Norway terrorist attacks

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  1. bacon !!!!!


    I'm not really sure what direction the discussion in this thread should head for, but I feel as though there needs to be a thread for this.

    For a brief overview of the situation:

    "At least 85 people died when a gunman opened fire at the Utoeya camp on Friday, hours after a blast in the government quarter killed seven. Another four are missing on the island."

    I don't know how to put my thoughts into words right now, so... well, post your thoughts, wishes, and anything else relevant in this thread.

    I'll update this first post when more news filters through.

  2. Elk-Dimension u elkcom hangl man


    I don't usually pay attention to stuff like this when it's in other countries, especially Europe, but jeez.
    I was reading this in the newspaper, and it's one of those stories that just formed a pit in my stomach.
    Man, so awful.
  3. CCloud Aspiring Trainer


    I'm kind of at a loss for words for this too... I had heard about the incident earlier, but I had no idea the severity of this terrorist attack. Best wishes to the families affected.

    Also... apparently, they've arrested the man suspected to have done the shooting and bombing.
  4. Ivy How much have I missed? o~o


    I read it and I sorta cried. I fell so bad for the families affected. I never knew someone would do such a thing.
  5. Vulpix-core heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey


    Just who do these terrorists think they are? What part of this is "necessary"?
    God be with them and their families.
  6. ~Passion~ Lol I dunno anymore


    Why do people do that? What pushes them? Why kill anybody?
    Ugh, I always cry when horrible things like that happen, which is why I didn't read the full page of the link provided.
    I would love to know why terrorists attack.
    I STILL cry about the date 9/11/2001. )':
  7. Cinesra The dashboard melted but we still have the radio.


    What could a person possibly justify that with?
  8. bacon !!!!!


    I have heard that this was done for political reasons. The suspect responsible for both the bombing and shootings has been named as Anders Behring Breivik. Most unusually for a crime of this magnitude, Breivik was captured alive. According to his lawyer, Breivik has stated that in his head the attacks were "horrible" but in his head were "necessary". We will hear more about Breivik's motivation in his court hearing tomorrow.

    What we do know is that these attacks were not spontaneous. They were planned very meticulously for 9 years, with probable outside help. Breivik published a ~1500 page book online hours before he attacked, which described how he had been planning the entire operation. I have not looked into the contents of the book and am not sure that I want to, but apparently the last words in his diary read;

    The most chilling words I think I will ever read in my life.

    I'm a bit surprised at the lack of responses to this thread. I guess it's hard for people to really talk about.
  9. Vortex Bass Musician Since '11


    The lack is because I didn't see the thread.
    But yeah, this is terrible. I hate how polotics can cause so much corruption. Just look at Libya and you'll see that. Also, the fact that some countries won't even allow the BBC in there...
    It's just shocking. When I consider what's going on elsewhere, those of us with internet access and safety live a life of luxury.
  10. HypnoticChairman And Suddenly, Boom


    What really seems strange to me, is that this attack wasn't from Al-Queda, it was to stop Al-Queda from migrating to Norway, from what I understand. Apparently the dude is Norwegian, which makes this more of an unpeaceful protest. :/

    My condolences are sent out to anyone emotionally and Physically scarred.
  11. Vulpix-core heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey


    It still doen't make sense. This person obviously belongs in a mental institute. He said they would get the "wrong idea" and think he's a "terrorist"
    No duh.
    I can't say this enough: I can't stand the people in this world that think that they can prove a point or save the world by uselessly killing harmless citizens. (And I dont mean things like wars, I mean things like this)
    It's not right, and awful.
  12. Zyflair Yes, sir. Of course, sir.

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    To be honest, bacon, there isn't much to talk about. It's really sad how such a twisted man could take on such actions to such innocent people. Someone like Breivik is nothing more than scum, someone that desrves to be wiped off of the face of the earth. The defense for this is going to be interesting, I must admit: is there going to be a plea for insanity?
  13. Gale Guess who's back (kinda)? Back again (kinda)


    The man seems to be relatively sane in his manifesto. In fact, if you read it, he claims to promote peace and the want for a better life for the citizens of Europe. He's anti-Islam, and calls his actions horrific but necessary.

    A tragic event indeed.
  14. Vulpix-core heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey


    Horrific but nececary. Those two words will never work with each other.
  15. Mina Norwegian Pokémon Collector <3


    I live like 30, maybe 40 minutes from where the bomb went off in Oslo. I was planing to go there, that day, with friends for shopping, but we didn't beacuse of the weather down here. If we went, maybe I wouldn't have sat here, right now, typing theese word onto PokéBeach. We could almost hear the 'boom' from the bomb. It was like a long "pfffffff" and we wondered what it was, but it was only 5 minutes later that we got the message "A bomb just blew up in Oslo. In the parlament-section.". The first thing that went through my mind was... Well, nothing, I was speechless. Thoughtless. I texted my friends who live in Oslo and asked if they were OK. All of them were, except one.. He got some scratches and cut and had to be in hospital for 2 days for observation, but thankfully he alright; he got out today.

    And for Anders Berhing Breivik; He's not human. What kind of 'man' goes around and shoots and kills over 80 other people?! Adults, teenagers, kids!?! You have to have an extremely twisted mind to do that. At least to me. And luckily, the bomb went off 20minutes after most of the people working in the area had left their jobs. I'm glad we don't have death penalty here in Norway.. He would've gotten away WAY to easily with that. I hope he get the fair trial that every 'man' should get, and get the punish he deserves for killing 93 people ([the death toll may rise in the coming days :( ].
  16. Vortex Bass Musician Since '11


    I feel terrible for you and your friends. I hope that your friend is recovering.
    I wish the unfortunate families the best of luck with coping through the hard times. It's horrendous to have people dying unexpectedly.
  17. Vulpix-core heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey


    Wow, you see, SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!?! How do you think he would like it if someone just grabbed up all his friends and famile, shoved them into a rooom and threw a bomb on that room. How would he feel?
    Because nobody loves him.
    I'm sorry, Mina. Hope your friends gets better.
  18. ProudPokePlayer An Ker-Otaku, if you will...


    I feel very sorry for the norwegians afflicted. I felt as a swede that it's just wrong to do that. On two channels there were live updates even some minutes after the bomb.
  19. bacon !!!!!


    Wow, Mina. I'm really sorry to hear that these events were so close to you. I honestly hope for you, your friends, and your family to pull through this terrible ordeal. Particularly your friend. Although he has recovered well, I dread to think what he might have seen.
  20. Ice Espeon *nods*
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    This just shows how horrible the world really is.

    Rest in Peace.

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