News New 'Pokemon-EX Challenge Boxes' at Walfart!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. HouchinsDJ Aspiring Trainer


    This is getting out of hand. I feel like they release a new box every other week. It's apparent they're just trying to get rid of backstock. $40 for 2 boosters packs, a theme deck, and a promo that's worth maybe a $1?

  2. Tyboy_2000 Aspiring Trainer




    Just buy 2 Tins or something else
  3. TheAipomArchives Aspiring Trainer


    out of every ex. THESE? Sure, the volcanion is nice, but it's the same one from steam siege! Just at least different artwork come on! This is probably the laziest pokemon product I've seen yet
  4. Well luckily for all no one is forcing anyone to buy these.

    I'd like the jumbos but I'm not going to be picking these up for them.
  5. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    Haha, I'd probably rip myself off buying these if I didn't already own the Gears of Fire, Ring of Lightning, Pikachu Power, and Mewtwo Mayhem theme decks.
  6. ThatAwesomeDude ThatAwesomeDude


    I love how they call it Walfart! LOLOLOLOL
  7. Profilo Aspiring Trainer


    But how can i get my hands on the Jumbo cards when i live in Europa? Someone willing to trade? :D
  8. ShinyUmbreon120 Aspiring Trainer


    Im not even interested in that,but why do I see theme decks for $6
  9. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    That's because they aren't.

    I guess some people don't get the memo that whatever price tag is labeled on a hook/peg, is the price of whatever product that is hanging off that hook/peg.

    The way the world works is that, if something is hanging onto a thing, like I don't know, a product hanging onto a hook/peg, it is virtually impossible for the product to be above the hook/peg, because of gravity. Provided that there are no other product around it, you can try to rotate the product so that the product is above the hook/peg, but eventually, it will fall back down so that the product is always below the hook/peg.

    Either they have never worked at retail, never encountered retail hooks/pegs, or hung around the toy aisle of a retail store enough. I know I did, when I was into the whole Transformers craze, when Beast Wars and Beast Machines was all the rage. I would basically camp there. Well not literally.

    Here's the rule. If the product is on a shelf, the price is below it. If the product is on a hook/peg, the price is above it. A better rule is, the price tag is always labeled on something in which the product is touching it. In the shelf's case, the price is below the product because the product is sitting on top of the shelf, therefore touching the shelf. In the hook/peg case, the price tag is above the product because the product is touching, or should I say, hanging from the hook/peg, in which the price tag is labeled.

    At least in all the retailers in my country, if you put something on a shelf, you never put the price label of that product on the shelf above it, because that product is not sitting on the shelf above it. In a hook/peg case, you always label the price of a product on the hook/peg that the product is hanging on.

    If you have ever placed price labels onto the store shelves or hook/pegs, you would immediately know that it is the booster packs beneath the price tags that are $6.

    In short, logic states that there is no way Theme Decks would be $6, therefore it must be the booster packs underneath them that are $6. Because they are hanging on a hook, the booster packs are $6.

    The real question is, if some of you think that the theme decks are $6, how do you even go shopping and associate the price tags with the correct product? I guess Wal-mart has this mislabeled price rule, where you can buy something cheap because the employee mislabeled the price, despite the person buying the product reads the price wrong.

    I don't know, it is one of those common sense things that I have to get off my chest. It is one of those things where you don't even have to work at retail to know this.

    To think this method of labeling prices is pretty straight forward, but there are some people who are still confused by it.
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  10. The-Kaiser Starfleet Captain and Pokemon Trainer


    Saw these yesterday at Walfart after work. I think theres a Hoopa one also.
  11. Raven Zombie Dark/Ghost Trainer
    Raven Zombie


    keep in mind this IS Walmart we are talking about. the Hobby section is never in order in most of these stores... i know customers can move stuff around, but when walmart themselves, have tags mismarked, they blame it on the fact, that its a separate business that labels things incorrectly. either way, you pay what the store says the item is...

    and then, on a whole different note, there are the people that try to price match combo packs for like a dollar, cause they see something on
  12. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    It's one thing that wal-mart might place the wrong price on the shelf or hook, but if you associate the wrong product with the wrong price tag, that is, the theme deck being $6, then it would make you look like a fool. I thought it was common sense that what ever price tag is on a hook, is the price of whatever is hanging on said hook.

    In that case, the prices were not mismarked by wal-mart. It was the poster who I was responding to and one other in this thread who don't know how to associate the price tag with the correct product. I thought it was clearly obvious it was the booster pack below it that was $6, not the theme deck above it.

    It wasn't wal-mart's fault that the prices would be mismarked. Most of the time they do it correctly. Over time, things move around because the customers don't remember where they get certain things from, and place it in the wrong place.

    I also know that the item is placed where the price tag is, not the price tag being placed where the item is. At least with wal-mart, the price tags would be pre-placed on the hook or shelf, and the employees would place the product on the shelf where the price tag is supposed to be.

    If the person who said the theme deck was $6, I would find it hard to imagine if that person worked as a shelf stocker, and placing product in the wrong place.

    Lastly, wal-mart does not stock the trading cards. It is some external vendor that comes in. Wal-mart just places the price tags with the UPC codes on them, and the vendor comes in and places the product in the right spot. Then kids come in and mess the aisle all up, which is why you see the wrong product in the wrong place. I don't know what day of the week these vendors stock the shelves, but all I know is that in the morning of that day, the trading card aisle looks organized. On the last day of the week in the evening, heck, even in the evening of the first day, it looks messy.

    Then again, there are some wal-marts out there with incompetent employees.

    Could you imagine if you tried to price match the theme deck, saying it was $6?

    You: The price tag says the this product is $6.
    Wal-mart employee: Show me

    You go to trading card aisle and show the price tag on the hook.

    Wal-mart employee: Sorry sir/ma'am. That is the price for this product. The real price for your product is the one up there, you know, attached to the hook in which all the theme decks are hanging from, the one that says $16.97?

    You get embarrassed as a result.

    The whole misplaced price tag match thingy for wal-mart only works if you can associate the correct price tag with the correct product. If you say the price is wrong just because you associated one product with the price tag for a different product, walmart would just politely, but secretly, laugh at you.
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  13. badmanoak Aspiring Trainer


    Bought the Mewtwo Box just for the promo art variation lol
  14. pkmnmaster893 Aspiring Trainer


    No. The hoopa contains the ancient origins card of Hoopa EX, tho. It has Steam Siege Packs and a Steam Siege Theme Deck.

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