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    I recently returned to pokemon tcg after a 2 year break. Now i have no clue what set onwards is legal modified play for 2013 -2014. Because i dont wont to play cards that will be illegal for play in 3 months time,hence 2012-2013 is ending soon. So what set should i start from for the pokemon tcg 2013-2014 format?

    Oh btw i stopped because i am in grade 12 and i recently just got my 90avg for my uni, for heath science. SOooo now i have a secured admission thus i can play again.
    any whoo please help..:(
    Thank you forum.

  2. Jenkem Aspiring Trainer


    i would buy sets starting at dragons exalted on, just to be safe.

    people are currently speculating that the rotation will be somewhere thru BW3 (noble victories) and BW5 (Dark Explorers) so Dragons Exalted and onward you should be fine.

    I personally think that were either going to rotate thru BW3, as I think it would be weird to rotate at BW4 or BW5 and make some ex's legal while other are rotated.
  3. Mora sqrt(-1) < 3 M47h

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    Plasma Storm is your safest bet. Not that it's likely all the way through Boundaries Crossed will be rotated, but it's the most recent set, and it's a really good one so if you need to build up a trade binder to get your hands on cards for your deck for the upcoming season, it would be a good place to start.
  4. Chances are the format will be DEX-on or DRX-on, but the more recent the set, the safer you are.
  5. Leg_King Aspiring Trainer


    my opinion THE NEWER the better
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  6. rev3rsor 目がピアノを弾く


    Boundaries Crossed should be a safe bet, and has good cards (e.g. Computer Search) so you should be fine with that. Plasma Storm is also good.
  7. Blui mentos - the freshmaker


    I'd say DEX-On, because then 4 sets get rotated. Which is pretty much standard procedure.
  8. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆


    Don't think about next format already. Still too early. Let's all take it one broken format at a time :p
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  9. salmoncannon Aware


    I'd say buy some DEX. Even if it does get rotated out, you'll get tons of staples that have gotten or are getting reprint in later sets, so all remain legal.
  10. Slowbro Aspiring Trainer


    Why exactly can't we think about the next format? This format sucks, there's no events left, and this person wants to plan ahead.
  11. NIRVANA Aspiring Trainer


    Since Japan will get a Reprint set with Zekrom and reshiram I will assume even they cut set´s will be before EX time, so likely 3 sets, NXD-on
  12. Yo-yos DP and hoenn era, when tcg was dope


    Maybe its because how you guys make you're decklists, that ruins the experience for you guys, I do not understand how someone can win a tournament on someone else's strength, to me that is redundant and weak. So in theory when I see people who say play this decklist or play these lines for every deck it'll win for sure, no it really won't, because you haven't factored in the mentality behind it all. There is nothing wrong with this format, just accept the fact that you guys make terrible decks and move on. Start making you're own decklists.

    With a rotation like this, seems like It sets a tone for the tcg (6th gen).

    (nice word filter)
  13. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    Then try to see if you can make your own completely original decklist that hasn't been used by somebody before. At least every deck archetype that's been around being played today has been made by somebody else already - and the basic (skeleton) list just gets tweaked after that.

    On top of that, you're taking players that use other lists as bases and tweaking them to fit their own playstyles...and lumping them in with netdeckers. No. Just no.

    As for your accusation about the format not being bad and everyone making terrible decks, I challenge you to make a deck without using any Pokemon-EX and see if you can do X-1 or better at a tourney (or X-2 at States or higher, to be fair). Oh, and you can't use Garchomp or Empoleon. Those are not original and have been done before.
    This format is going to be just like last year's - bland and unfulfilling, unless some major changes happen. It has nothing to do with how people make their decklists. The format is very bleh, no getting around that.
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  14. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆


    First of all, fix your "your vs you're" before you tell us to fix our decklists.

    Second of all, this format is broken, prove to us that you can top with an "original" decklist without any of those broken-ass 180HP big basic EXs then you can start running your mouth.

    Lastly, your perception of a person copying decklists being weak is also a lie. A true good player can play other people's decks and learn to adjust to their deck and playstyles and add their own flair to that existing base decklist to make it better.

    Here's proof that this format is just dumb and broken. I have been playing Pokemon for almost ten years, last year I started to focus on Cardfight Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz along with some casual MTG. My Pokemon teammates requested me to assist in their Nationals playtesting. They lent me any of their decks and I can still beat them without much thinking because the deck can just carry me. The only games that I lost were games that I couldn't draw a supporter card in four to five turns. In summary, if a player like me who has been focusing on three other card games can still barge into a Pokemon game and consistently win with a deck that isn't even mine, that speaks volumes about the format's suckiness.
  15. Slowbro Aspiring Trainer


    You're (< lol) post was incomprehensible. I read it a couple times and still couldn't understand it. From what I think, you're complaining because people don't use rogues? Just about every good strategy is somewhat obvious and has been thought of and used by multiple people. Also, we don't make terrible decklists, the format sucks. Anyone who's not living under a rock can see that. Get your facts straight, rethink your logic, and fix you are grammar before insulting us.
  16. khit Aspiring Trainer


    Nobody is stupid enough to say you are for sure win in pokemon, a huge componant of the game is luck and any experienced player knows a tier 1 deck can lose to a theme deck in extremely unlucky (or lucky depending which side your on) circumstances. If you are playing TDK do you stand a better chance of winning a tournament than if you played a theme deck? Yes. A theme deck could go all the way through the tournament undefeated by getting extremely lucky and it means nothing until it's more than a once a season win. You are logic is as flawless as you are grammar.
  17. RiverShock Aspiring Trainer


    Winning a lot with someone else's build actually takes MORE skill than winning with your own, you learn a lot of the not so obvious things while building a deck that you can be blind to if someone else does it for you. The little things make a big difference. As do decisions that are based on actual player skill rather than deck-type (such as when to use Catcher, when to use Supporters, what order you should build things up in your current match-up, etc.) You can't netdeck those.
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  18. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆


    You netdeck lists, you can't netdeck playstyle/aggression/withdrawal/resource management.

    I just so happen to play better with others' lists than my own when it comes to Pokemon. Because you know, decklist doesn't really matter that much anymore when you get flippin N'd to one
  19. Slowbro Aspiring Trainer


    That's where I would disagree. In game, skill doesn't matter as much, since most games are rather mindless. Where you can really tip a matchup is your list. Just look at the runner up plasma deck.
  20. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆


    IMO, it matters more on your general deck (deck choice in general rather than the decklist itself). I am always a firm believer that the computer is usually your biggest enemy in a large scale tournament. I'd rather have the skill difference tip the game in my favor.

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