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  1. Ryan Sinclair 4-2-2 at my first Nats, 33rd/151
    Ryan Sinclair


    Card Team, a UK online card shop just posted this video:


    Pause and full-screen in HD at 1:40 you can see that Catcher, Rare Candy, Ultra Ball and Juniper are all getting reprinted! It's quite blurry but it also looks like potential Retrieval and Energy Switch reprints at the top of the list.

    Later on it's also visible that there will be a Blastoise line in this set, another potential reprint!

    Thoughts, guys?

    *edit:* forgot to mention I watched this muted in a library, so if anything is audibly mentioned then that's why I missed it :p

  2. Salamencetrainer34 I am out of smash codes.


    My damn laptop is making HD not work >.< Well, hello more chances to break the format! How you doing?

    Edit: The person who made the video confirmed NO energy switch :(
  3. Afro-G League of Legends: GabTheLacMan


    This is both good and bad news at the same time. My friend just informed me Catcher was getting reprinted but I wasn't expecting it in this newest set until he specified and then I saw the video. It's disappointing to know that this card is going to be around in the upcomming format(s) but at the same time the card is more expensive than I think anyone wants it to be. Not only that, but with the upcomming fall EX tins we're getting I can tell you right now that this is a great time to start playing for anybody interested to jump into the tournament scene.
  4. blargh257 The Second Opinion


    Really? The guys on 6P seem to think it's in there.
    If it's not I am MAD. Why? They reprinted stuff I didn't care to have reprinted while leaving the ONE CARD I WANTED OUT.
  5. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    Good, it will be now much easier to get and the price should go down a little bit.

    But did Plasma Energy really need to be reprinted AGAIN? Seriously?
  6. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor

    Forum Mod Member

    For anyone that can see the video clearly, it wasn't a Pokemon Communication in there? u.u
  7. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


  8. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor

    Forum Mod Member

    Well, that's too bad... But since Ultra Ball is getting reprinted it will be easy to pull from an Elite Trainer Box(i hope).
  9. AlexanderTheAwesome Go! Chandelure!


    That's the beast part, now you can run a plasma energy from each set and one RH version. (pulling a ross cawthon)

    But on a serious note im glad they are reprinting it considering i just sold 3 catchers for $15. Price will Drop :D :D :D
  10. Ryan Sinclair 4-2-2 at my first Nats, 33rd/151
    Ryan Sinclair


    I think everyone's missing the best part of the video.
    Druddigon not being a rare!
    Also assuming from the sample pack art, Throh and Sawk are also going to be commons, which is good. Sawk is actually quite a good early game card :)
  11. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor

    Forum Mod Member

    Well, that's odd, Bulbapedia lists it as a Rare...
  12. Ryan Sinclair 4-2-2 at my first Nats, 33rd/151
    Ryan Sinclair


    The key word here being Bulbapedia. They're massively unreliable with predicting rarities before the set's release.

    (Also - 100th post! Woohoo!)
  13. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor

    Forum Mod Member

    Nevermind, it lists no rarity... And 104 posts in 2 months and I have no idea what the 100th post was... XDDDD
  14. Riskbreakers The Brilliant Star☆


    Catcher needs to stay. Kudos to Pokemon for finally reprinting such an expensive uncommon.
  15. TheAnticipationEevee Garchomp Octillery


    Can anyone please give a card name between the numbers 47 & 54, 61 & 66. Then I can complete the set list and post it :)
  16. Ryan Sinclair 4-2-2 at my first Nats, 33rd/151
    Ryan Sinclair


    65 is Dialga EX
    66 is Palkia EX

    53 is Archen
    54 is Archeops

    47 Machop
    48 Machoke
    49 Machamp (holo)
    50 Machamp (non-holo)

    which makes 51 and 52 Throh and Sawk, whichever way round they belong in the Pokédex :)

    Edit #2:
    After more staring and studying, I'm pretty sure it's:
    61 - Escavalier
    62 - Bagon
    63 - Shelgon
    64 - Salamence
  17. blargh257 The Second Opinion


    The set list is up already.

    1/101 Surskit
    2/101 Masquerain (Rare)
    3/101 Lileep
    4/101 Cradily (Rare)
    5/101 Tropius
    6/101 Karrablast
    7/101 Shelmet
    8/101 Accelgor (Rare)
    9/101 Virizion-EX
    10/101 Genesect (Rare)
    11/101 Genesect-EX
    12/101 Larvesta
    13/101 Volcarona (Rare)
    14/101 Squirtle
    15/101 Wartortle
    16/101 Blastoise (Rare Holo)
    17/101 Lapras
    18/101 Remoraid
    19/101 Octillery
    20/101 Suicune (Rare)
    21/101 Snorunt
    22/101 Glalie
    23/101 Frosslass (Rare)
    24/101 Relicanth
    25/101 Snover
    26/101 Abomasnow
    27/101 Tirtouga
    28/101 Carracosta (Rare)
    29/101 Ducklett
    30/101 Kyurem-EX
    31/101 Tynamo
    32/101 Eelektrik
    33/101 Eelektross (Rare Holo)
    34/101 Drifloon
    35/101 Drifblim (Rare)
    36/101 Uxie (Rare)
    37/101 Mesprit (Rare Holo)
    38/101 Azelf (Rare)
    39/101 Munna
    40/101 Musharna
    41/101 Sigilyph (Rare Holo)
    42/101 Solosis
    43/101 Duosion
    44/101 Reuniclus (Rare)
    45/101 Golett
    46/101 Golurk (Rare Holo)
    47/101 Machop
    48/101 Machoke
    49/101 Machamp (Rare Holo)
    50/101 Machamp (Rare)
    51/101 Throh
    52/101 Sawk
    53/101 Archen
    54/101 Archeops (Rare Holo)
    55/101 Houndour
    56/101 Houndoom (Rare Holo)
    57/101 Aron
    58/101 Lairon
    59/101 Aggron (Rare)
    60/101 Jirachi-EX
    61/101 Escavalier (Rare)
    62/101 Bagon
    63/101 Shelgon
    64/101 Salamence (Rare Holo)
    65/101 Dialga-EX
    66/101 Palkia-EX
    67/101 Axew
    68/101 Fraxure
    69/101 Haxorus (Rare Holo)
    70/101 Druddigon
    71/101 Kangaskhan
    72/101 Porygon
    73/101 Porygon2
    74/101 Porygon-Z (Rare Holo)
    75/101 Teddiursa
    76/101 Ursaring
    77/101 Chatot
    78/101 Caitlin
    79/101 Cover Fossil
    80/101 Energy Retrieval
    81/101 Iris
    82/101 Plume Fossil
    83/101 Pokemon Catcher
    84/101 Professor Juniper
    85/101 Rare Candy
    86/101 Reversal Trigger
    87/101 Root Fossil Lileep
    88/101 Silver Bangle
    89/101 Silver Mirror
    90/101 Ultra Ball
    91/101 Plasma Energy
    92/101 G Booster
    93/101 G Scope
    94/101 Master Ball
    95/101 Scoop Up Cyclone
    96/101 Virizion-EX
    97/101 Genesect-EX
    98/101 Jirachi-EX
    99/101 Dialga-EX
    100/101 Palkia-EX
    101/101 Iris
  18. Salamencetrainer34 I am out of smash codes.


    Salamence....wantwantwant. Best BW set ever. Salamence want!\

    Don't forget shiny exeggcute!
  19. MountainDrew Wishes Mega Umbreon would exist


    Sweet 2 Machamps! Ill definitely be going to 2 prereleases this time, because this Is such a great set!
  20. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

    Advanced Member Member

    Shinies are Exeggcute (PLF), Virizion (NVI), Dusknoir (BCR), and Rare Candy. That is indeed the set list.

    ...Salamence? Looks like we're getting the V-Jump Promo, since there is no Salamence line in Megalo-Cannon. Sweet. Does that mean the Bagon and Shelgon will be English-originals?

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