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    Welcome one and all to MafiaXLII: War of the Gods! Hosted by me, @double o squirtle and my friend @Vracken! This game is based off of the amazing 3DS game, Kid Icarus: Uprising.

    If you want to play but have no clue of what you’re signing up for or want to refresh your memory a bit, go check out the rules and terminology here.

    Now let’s get started!
    “Pit. Piiiiiiit. Where is that angel?”

    Palutena was searching for Pit like she did everyday and as usual, found him staring at the end credits.

    “Pit! There you are. I’ve been looking for you. Not like I had much trouble. You’re always sitting here anyway. Why do you keep staring at the end credits? It’s not healthy.”

    “Oh I’m sorry Palutena, but ever since I beat the game, I’ve been worried that Hades is going to jump out of them any second.”

    “ While I understand your concern, I must say that you’re overreacting. We defeated Hades a long time a-”

    Palutena’s sentence was cut off by the sound of a hole being torn through the end credits.

    “Heeello pretty Palutena! You too Pitty-Pat. It’s good to be back. Now if you wouldn’t mind, could you scooch over a bit so that I can feed on the souls of countless humans?”

    “Hades!” Pit exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

    “Oh you know, the usual shopping for clothes and groceries, things like that. And did I mention, world domination!”

    “Of course! But how are you gonna come at us this time? We beat all of your last attempts.”

    “Why I’m glad you asked Pitty-Pat. This is a game I like to call mafia. It’s simple really, every day you talk with others and pick someone to send to the Underworld. If you manage to send us back to where we came from, then we’ll leave you alone. Did I mention that every night we’ll be killing one of your allies too? We will be doing that. Of course, if you fall short of allies well then, I’ll fix up the end credits with a big fat GAME OVER! As well as kill the rest of you. So what do you say? Will you play this lovely game?”

    “Do we have a choice?” Asked Palutena.

    “No of course not. Which means you’ll be playing now. See you in the Underworld!”

    With that, Hades had temporarily gone, leaving Palutena and Pit shocked.

    “Told you he’d be back.”
    In this game there are two main factions, Skyworld (town) and the Underworld (scum).

    There may or may not be an independent faction.

    Scum must reach majority to win. While town must kill off all anti-town aligned players to win.

    All anti town roles come with a mod given safe claim.
    The game will start on Night 0. Days will generally last around 5 days in real life for a day phase, and 2 days in real life for a night phase. This number may fluctuate, however.

    In order to eliminate a player during the day, that player must either have the most number of votes on them by the end of the day or the majority for a lynch must be reached during the day. In order to lynch a player during the day, you must place a vote to lynch by using the format ##Verb:<player name>. If you want to switch your vote, you can unvote by using the format ##Unverb:<player name>.

    Something new about this game is that there will be the Demon Cauldron. At the start of each day, every player will get 10 hearts (this number may change). At the start of each night (excluding night 0), players will be able spend up to 30 hearts at the Demon Cauldron. The more hearts you spend, the higher the chance of getting a good item will be! These items are called Idols. Their effects vary and they will disappear after using them unless specifically stated.
    You are double o squirtle and Vracken and you are aligned with The Game. Hades put you in charge of this game so you know everything about it and strive to make sure it goes well.

    Passive Ability: Almighty

    As the hosts, you know everything about this game, and you can control what happens too. You have access to every player’s role and can answer certain questions. You must also give out players a certain amount of hearts each night.

    Win Condition: The game plays out well.

    There isn't really too much that's special with roles, each role will come with at least 1 passive or active ability. You may not act on Night 0 unless your ability specifically states you can do so.
    Idol: Hearts

    You may target 2 players during the night, they will receive 1.5 times the number of hearts (rounded down if the number isn’t a whole number) during the next night.

    As you can see, this idol effects the amount of hearts players can get. This is just an example though, so it won't be in the game.
    Hades came up with the game but he still has rules.
    1. You may not edit or delete any of your posts.
    2. You may not speak during the night phase.
    3. You must post at least 3 times a day.
    4. Please don’t insult each other. It’s bad.
    5. Our word is law.
    6. You may not Like posts. Doing so will also result in a warning.
    7. You may not share any quicktopics you have with each other.
    8. You may NOT communicate with people outside of the game about the game.
    9. No screenshots but you can quote whatever you like.
    Break any of these and you'll get a warning, break one of them again, and you risk being modkilled.
    Signups close in 72 hours at 7am EST June 22nd. Just post in-thread if you wanna sign up. :D
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  2. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

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    /in to not be mafia again!
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  3. quakingpunch73 Gentleman


    Dang! I'll have to sit out of this one since I'll be going to camp in a couple of weeks and don't want to sub out. Good luck to you guys!
  4. Vracken Nothing more than a Test Subject

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    You could always sign up as a sub ^w^
    Hades does like the extra ... entertainment :p

    But yea, I can see why you might not ^w^
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  5. quakingpunch73 Gentleman


    Well, the issue is that I'll be gone later in the game and not at the beginning. I could always sign-up and sub at the end of Day 1, as I'll likely be around for the entirity of that, but I don't want to do that to you guys unless you're okay with it. I'll be sure to read up on it when I'm home on the weekends though!
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  6. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


  7. Vracken Nothing more than a Test Subject

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    In if you'll have me ^w^

    No wait. Hades please, it looks like fun
    Fine, I will help dos out

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  8. bbninjas Squid or Kid?

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    Speaking from experience, to keep a nice flow and consistency, it's better for both the players and the hosts if you avoid subbing out as much as possible. You might notice that nearly every time someone subs out, a lot of players will have to reconfigurate their reads based on how the newly subbed player plays, which can put the town behind and can make that time spent playing the game somewhat "wasted".
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  9. mordacazir First observe!


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  10. Haunted Water DEFT Lunar
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    a'suuuhhhhhh dude

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    Put me in coach
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  14. Ice Espeon #Jovimohnaeliackvid
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  15. Blakers In it to win it!


    I'm basically in the same boat as quaking, and it's incredibly likely that I'd have to sub out. If you're ok with that, I do think that this game looks awesome and would like to play, but please prioritize everybody else's signup over mine (if it's okay that I'll most likely sub out).
  16. Ice Espeon #Jovimohnaeliackvid
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    *Celever has asked me to let you know he wants to sign up, but can't get to a computer atm so can't post.*
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  18. rainyman123 M-M-Magneto?!


    Innards Out!
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    I guess will try this again. I should be around now, so I'll be able to commit more to this game. In!
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    Wow. That was p fast O: Anyway, signups are now closed. Roles are probably gonna come out once Vracken gets online, the whole process is kinda hectic and Hades doesn't offer any other way to send out roles. :U
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