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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by PMJ, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. TOTAL_EPICNESS I know de wey


    Not really sure what to think I do agree that Lorde and NP are acting suspiciously but then again so is just about everyone in this game

  2. PMJ :[

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    Lord is at L-3.

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    Only halfway done with the first day. I am pleased with the activity levels, for the most part. I also forgot that there is not ~30 people in the game so in hindsight asking people to make three posts seems kinda silly. I knew I shoulda made it 20.
  3. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

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    20 posts sounds good, PMJ!

    You're definitely posting your opinions a lot, and spending a lot of your posts trying to give excuse as to why NP's sudden focus shift isn't scummy, which I say "defense". :p

    First thing, it doesn't follow that we are at the same level of scumminess if you think Lorde has a better case on her. Secondly, if we are the same level of scumminess, then you should be able to articulate reasons for me being scummy (that isn't "defended TE, voted Gekki"), and so you should have been able to start your own case. This post doesn't make much sense.

    Concrete evidence is a luxury in this game - you will probably never find it; plus, you aren't locked in to your vote - changing it is very normal. Who are you thinking is more likely to be scum and why?
  4. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

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    @GekkisaiDaiNi Do you have any other scumreads?

    Yeah, there's a reason that I didn't get lynched or have much suspicion thrown on me besides "he should be dead by now".
  5. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

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    Minor pings from NP and TLS.
  6. Lord o da rings Pissed Off
    Lord o da rings


    Reviewing the thread, stuff I've missed from the past few hours. Writing as I go, so there may/may not be some unintended echoing, but here we go.
    Talk about a switch, weren't you just targeting Gekki 2 seconds ago? It really looks like NP's trying to make a Lynch on me look slightly plausible while not voting for me because vanity.
    - I like to think I'm smarter than blatantly buddying with BB then just bandwagoning in a way that'd put me in the spotlight. No, I voted you for a now clearly different reason.
    - Define: D1
    - Now this is an actually good point, and I see no fault in you bringing this up.
    - I'm defending him against bulls*** points, not him as a player.
    - How?
    In all honesty, the only reason I kept it there at this point was I was not seeing anyone else who was looking scummy. Why/where would I move my vote to? Not myself because what you'd suggest.
    BB's play is extremely similar as any alignment really. You have to really be looking at him (this is why he's so hard for me to read in general).

    I'm turning in for the night, and I'm probably gonna be doing some work in the morning.
  7. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

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    I can't pick a vote for you. Find some scumreads and make a case.

    -It wouldn't be scummy if you hadn't tunneled with it.
    -Either way, I wanted him to respond and he didn't because of you, so it's defending.
    -Read my ISO.

    Add unwillingness to scumhunt to my case. She's basically asking me to find a vote for her, while she still leaves her vote on me. That's really scummy because scum could just hammer me at this point, and if they don't, then we know for certain there is in fact scum on my wagon already. The scummiest person on my wagon? Lorde.
  8. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

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    The irony here is that Gekki is majorly tunneling Lorde, increasingly more than the other way around.

    Just making a few corrections, since the tunnel vision is distorting things:
    - Lorde's post clearly indicates that she does not have time to simply "make a case" - she was checking in before going to sleep.
    - that w/e response is completely disregarding a very legitimate piece of reasoning
    - sitting around waiting for TE's response (whenever that may be) would have been a waste of time, and so by this logic, Lorde was actually playing pro-town.
    - expecting people to read a full ISO is unrealistic (not everyone has that much patience!), especially when the majority of the quotes are just you saying "null".
    - Not repeating a reason when asked is unhelpful, and my brief skim of the ISO didn't show up anything convincing.
    - the reason for Lorde's "unwillingness" is pretty clear: Lorde has put her vote on the scummiest player in her opinion (you), you says this should change, and so Lorde asks to whom
    - scum cannot just hammer you at this point. They need 3(+) votes, and even if they coordinated that, we would get a nice list of likely mafians to lynch (so win-win to town).
    - therefore there is no guarantee that there is scum on your wagon (and in fact, the amount of attention that gets pushed on them could deter mafia from the wagon).
  9. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

    Forum Super Mod Advanced Member Member

    I am also getting very sick of this whole Gekki vs Lorde thing, especially how repetitive these points and defenses are...
  10. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

    Chat Room Staff Member

    I'm not tunneling her, she is by far the best case right now. And I'm adding to my case on her while she lets hers on me die but still does not change her vote or post more scumreads.

    -She can tomorrow (or, actually, today), and if she's scumreading me, why would she make a vote based off my opinions? And either way, having one player scumhunting for another is not a good thing.
    -The w/e meant that I was accepting her logic and giving up that point.
    -Um, no. Defending someone else before they get a chance to respond is scummy because it's possible they wouldn't have had an answer, and whoever answered for them gave them an answer.
    -If I can write an ISO on a Kindle, the person who it's about can read it. :U
    -Fine. She states that she's just pressure-voting me, then attacks me for pressure-voting TE. (PS. Adding backpedaling to my case, between going from thinking its OMGUS to attacking others for thinking it's OMGUS is a very strange mindset shift and it happened really fast.)
    -She has promoted no new scumreads on me in a long time, and I've debunked all of her old ones. She's basically holding her vote on me for no reason right now. That shows unwillingness to scumhunt beyond a few points in early D1.
    -Good point.
    -Another good point.
  11. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

    Chat Room Staff Member

    @quakingpunch73, you've been lurking on and off for most of yesterday and you just were again. Do you have any scumreads or opinions on the current cases?
  12. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    BB that's not true at all. I pressured both of them at the same time, and I'm pretty sure I haven't revealed who I actually want lynched today besides wanting one reaction out of Gekki. I can speak more on why I switched to pressuring Lorde just as must as Gekki if you really want me to, but it's not some huge shift like you're trying to insinuate.
    And I'm not sure what Simsands said that I didn't. The one point on Lorde for me (her not being able to justify her vote on Gekki) was equivalent to what sim said.
  13. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    These are the post that are me shifting from pure Gekki to pure Lorde apparently:
    Telling Lorde her logic is bad at the top and pressure Gekki at the bottom.
    This bottom comment is a test to see Gekki's reaction and how much he'd fish for a Lorde lynch after I implied to him he'd have a chance (and yes, he did not do well at that but the plan was to let him continue).
    This is me defending someone's point against Lorde.
    No Lorde or Gekki.
    Tells Gekki that his case on Lorde sucks. Only one point I actually acknowledged was good.
    There's nothing like BB described, so:
    To BB: Don't make a case on me that actually has nothing of the sort in my posts.
    To The Town: Don't mindlessly sheep his idea like all of you did because he's BB. Read my posts he's describing and see for yourself.
  14. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Sorry, mainly Gekki to nearly entirely Lorde.
  15. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

    Chat Room Staff Member

    I didn't sheep BB. :U

    Also, these responses from NP make sense to me.
  16. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

    Chat Room Staff Member

    @NinjaPenguin, this is a bit late but, why do we need to see a TE flip? If TE flips scum then Lorde looks worse, but defending is definitely interesting even if we don't know whether either player is scummy or not, because it's a form of buddying.
  17. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

    Chat Room Staff Member

    By scummy I mean scum
  18. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Make a case on BB if you wish to. That way, we can all read them and try to decide which one is the best.
    You and TE were the ones I was calling out for sheeping. TE thought BB's case was good, and you saw me as a secondary scumread from it. That means both of you didn't actually check my posts for evidence, which is really bad play when you only need to go through 10 or so posts.
    We don't need to see a TE flip at all. But Chainsaw Defense arguments on work once the person they may be defending is dead. So if TE dies and is scum, I'll consider that argument. As is, I would prefer to lynch Lorde earlier and the chainsaw defense point is completely null.
  19. GekkisaiDaiNi Bladey Bois

    Chat Room Staff Member

    I read bb's case and I read the list of posts he gave, and I only agreed with one point that it seemed kind of like an unnecessary flip-flop. If you remember, I also pointed out the flaws in bb's case.

    A case on bb would actually be interesting.

    Alright, that makes sense.
  20. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    (This is the exact same reason why I'm not going after BB for Chainsaw defense; his case on me may be Chainsaw Defense but Lorde isn't proven scum.)

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