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    Can anyone help me, I saw on some cards there is some "lost zone". Please explain something about it to me because in Croatia where i live there are no sets with lost zone (there are only DP,DP Misterius Treasures, Secret wonders and Great encounters maybe even Legends awakened)... I know it'll seem like I'm some idiot but I can't find it anywhere, thanks.

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    The Lost Zone was a new concept in the game introduced during the release of Platinum in America (it was really in Japan during DPt1.) The Lost Zone is where Pokemon/energy/cards go where they can't be recovered. The Pokemon will only go to the Lost Zone if a specific attack/Poke Power/whatever tells the certain Pokemon to go to the Lost Zone. Energy and other cards are included as well.
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    Right from a Theme Deck manual: "Cards in the Lost Zone (which is anywhere out of play next to your Prize cards) are put face-up, but unlike cards that are simply discarded, are unplayable during a match." I.e. You can't use NM/TSD/Pokemon Rescue on it. It's like Yu-Gi-Oh if you've every played that game. Only some cards in Platinum have this as an effect, and even then, Unown G prevents that effect.

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    If you ever played Yugioh "Lost Zone" is saying "Out of play" so basically- it cant be brought back from a discard pile or by any cards, because, as far as I am aware at present no cards said "bring back from the lost zone"
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    Ah yes, thank you all guys. I understand now :D

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