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In Search Of Neo Sealed/unsealed Vintage boosters/boxes. Looking for advice.

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by MrOptimistic, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. MrOptimistic Aspiring Trainer


    So I've recently started indulging into the world of older card collecting, I've manged to complete my first four sets (base, jungle, fossil, rocket) and I'm moving on to Neo sets now, I'm not going for Gym sets just yet.
    I've researched many things on the matter, and I'm far too scared to pay out for a bunch of single packs, as it is impossible to know if the person you are buying from has weighed them at all, most of the sellers will say "no returns" which just adds to my suspicions and I feel the only real way to get some legitimate product is to buy a full booster box.
    No I'm not exactly made of money and I wont be able to afford one any time soon, but I want some advice ahead of time. Here are my questions.
    Is a full booster box profitable?
    If yes, what is a decent price to pay for a box?
    Are there any confirmed places that do not weigh individual boosters that are reliable?

    Many thanks, I appreciate the time to read and help out.

  2. Tyler Beta Fookin' laser sights!!!!
    Tyler Beta


    I honestly don't know the price of Neo boxes, but it might be better to just search for the individual cards. I could check my collection and see if I have any cards you need.
  3. MrOptimistic Aspiring Trainer


    It's a shame, because I would love to invest in a box and actually keep hold of one for years to come.
    I would love if you could check. I have only a small amount of each neo set.

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