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  1. Storminn Cities format is going to be wacked.


    I have been hearing a little bit of hype but many people have been thinking of flaws within this card. So I will try my best to make you see the best of the card.

    Lugia EX:
    Colorless – HP180
    Basic Pokemon (Team Plasma)

    Ability: Overflow
    For each of your opponent’s Pokemon that is Knocked Out by damage from Lugia-EX’s attacks, take 1 more Prize card.

    [C][C][C][C] Plasma Gale: 120 damage. Discard 1 Plasma Energy attached to this Pokemon or this attack does nothing.

    When Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

    Weakness: Lightning (x2)
    Resistance: Fighting (-20)
    Retreat: 2

    The 180HP Factor is so shmazing on any EX. But the Ability is even more Shmazing taking 3 prizes on a EX! And 2 on anything! GIMME THAT! That attack is not all that bad either. Discarding the Plasma is trouble but you can always use Recycle to get it back. The resistance of Fighting is perfect and the retreat cost is something you can work with.


    Weakness -
    Lightning weakness is bad. Running Terrakion in this deck could help you but testing will tell you if Terrakion is viable. Also one card that can solve this problem right away its called Plasma Frigate:

    Plasma Frigate – Trainer
    Stadium (Team Plasma)

    All Pokemon that have Plasma Energy attached to them have no Weakness.

    This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. If another card with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.

    This will solve your problem majorly and make sure to at least run 2 of these bad boys.

    Flaw Solved?: Most Likely

    As you may have already known Hammers can really tear the deck up. But you run Recycle so you can still have a chance, also running Terrakion can help, people that run Hammers usually run Darkrai and Sableye so there is something you can tear through. And what about John Roberts? He ran a deck that lost to Hammers, he took it to Nationals and won, and probably against hammers won aganist it in some matches. Just Playtest.

    Flaw Solved?: Playtest and it may be yours.

    Those are your flaws and can be beaten, as long as you know whats coming at you and playtested.

    Decks with this card:

    Lugia/Ho - Oh/Attackers
    Quad Lugia

    I have been translating a couple of Japense competitive blogs and such and these are the decks these guys are mostly playtesting with and seeing if Lugia is a viable option.

    x3 Lugia EX
    X3 Terrakion


    4 Pokemon Catcher
    4 Colress Machine
    3 Juniper
    3 Colress
    4 N
    2 Cheren
    1 Scramble Switch
    2 Plasma Frigate
    3 Ultra Ball
    2 Random Recevier
    1 Tool Scrapper
    4 Recycle
    2 Plasma Ball
    3 Skyla
    3 Switch


    4 Plasma Energy
    4 DCE
    5 Fighting

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  2. ashtavakra Overlord


    i think it is too early to even consider pondering about a card, that isn't going to come out for another 3 1/2 months.
    obviously it is a good card and it will have some play somewhere.
    but the only thing we know is that we know nothing. japanese meta and decks almost never come to america and prosper.
    look at the drama and rumors going on with the boundaries crossed set and these random reprints coming out right now.
    we don't even know what cards will come out in a set that is being released in just less than 2 weeks.

    to add to the OP.

    I think darkrai/lugia/terrakion is the most viable.
    if ether did actually come out, as well as colress machine and dark patch.
    im sure there will be a consistent combo with those 3 to accel energy to compete at a tier 1 level.
    maybe even throw in a terrakion ex or 2. and 1-2 regular terrakion.
  3. Storminn Cities format is going to be wacked.


    If I can fit Dark Energy, Dakrai and the Dark Patch and the whole Boundaries Crossed deals is because most likely our next rotation will be BC-ON.
  4. Celebi23 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Lugia has had a lot of success in Japan, and odds are it will have a lot of success here. It's pretty brutal; it can end the game by Turn 3 fairly easily. Other attackers have no place in the deck, however. The deck has no late-game and none of the other attackers change that. They just take away from the amazing early-game.
  5. Jack Bauer Pokemon Professor
    Jack Bauer


    We will definitly not get BC-on. It will most likely be DEX-on or DRX-on, but they will not kill 6 sets. I think it will be DEX-on, since we would keep 2 Supporters (saying that N would be reprinted in Plasma Gale), Ultra Ball and more importantly Pokémon Catcher which is SR Reprint in DEX.
  6. Storminn Cities format is going to be wacked.


    Know when you tell me how many sets would be killed, I agree.

    Dork Void


    What synergy does Lugia have with Ho-oh? None. None at all. Why would you put hammers, a late game energy stalling card, inside a deck that wins on turn 4 or lower or cannot win? Honestly the only pokemon I'd run in a Lugia deck besides Lugia would be Roserade for the extra search, and even that might hurt consistency more than it helps it.
  8. Storminn Cities format is going to be wacked.


    Hammers was a bad thought, pardon my post. And Roserade would be a godsense in this deck. Did I spell that right? lol
  9. ashtavakra Overlord


    I like lugia stunfisk or lugia landorus ex.
    spread damage all over the board early game, play down lugia energy switch energy switch colress machine attach.
    catcher 3 prizes on an ex.

    next turn, skyla search for catcher, attach plasma for turn catcher another ex ko for game.
  10. RogueChomp Team DBT


    Remember the mid season rotation?
    See ya:
    Majestic Dawn
    Legends Awakened
    Rising Rivals
    Supreme Victors
    and Arceus
    Thats 7
    Just sayin that ANYTHINGS possible

    I'm gearing toward Lugia EX/Darkrai/Sableye. Fast and can take REALLY quick prizes. I play 2 enhanced hammer bcuz it screws lugia over XD.

  11. exdarkrai01 Aspiring Trainer


    To the op where does a lighting weakness hurt it? Zekrom seems to be fairly dead where i play as raikou has taken over and raikou can only hit bench. Now if lugia became bdif which i doubt it will it may be the return of a mainstream zekeels.
  12. 9Tailz the human embodiment of garbodor


    What was that about only hitting the Bench?
  13. Vulpix Yolk the premise is that I am in the future
    Vulpix Yolk


    Once Plasma Badge is released, I have a strong feeling that Tornadus EX, Mewtwo, Lugia will be a tier 1 deck. Mewtwo without Psychic Weakness is a monster, Tornadus is a great turn 1 / turn 2 attacker thanks to Colress Machine, and Lugia is the game finisher. It just seems like a high damage deck with cutthroat speed. Definitely something worth testing.
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  14. Azurial Aspiring Trainer


    I know this is old, but I've only just read the first few replies here...

    TCPi rotates between 4 to SEVEN sets as explained to me by more than a handful of TOs and Judges/Professors. One thing we kind of know is that Catcher will probably be rotated, simply because when they do a rotation they slow the game down. This theory is sort of backed up by printing Escape Rope in Plasma Gale.

    Otherwise, the deck list in the OP looks somewhat solid, though I wish I could find a bit more variation. The only problem I see with Lugia at present is the existsance of Zebstrika (not sure which set ATM) that can use Disconnect, hit for weakness (albeit not very hard) and lock out Items. Another issue could be Garbodor - a simple drop of a Rocky Helmet or something and bye-bye abilities.

    Further that with the fact that a slow stage 2 can gum up Lugia (one of the newer Klingklangs) and a precise Mewtwo Drop.

    Another problem is that Lugia will be VERY Item reliant and any well thought out deck that can stall or even stop it dead will push Lugia into a Late Game situation that may drive it's play-ability down.

    Of course Lugia can be good, but there are viable ways of keeping it at bay. So, please, do not take this post as gospel, just as a few things that MAY (not to be taken as they WILL) put Lugia on ice.
  15. Zaloog91 Aspiring Trainer


    I think Lugia Ex would fit right at home in a Darkrai/Hydragon deck where you can just drop Lugia and attach a plasma energy to take whatever prizes you have left and catch your opponent off guard.
    Dork Void


    Darkrai/Hydreigon decks have less space for techs than any other deck in the format. They do not have room to run Lugia and a large amount of Plasma Energy/Colress Machine. Also, Plasma Energy is a big liability for them because they can't shift it around and they can't Dark Patch it back and it doesn't help pay for any energy costs except for Lugia's, so being stuck with it early game is terrible.
  17. Mora Silently Chaotic


    They should at least be able to fit Lugia and two Plasma Enegies. Most lists can afford a Shaymin and a Sigilyph or something. Take those out and possibly a Blend since it would have to be more focused on Lugia to take the last three prizes. Worse case the Plasma Energy could be attached to Darkrai permanently, which isn't too big of a deal since it's attack cost is DDC. I'm not saying it'll be the best combination, but it is definately feasible in my opinion.
  18. blargh257 The Second Opinion


    Lugia seems interesting enough but to be honest I don't see a deck that can only attack 4 times with its main attacker doing well...
  19. bagoly14 Collecting is expensive -_-


    ^This. In my opinion it should me Landorus, Mewtwo, Lugia or Lugia, Darkrai, Tornadus.

    I would use Lugia as a one of at the minimum in my decks. Imagine you're down to 3 prizes while your opponent has 2 or 1 left. Play scramble switch, colress/energy and ohko an already damaged EX like Keldeo for the win. Even if you can't base a deck around Lugia it still has a lot of potential in prize racing and surprise factor (like Shaymin).
  20. Baby_BI PM me if you want to make a PTCGO playtesting team


    What are the odds of that happening? You would in late game (this is a big factor) be forced to have scrable switch, lugia plasma energy or colress machine in the hand at the same time. if you play Darkrai then you would be at 14 cards left in your deck after maybe 8-10 turns.

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