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    So... Rainy has an ability that in it he chooses a target, and get the result a night later? Then I am confused, he just chose me and therefore, I am scum? He has not received the results yet, so I wonder why did he tell everyone I am likely scum because of his ability, which has not brought any results yet? Or am I missing something?

  2. Lord o da rings Dangerous
    Lord o da rings


    Day 2: Votecount #2

    - All votes are in chronological order.
    - The players being voted are in alphabetical order.
    - The player(s) with the most votes is tagged.
    - The majority to banish is 6.

    Votecounts will be posted every two days.

    Celever (0): rainyman123 (vote) |

    @scattered mind (2): NinjaPenguin (vote) | rainyman123 (vote) |

    Pickup Activity:
    - @Jadethepokemontrainer *
    - @Blakers
    - @GM DracLord
    - @A Dragon of Destiny *
    - @mirdo

    * = Yet to Post, At Risk of Being Mod killed

    Those who are at risk of being subbed out, you're still in the game is because of our last sub not being able to sub in right now, as well as me being reluctant to start mod killing. I cannot emphasize enough how badly you two need to start posting.

    Come on people, you need to start playing the game. The activity is once again beyond disappointing. There are about half of you trying to bring activity up or are fairly active, and about half of you doing nothing/very little. That half (tagged) needs to pick up their activity. This is ridiculous. Only two new votes in 48 hours? I've seen almost all of you online, you should be able to write up a post that won't take longer than 5-10 minutes. Also, since our last sub cannot sub in until worlds ends, you need to pick it up. I seriously don't wish to mod kill anyone as it hurts the game, but the way things are going it looks like I may have to mod kill one of you...

    I am going to start doing daily activity reminders starting Day 3.

    You have 48 hours left in the day. Start making decisions. Remember, in the case of a tie no one is lynched!
  3. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Still voting for rainy to claim to allieve us of confusion like this:
    In a town this apathetic, explaining things as much as possible is always the best option.
  4. I'm reading it as he used his Seer ability last night, which said you have a good chance of being scum. He has another ability that he can use tonight to 100% confirm his seer action. That's how I understood it.

    I don't really see Rainy as scum. Especially now that he has claimed this seer ability. I agree with everyone else that Scattered is the better lynch candidate. I'm also reading Cel as a possible scumbuddy to scattered. It seems to me he has been trying very hard to steer the vote away from scattered.
  5. Blakers In it to win it!


    I think that this is a confirmation of whether or not it was correct. He apparently seered you last night, and was told that you are scum. This night, he will be told if you being seered as scum was correct.

    If rainy is scum, he's taking an incredible risk, because if scattered ends up town and he gets lynched and ends up scum, that's a bad trade for the scum. It also seems like a seer wouldn't belong on a scumteam, and we usually have one per game; however nobody else has claimed seer. So I would have to say that I'm leaning town for rainy.
  6. But there could also be the possibility of no seer, couldn't there?

    This might be stupid, but does anyone think that Scattered and Rainy could be scum buddies? Rainy could be fake claiming seer to get town cred.
    ^Is this stupid?
  7. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    btw, whoever hammers me gets an item, according to my ability. So.. there's that. Maybe that would help somehow.
  8. Blakers In it to win it!


    It is a possibility, but the scum probably wouldn't know if there was no seer, which makes the claim even more risky as scum.
  9. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    I've been considering that possibility for a while now. I actually believe it's fairly likely (around 20%).

    And scattered is probably some form of vengeance, if he's scum. I'd love to have him not be hammered today, if possible (just keep him at L-1 until the time runs out).
    @scattered mind Does your role tell you what the item does?
  10. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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  11. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Not even a one word description (like good, bad, protecting, etc.)?
  12. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    "a Super Bell which they can use whenever they’d like."
  13. TheAnticipationEevee Decidueye Vileplume <3

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    I have an important question to ask.

    @rainyman123 how is your ability/abilities worded in regards to chance of being incorrect. Do you know if it's a "small" chance of being incorrect, or just a "chance" of being incorrect which was implied from your confirmation ability.

    Because from the posts you posted, it doesn't seem like there is actually anything that would reveal that it is a "small chance" of being incorrect as you initially stated, and rather it is implied through the confirmation ability that your seer ability might not be correct?

    Cause it might be 50/50 if like Lorde only gave a textbook seer ability and then another ability that says u can confirm whether previous results were true and nothing else.
  14. TheAnticipationEevee Decidueye Vileplume <3

    Forum Mod Member

    There's a difference between lynched through most votes and lynched through majority/hammer? o.0
  15. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    @rainyman123 This is why you need to claim the ability. The group being able to help discern it is important right now, much more so than keeping a bit of flavor safe from the scum.
    Have you tried to ask Lorde what a Super Bell does?
    Scattered says that the player who hammers him gets the item (which I suspect won't be a good thing if he's scum). If he's lynched by majority, nobody will have hammered him.
  16. rainyman123 Bug Pokémon = Best


    You are Toadette and are aligned with the kingdom. Just like Toad, you’re very stubborn and perceptive, however you can be fairly childish at times. But your very active, attentive, and daring personality make you one of the best at sniffing out baddies, as well as hidden treasures.

    Active Ability - Super Sleuth: Your levels of perception are higher than that of anyone in the kingdom. As a result, every night you may PM me a player name. You will learn if that player is involved in scummy activity that night.

    Active Ability - Investigative Recollections: Your stubborn attitude can get in the way of your nightly investigations. Every night, you may PM me ‘Recollections [NIGHT #]’ and you will learn if you were being stubborn (the read is useless) or practical (the read was correct).

    Win Condition: Eliminate all players not aligned with the kingdom.
  17. Blakers In it to win it!


    There's nothing talking about your "marriage" here. Was that left out?
  18. TheAnticipationEevee Decidueye Vileplume <3

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    D: That is so vague, now the scattered lynch is risky D:
  19. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Rainy's claim may be vague, but I'm still down for a scattered lynch. I still think he's the scummiest player left alive, and I'm worried he'll slip through the cracks (like I almost did last game) if we don't lynch him now. I'd say to wait a day to see Rainy's accurate results, but the scum will just kill rainy tonight, and considering we almost surely have no doctors remaining, we won't be able to stop it.
    He very heavily implied that the marriage was not related to his role.
    If you think it's risky, propose something else. In fact, I'm beginning to see what Cel's saying, and would probably put you as the best person to lynch besides scattered.
  20. TheAnticipationEevee Decidueye Vileplume <3

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    And just noticed the quotes got messed up on my previous post.

    Well its risky in the sense that if you ignore everything out of the picture, except rainy's read, then its risky. That is what I meant, I guess I was vague looking back at my post x.x

    Cel's comment is completely hypocritical because I solely because I have questions and I wish to talk more here discussing them, even if they aren't essential, rather than just filtering those questions and only posting what people consider "essential contributive discussion". The hypocritical part is that he commented that punishing people on activity is what your thing about tandum reads, well now he's basically punishing me on activity for posting genuine questions. I don't see the problem in posting questions or points about small things, because they aren't intended to drift the focus away, its just for clarification and detail. Like I could just as easily join Jade and GM and contribute even less and then this conversation wouldn't even happen, but I choose to talk because I honestly do not see how posting questions about small things harm anyone at all, so I don't know what is the problem there unless someone wants to explain to me?

    Anyways, my position as of now, unless someone abruptly provides new evidence (I guess it would be like A Dragon of Destiny if he ever comes on), is to lynch scattered to see if my hunch that I made earlier was correct, cause I do have this weird feeling that scattered is indeed scum and cel was trying to shift the vote away from scattered (and rainy) and onto someone else, which is apparently me, for a invalid reason imo.

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