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    Thanks to:
    Before I begin, I want to give credit where credit is due. So, I'd like to thank:
    Tolan for creating the massive Japanese Promo checklist, from which I pulled almost all the Japanese Jumbos. Also, thanks for the nifty checklist symbols
    Bulbapedia for filling in the gaps and for all the images and extra knowledge
    DJGigabyte for this post here
    LV and PokeBeach for this cool list

    Feel free to use this list for whatever you want, but please give me credit. I finally contributed something significant to the Pokemon world, and would like to make sure everyone knows that :p
    Note: If you see anything missing, please comment and tell me what and I'll update this list asap.
    Note to Mods: Although this topic has limited discussion, it has been approved for its own thread by omahanime.

    Now on to the list!

    Symbols to use:
    ☐ = Don't have it
    ✓= Have it
    ✖= Want it


    Best of – Winner:
    ☐Rocket's Scizor
    ☐ Rocket's Sneasel
    ☐ Dark Ivysuar
    ☐ Dark Venusaur
    ☐ Rocket's Mewtwo
    ☐ Rocket's Hitmonchan

    Box Toppers:

    Legendary Collection:
    ☐ Charizard S1
    ☐ Dark Blastoise S2
    ☐ Dark Raichu S3
    ☐ Mewtwo S4

    ☐ Alakazam #1/12
    ☐ Feraligatr #2/12
    ☐ Tyranitar #3/12
    ☐ Venusaur #4/12

    ☐ Entei #5/12
    ☐ Espeon #6/12
    ☐ Scizor #7/12
    ☐ Suicune #8/12

    ☐ Charizard #9/12
    ☐ Crobat #10/12
    ☐ Ho-Oh #11/12
    ☐ Kabutops #12/12

    Miscellaneous Promotional Cards:

    ☐ TopDeck Magazine - Base Set Pikachu
    ☐ WB Movie Handout Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos
    ☐ CoroCoro Base Set Charizard (English language but only released in Japan)

    ☐ Banned from STS Super-Jumbo Sneasel

    ☐ e-League Grovyle - Winner
    ☐ e-League Combusken - Winner
    ☐ e-League Marshtomp – Winner

    ☐ e-League Metal Energy - Winner
    ☐ e-League Multi Energy - Winner
    ☐ e-League Oran Berry – Winner

    ☐ Pokémon XD Launch Shadow Lugia

    ☐ Darkrai Premium Box DP24 Darkrai
    ☐ Dialga Premium Box DP26 Dialga
    ☐ Palkia Premium Box DP27 Palkia

    ☐ Regigigas Colossal Box DP40 Regigigas
    ☐ Arceus Poster Box DP50 Arceus

    ☐ Clash of Legends Dialga Palkia Legend
    ☐ Clash of Legends Darkrai Cresselia Legend

    ☐ Black & White Version Tour Zorua and Celebi
    ☐ World of Illusions Box Zoroark and Legendary Pokémon
    ☐ Zoroark Illusions Collection Box Zoroark
    ☐ _____’s Oshawott
    ☐ _____’s Tepig
    ☐ _____’s Snivy
    ☐ Victini Movie Handout

    ☐ Mewtwo Collection Box Mewtwo EX
    ☐ Keldeo EX

    ☐ Team Plasma Box Darkrai Full Art
    ☐ Deoxys Box Deoxys EX Full Art


    Unnumbered Promos:

    ☐ CoroCoro Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Clefairy
    ☐ CoroCoro Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos

    ☐ CoroCoro Mewtwo Strikes Back
    ☐ CoroCoro Pikachu’s Summer Vacation
    ☐ CoroCoro Pokémon Plaza

    ☐ Fan Club Tropical Present
    ☐ CoroCoro Pokémon Valley
    ☐ CoroCoro Lawrence III

    ☐ CoroCoro Charizard (English)
    ☐ Fan Club New Century Present
    ☐ Fan Club New Year Present

    ☐ Fan Club Tropical Present
    ☐ CoroCoro Pikachu & Pichu
    ☐ CoroCoro Crystal Tower's Entei

    ☐ 9th Movie Handout Gardevoir ex δ
    ☐ 9th Movie Handout Tyranitar ex δ

    ☐ Shining Darkness Darkrai

    ☐ Pokémon Center Happy Birthday Pikachu
    ☐ (Moving of) Yokohama Pokémon Center Captain’s Pikachu

    ☐ Tokyo Birthday Campaign ____'s Pikachu

    ☐ Movie Release Zorua and Celebi
    ☐ Movie Release Zoroark and the Legendary Pokémon
    ☐ Pokémon Center Birthday Campaign ____'s Pikachu
    ☐ Osaka Pokémon Center Reopening Tepig

    ☐ Lawson Promotion Snivy
    ☐ Lawson Promotion Tepig
    ☐ Lawson Promotion Oshawott
    ☐ Fukuoka Pokémon Center Reopening Oshawott
    ☐ Beginner's Battle Conference Reshiram
    ☐ Beginner's Battle Conference Minccino
    ☐ Tokyo Tower Summer Carnival Pikachu
    ☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Victini
    ☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Reshiram
    ☐ JR Hokkaido Pokémon Survey Zekrom
    ☐ Battle Carnival 2011 Mewtwo

    ☐ Battle Carnival 2012 Customized Pokémon Card Game Trainer
    ☐ Battle Carnival 2012 Rayquaza
    ☐ Pokemon Center 2012 Keldeo EX
    ☐ Pokemon Center Birthday Present ____'s Pikachu

    ☐ Moving of Nagoya Pokemon Center Pikachu
    ☐ BEAMS × Pokémon Pikachu
    ☐ BEAMS × Pokémon Mewtwo EX
    ☐ Opening of Tokyo Bay Pokemon Center Inkay

    J Promotional Cards:
    ☐ 001/J CoroCoro Timeless Celebi
    ☐ 002/J 5th Movie Handout Latias and Latios

    Other Languages

    ☐ Coffret Victini Box Victini

  2. Secret Pikachu Aspiring Trainer
    Secret Pikachu


    Great post! I'm sure this guide will help not only me but many other Pokemon TCG collectors!

    Who knew there were so many Jumbo cards! Did they release many Jumbo cards in other languages as well?
  3. Daelum Climbing the stairs to the top


    As far as I know, there are none.

    The next most popular language for cards is Korean, and there are no Jumbos for that, so I don't really think there are any Jumbos for languages such as Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, or Dutch (especially since some of this languages aren't even being printed anymore).

    EDIT: Someone just showed me this French Victini
  4. abv150 Pokemon TCG Collector


    That Victini also exists in German.
  5. xxashxx "Pokemon Gotta catch em all Pokemon"

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Where do you get these Jumbo cards? I have seen them before but I never see these anywhere. Besides the ones they already given out is there any chance they will make these available by retail? Thanks XD.:)
  6. Daelum Climbing the stairs to the top


    Well, you can get certain English jumbos in the promotional boxes they are distributed in by buying the boxes.

    As for the jumbos that were already given out, you can find a lot of them on Ebay. Other online stores, such as Troll and Toad and Collectors Cache have jumbos and boxtoppers - and their prices are sometimes cheaper than Ebay :eek:

    Yahoo! Japan can sometimes have cheap Japanese jumbos, but with all the fees and stuff, it sometimes ends up being cheaper to just buy it off Ebay.
  7. xxashxx "Pokemon Gotta catch em all Pokemon"

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    I can't buy online XD so that is out. Thanks anyway. I did not see any boxes at Fred Meyer last week so I got the Zekrom EX tin instead XD. We don't go to Wal Mart that often because it is usually more packed than Fred Meyer XD. Thanks though.:)
  8. Daelum Climbing the stairs to the top


    Updated with the new Japanese 2012 Pokemon Center Keldeo EX Promo. You can find an image here.
  9. Secret Pikachu Aspiring Trainer
    Secret Pikachu


    This is a great checklist! It would be unfortunate to see it get pushed off of the first page and forgotten.

    Is there a way it could be "stickied" or added to another stickied guide?
  10. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    It is undesirable to have too many stickys.

    But we could try a locked one for checklists. Like for this, and flip coins.
  11. Daelum Climbing the stairs to the top


    I don't understand. A locked what? Just one big thread of multiple posts all containing different checklists?
    Now that I type that, I like the sound of it.

    Please consider this idea:
    Make a thread titled "Special TCG Checklists" or something of the sort. Make it a locked thread, with the OP just being quick links to each checklist. Then have a staff member or contributor be in charge off the thread, and anyone who wants to post a special checklist can request it from such staff member. If approved, such staff member will post the checklist in a new reply and do that cool member page link thing for the user who made the corresponding checklist.

    Let me know what you think :)
  12. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    What I am thinking is a Checklist thread.

    Post #1 explains it is Checklist thread, and would have an index linking to the different checklist
    Post #2 and so on would be the various checklists posted by the creator of the checklist.

    The thread would be locked, and sticky.
  13. Daelum Climbing the stairs to the top


    Sounds good to me.
    One question though: How could I post my checklist if the thread is locked?
  14. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    When we are both online, I could unlock it for your post. After you posted, I would relock. That way the creator would get credit for their hard work.

    Does anyone else want this?
  15. Daelum Climbing the stairs to the top


    Oh okay sounds good.

    I know Binx was up for making a coin checklist, and The-Kaiser said he was up for the idea on the coin thread.
  16. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

  17. Secret Pikachu Aspiring Trainer
    Secret Pikachu


    That sounds good to me!

    You said yourself that PokeBeach needs more member contributions and this is a great example, why not make it worth something instead of letting it be lost in the sea of other threads.
  18. Vast ~ ★ ~ ★ ~ ★ ~


    The only problem I have with this idea is it would be more difficult to make updates when people are aware of something not on the list.
  19. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    They could always pm a staff member or post in http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-tcg-discussion-please-read-before-posting-in-this-forum

    Your complaint is not an issue.
  20. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Or we can start a Promo v4.0 thread, and use Pokemon Promo Cards page - Updated for updates and discussion.

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