie McGigas


    The last person I got around to upgrading was Celever. For all you people who came in after, don't worry, I'll put your changes in for race 3 (so you essentially get two upgrades in the same race). Also for Brave Bird racing, the Evernham number font does contain a 28 and a 48, however the person who made these numbers did a pretty poor job on them so I'll keep your number fonts the same (probably because Evernham never ran cars with 2 or 4 in the number so the person who made them did it from scratch)

    Here is race 2 aka the wreckfest!

    1 6 36 Celever 110.142 25 15* Running
    2 12 64 Pikamasterjesi -2.92 25 4 Running
    3 14 97 rainyman123 -10.41 25 0 Running
    4 7 08 bbninjas -10.45 25 0 Running
    5 8 86 Steffenka -10.86 25 0 Running
    6 13 42 doubleosquirtle -11.02 25 0 Running
    7 10 37 Lord O Da Rings -11.22 25 0 Running
    8 1 79 Mirdo -11.48 25 2 Running
    9 4 8 GM Draclord -13.77 25 0 Running
    10 2 78 Tails -20.93 25 4 Running
    11 9 14 Epist -22.79 25 0 Running
    12 15 17 Athena -1L 24 0 Running
    13 3 22 NinjaPenguin -10L 15 0 Header
    14 5 48 Blakers -11L 14 0 Accident
    15 16 99 Little Cherrim -23L 2 0 Engine
    16 11 28 jade -23L 2 0 Retired
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
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  12. Blakers In it to win it!


    What did I do to any of you all?:(

    I'll upgrade Aggression!
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  13. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    That 78 car needs to calm down and stop causing these crashes.
    I'll upgrade Aggression.
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  14. Jadethepokemontrainer BST Forum Moderator

    Forum Mod Member

    Well that went amazing :/

    I'll upgrade Qualifying.
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  15. steffenka I have a Grubbin named Gary!


    I caused a crash, and got away with it? #goals
    Also, Aggression
  16. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

    Let's go Qualifying this time.
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  17. Lord o da rings Diabolical
    Lord o da rings


    Eh. Aggression
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  18. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Advanced Member Member

    Reliability. I'm just biding my time until we get to Watkins Glen. :D
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  19. Epist Captain Clamps

    Advanced Member Member

    Qualifying again, maybe one of these other cars can push me to the finish line, I seem to be moving with a walker around the track o_O
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  20. Reliability right here!

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