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    Welcome to Mafia: Battle of the Royal Palace! Hosted by @Lord o da rings! This game is based off of some of the fan-favorite Mario characters from the Mario world!

    If you need a refresher on the rules, you’ll find them here.

    It was a day supposed to be of bliss. Princess Peach had invited Mario, Luigi, and some of her other friends to the Royal Palace for a day of festivities and fun. Mario had only recently returned from defeating Bowser for the forty-seventh time, and thus, a party was being thrown to celebrate. Everyone, EVERYONE was coming.

    Once everyone had arrived, Peach came down to meet her friends from her quarters to address them all.

    “Welcome my friends to the Mushroom Kingdom!” Peach shouted aloud, happiness evident in her tone. “I’m very humbled that all of your have taken a day off from your lives to spend your time with me here! I’ve prepared many games and such for us all to take part in, such as Tennis, Golf, and some Karting as well! I hope you all enjoy the day, as I’m sure we’ll all have a lot of fun!” Peach concluded.

    Everyone applauded her. They were all excited to spend time at the Royal Palace, and have an entire day set aside without a care in the world.

    Or that was the intent…


    Several miles away, in the outskirts of the kingdom, an attack was being planned, none other than by Bowser and his malicious koopa army.

    “Alright, we’ve got all of our minions ready to attack” Kamek told his leader Bowser.

    “Excellent… Give it a few more moments and we’ll be ready to lay waste to the pitiful Mushroom Kingdom” Bowser roared. “And this time, more than just Peach and Mario will be involved…”


    Back at the palace, Peach, Mario and all of their friends were gearing up for their first activity, a tennis tournament.

    “Is everyone ready for the first round?” Peach asked her friends. They all knodded to her, signaling her to begin.

    “Alright! Here are the pai--” Peach began to say.

    Suddenly, the ground began to shake. So violently that a couple of people lost their balance. The entire group was scared, and was trying to figure out what was happening. However, they were about to get their answer…

    Out of nowhere, a huge bomb of smog hit the Royal Palace, so thick that not a single person inside could see anything. Bowser and his army were however immune to this smog, and could see as far through it as they’d like. “Koopas! Go! Destroy the kingdom! But leave the Royal Palace to me…” Bowser said ominously.

    With that, his koopas began their destructive siege on the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom, wrecking anything in their path. Bowser, and his most powerful koopas sealed every exit they could find in the Royal Palace. Then, Bowser and his followers went out to the courtyard, where the tennis tournament was supposed to be taking place.

    "Alright, now listen up!" Bowser roared. "We're going to play a little game! You'll have to guess who in this smog caused all of this mayhem. It won't be easy, since you can't even see each other, and while you try to destroy us, we get to sit back and watch you all destroy yourselves" he finished, leaving a both figurative and literal cloud of fear over the do-gooders of the world.
    1. Be nice to other players.

    2. Try to contribute. If you don't feel that you'll be active, please do not sign up. If you find yourself inactive for a limited time during the game, let the host know about it.

    3. No one is allowed to post during each night phase.

    4. Do not edit/delete your posts.

    5. No screenshot or image posting is allowed.

    6. No outside communication.

    7. Liking posts is allowed.

    8. Quoting posts is allowed. You are permitted quote and edit any posts sent by the hosts.

    9. The hosts' word is law. Once the host has made a decision, the decision is final.

    10. No posting after a Game Freeze.

    You'll get a warning if you break any of these rules. Two warnings and you risk mod killed.
    There are no special mechanics in this game.

    In order cast a vote, players should follow this format: ##VOTE: PLAYER'S NAME.

    In order to unvote, players should follow this format: ##UNVOTE: PLAYER'S NAME.

    Day Periods will last 120 hours (5 in real life Days), or until a player gains majority of votes needed to lynch.

    Night Periods will last 48 hours (2 in real life Days).

    If no majority is reached by the deadline, the player with most votes will be lynched. In case of a tie, no one will be lynched.
    There are two main factions in this game. The Kingdom (aka town) and The Koopa Army (aka mafia). There also seems to be a third faction in this game.

    Players who are not aligned with the kingdom will have safe claims.
    You are Toadsworth and are aligned with the kingdom. You are an elderly toad who has spent his life serving Princess Peach, making sure everything goes right in the life of the prone-to-kidnapping princess.

    Active Ability - Royal Guarding: Every night you may PM me a player name. You will learn which players targeted this player.

    Win Condition: Eliminate all players not aligned with the kingdom.

    - @rainyman123
    - @Celever - Killed Night 2 - Koopa

    - @scattered mind - Banished Day 2 - Cat Goomba

    - @Jadethepokemontrainer
    - @NinjaPenguin
    - @Blakers
    - @quakingpunch73
    - @TheAnticipationEevee
    - @GM DracLord
    - @Little Cherrim @A Dragon of Destiny @Trainer Josh - Banished Day 3 - Boo

    - @TheSceptileMaster @TheFlyingPidove @mirdo
    - @Nebby Baggington - Banished Day 1 - Yoshi

    - @mirdo - Subbed in for TheFlyingPidove Day 2

    - @TheFlyingPidove - Subbed in for TheSceptileMaster Day 1

    - @mordacazir
    - @A Dragon of Destiny - Subbed in for Little Cherrim Day 1

    - @Trainer Josh - Subbed in for A Dragon of Destiny Night 2

    This game has a limit of 12 players. If we do reach 12 players, you can still sign up as a sub! Signups close on Thursday August 3, 2017 at 7PM EDT.
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  2. Celever Wheeeee~

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  4. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


  5. Blakers In it to win it!


    In! I haven't played in a while, go easy on me! :p
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  6. quakingpunch73 Gentleman


    Just so that you guys know, I'll be missing the first couple of days of day 1 due to camp, but I should be easily reachable after that!
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  7. TheAnticipationEevee Decidueye Vileplume <3

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  8. Trainer Josh Competitive TCG Player
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    In, sounds like a lot of fun!
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    In formsure
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  10. Little Cherrim The point of no return.
    Little Cherrim


    /In! (Let's hope I will be good this game)
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  11. TheSceptileMaster The Scientist, the Analysist.


  12. Lord o da rings Dangerous
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    Only 1 more spot open! Remember, you can always sign up to be a sub if you're busy when the game is in its early stages, or if all the spots are filled. :)

  13. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    What about Trainer Josh? He's not on the list.
  14. Lord o da rings Dangerous
    Lord o da rings


    He PMed me about an hour after he signed up that he needed to be removed.
  15. mirdo Bada Boom - Realest gull in the room.


    Im on Holiday atm but i'd like to sub.
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  16. Lord o da rings Dangerous
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  17. TheFlyingPidove King of Mistakes


    Sign me up as a sub please!
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  18. I'll play
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