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  2. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
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    *Just a note,

    the weapon used can be anything, it doesn't need to be a norse weapon. since someone did actually used a player corpse in the last game.
  3. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Phase 1

    They all are aware of their purpose being there, it just how they choose to planned and execute their next move that separate each of them from the others.

    @Ninja Penguin feeling blessed to be in inhabited by Frigg Goddess of Marriage find himself looking at the flowers that no one else seem to saw. His face cheerfully smile as he was mesmerize by the beauty of said flower that he decide to no act upon. One of the flower stand out the most hence he decided to pick it up and put it on his left ear.

    @mordacazir felt strong after the spirit of a dragon, Níðhöggr. Like the dragon it is, nothing he does seems to be of logic in any way. He flew by the biggest tree he believe to be the world tree Yggdrassil and start clawing the ground to uncover part of the root. Upon finding the best root possible, he start gnawing the root with his big jaws which shakes the tree abit.

    @simsands ran fast, not thinking of anything else. Sleipnir seems to lost his mind after spending all his years being ridden by Odin and visiting the places in Hel. Being the child of Loki, he assumed he atlest can perform a trick to impressed Odin but unfortunately that never happen. This might have been the reason he went mad. As he ran, the didnt saw the cliff and felt right into it killing himself.

    @double o squirtle is right where he feel the most secure, as Vidar is the God of the forest, revenge and silence this is home. No one knew he had a revenge planned in his head. Silently, he uses his power of the trees and find the creepiest stick he could find. After confirming his target, he launch the stick straight to the heart of his soon to be gone enemy.

    @scattered mind felt the forest chill just like any normal day. Hel, the Queen of Helheim enjoy this feeling to the bones. Attracted to death, he find himself to what seems to be a hole with a dead body which has a soul entrap. He summons the dead men's soul and orderred it to attack his unexpecting victim. Being obedient the soul hastely float to the target.

    @Celever has found himself being "The All Father", God of War, Odin. With the wisdom in his years of leadership, he decide to pick a frog and instill strength to it. The very vigilant frog now gaining new power felt the need for bloodlust. It suddenly open it extremely mouth which widen to unporpotionly and decided to swallow the person who gave the power.

    @Epist have somehowe reason with Egil, the once know Berserker finally found a little peace in his mind. He decided to rest a bit and head to the world tree Yggdrassil. Suddenly he was strangled by a figure with a bow. As the bow was enchanted, upon his death, the soul is entrap to the body. The lifeless but full of soul body felt into a hole earlier dug by Níðhöggr.

    @Jadethepokemontrainer fashion himself a bow with what lay around him, with Baldur's power as the God of Beauty, the finished bow is enchanted and turns into a Beautilful shining gold and silver re-curve bow. Feeling abit innocence, he didn't want to shoot an arrow to a living body, instead he decided to strangled the unexpecting victim to death with his enchanted bow. He smiled upon finishing the dead when suddenly his heart is pierce by a high speed stick and a pieace of Yggdrassil has fallen straight into his head due the effect of Níðhöggr gnawing the world tree's root.

    @TheSceptileMaster found himself with a revengeful Mimir, he hates Odin for using his head all this year as a personal advicer. Still has problem reconnecting his brain cell to the body part, he randomly picks a branch has started running straigh ahead with intent to kill. He plunged the branch into the first person he met while his body then crumble as a tootbrush when straight to his brain.

    @thegrovylekid feeling youthful after combining with Iðunn. Wanting to stay clean he found himself a toothbrush in his right pocket and started to brush his everlasting clean set of glowing white teeth. suddenly he saw a man running toward him with a branch in the left hand. Failure to react appropriately, he jab the man's head as strong as he could and piercing through the skull. As the toothbrush hit the brain, his bleed out due to being plunged by the branch.

    @bbninjas with Njord in his body felt a little out of place not being near the sea, fishes nor wealth, the only thing he like about the place as a wind which is little enough to barely be present. With his power tries to stirred up a cyclone portal to the sea just for fun. This was not the kind of fun the sea creature wanted obviously when the were suck by the portal and landed themselves in this creepy forest. As more sea creature poured by the portal, one of the giant clam felt with the shell open and clamp shut bbninjas body killing him instantly.

    @rainyman123 found himself wanting to rest as being Elli, somehow drain his will and power to live. He decided the to slowly to a nearest resting place and lay there. Out of nowhere a dead men's soul tries to scared rainyman to death. Unfortunately the laying body is already lifeless. Rainyman has passed on in his rest.

    @Blakers feelt mischieful after being embodies by Loki, the trickster himself. Wanting to trick death, he tried to made himself looking a burnt corpse with his power over fire. However Blakers body didn't stand the heat instead of being charred it burnt to dust.

    "So much carnage in the first day, I really am enjoying this."

    Results -
    1. Ninja Penguin * Epist gain piercing shot
    2. simsands, Celever & bbninjas has performed suicide
    3. Epist, Jadethepokemontrainer, TheSceptileMaster & thegrovylekid has been killed.
    4. rainyman123 & Blakers has been MODKILLED

    5. Ninja Penguin, mordacazir, double o suirtle & scattered mind survive and advanced to Phase 02

    To those who survive, you have 48 hours to submit your action
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  4. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    I am going for NP. Maybe DoS, but NP is the best option. It is so obvious.
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  5. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Should I infuse some WIFOM into your decisions? I'm targeting morda, scattered, and DoS, shooting myself, and gaining a piercing shot all in the same turn!
    P.S. If I shoot my piercing shot at someone shooting themself, will I get killed?
  6. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    Wifom improves this game and takes it to the next level. :D
  7. double o squirtle Koalafied
    double o squirtle

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    Great. Now I'm actually thinking about what to do as my action ;_; You know what? I'll, uh, use RNG to solve my problems. :U
  8. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Piercing shot got through anything, so it wouldnt trigger the counter kill
  9. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Reminder you have less than 24 hours to submit your action.

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