Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters

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Which TCG Franchise is Better?

  1. Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters

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  2. Cardfight!! Vanguard

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  1. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    So as you may have already heard, Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro are already planning on bringing back the Duel Masters TCG to the U.S. with a brand new Animated Series being aired exclusively on The Hub. The catch is that they are basically starting the game over from scratch instead of trying to keep up with the Duel Masters OCG in Japan right now and the New Animated Series is not a continuation of the 1st Duel Masters Anime starring Shobu as the Main Protagonist.

    With that said, what do you guys feel will become more popular in the U.S.? Kaijudo or Cardfight!! Vanguard? Now I've been going on other forums talking about this and I feel personally that Vanguard will become more popular than Kaijudo here in the U.S., I could be wrong however it's hard for me to tell since I haven't seen any episodes of the Kaijudo Animated Series yet to resurrect this poorly marketed franchise that died in the wake of
    Yu-Gi-Oh!'s ongoing popularity.

  2. Zenith ||||


    Duel Masters is actually, in my opinion, one of the best TCGs I've ever played, and I was very said when it died. the anime dub was good too, just because instead of translating the super generic original they made it an elaborate parody of gaming anime, and it was awesome.
  3. ShayminTails Pinkie Pie's Bro


    I use to play Duel Masters and I still have the 2 GBA Duel Masters games I own, I actually still have a favorite card, Crystal Paladin...

    And as for the re-boot, who knows what'll happen, but I'm more familiar with Duel Masters than Vanguard and plus, I'm with Magic anyway, so Kajudo should be an easy fit for me
  4. Trainerhan1 Chooses to not abandon his wagon.


    Wow this is great! I'll have to look into this more. As for what I think will be more popular is Duel Masters because I found out about Vanguard like a month ago, and I usually look into these things, so more people probably no what Duel Masters is. Also I still have my Uber Dragon Bajula and Super Necrodragon Abso Dolva, or however you spell them.

    EDIT: I just looked into it and I wish I hadn't, the characters, oh God why...
  5. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

    Advanced Member Member

    The only contact I have had with Duel Masters was indeed the anime dub, and I must say, I vastly approved of it.
    I really am totally impartial on Duel Masters coming back with a reboot like that. All card games are the same to me, so I wouldn't bother to play any more than I do already (Pokemon competitively and YGO casually).
  6. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    Well there's rumors being speculated that the game mechanics for Kaijudo is supposed to be different from the original Duel Masters TCG, I was kinda going into this game expecting it to be just like the old one with a few gimmicks here and there. I saw some of the new cards and it seems like it's keeping the Old Civilizations like in the Old Game with maybe a few reprints of Holy Awe, Terror Pit, and the like.

    I noticed that none of the cards had a number on the middle section in the bottom signifying that they can be used as mana like in Magic. Will they scrap away Shield Triggers, having Shields, and pretty much drawing your Shields til you win the game I guess? So far I'm liking the Game Mechanics for Vanguard alot better but I keep hearing that the Anime Series is terrible, not as terrible as the 1st Duel Masters Anime but still pretty bad.

    The Kaijudo Animated Series hopefully will be better than Chaotic on 4KidsTV, God forbid that HAD to of been the worst Animated Series I've ever seen based on a card game. I've seen a few episodes of it and it's really bad in terms of quality, it was like those low budget reject Cartoons you'd see on Cartoon Network like Johnny Test and The Amazing World of Gumball.
  7. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    I played a little bit Duel Masters with my friends, and I liked it. It was a fun game for sure. It became totally different with later sets, though, judging on what I have seen. Even bad new cards are OP compared to the old ones... that's just wrong.
    Sounds interesting! I guess I'll keep my eyes open.
  8. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    Duel Masters was technically a dumbed down version of Magic: The Gathering. It was a marketing tool to attract younger players to Magic, and Wizards didn't plan on supporting Duel Masters in the U.S. beyond a few sets so that explains why it died out so quickly a few years ago. The big reason why Duel Masters is coming back in the form of Kaijudo is because Hasbro wants Wizards to capture more of the 6-12 age demographic.

    When it comes down to both Kaijudo and Vanguard I want to get into a new TCG that is a safer investment to get into. It doesn't make sense why I would keep playing Vanguard If nobody is going to support the game in favor of Kaijudo. It's all determined by which game has the stronger following and the stronger franchise marketing, all signs are pointing to Kaijudo but it really depends and time will only tell which is the better TCG.
  9. Matryoshka Hi, I'm a scrub


    Amazing. I remember saying "If Duel Masters was still out, I'd drop everything and play it!" But now I'm not sure. It all depends on the OP of all of these games, really. If the OP is good, the game will be more popular. I think the only thing that will really keep Pokemon going against these two is the fact that Pokemon is really iconic, and it's been around longer. The game itself hasn't been going so well according to some long-time players, but I think it's fine. But the OP is sort of messed up. The fact that Vanguard is a lot more local makes it easier for people who can't travel a lot to still have a chance. I heard if you become a SHOP REPRESENTATIVE you can get your trip to worlds or nationals paid for (not sure which, not 100% certain this is true, heard it from my friend). You don't have to win a Regional. You don't have to T4 at a National. So basically, if the Duel Masters OP is local and known enough, more people will play.
  10. Trainerhan1 Chooses to not abandon his wagon.


    How similar are Duel Masters and Magic? I never tried Magic.
  11. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    Here's the Comparisons between Magic and Duel Masters in terms of Colors/Civilizations:

    White = Light
    Blue = Water
    Black = Darkness
    Red = Fire
    Green = Nature

    The cards in both games pretty much are very similar to eachother in terms
    of how their strategies correspond to their Colors/Civilizations. Aside from that the comparisons between both games end there.
  12. TokenDuelist VGC Professor


    From the trailer, the show concept seems KIND OF interesting. I'm not gonna throw a full opinion down till I see it but, I don't think I'll even bother touching the card game. I'd prefer it if they stopped trying to do their own thing and just release the sets we're missing. Though I say this because I have many Duel Masters cards and have no interest in buying new packs of a card game that doesn't even match, personally, I feel the card game is going to bomb hard. The show however, I'm hoping is not card game based.
  13. PokemonJon Aspiring Trainer


    CFV FTW!!! I think Duel Masters dosen't have the kind of fanbase anymore to be restarted and CFV is a new really good game which kicked DM's butt in Japan for popularity and sales.
  14. Matryoshka Hi, I'm a scrub


    To be honest, I was a little disappointed when I checked out the website. The card art and show art isn't what it was at all. Although it could be good, it doesn't seem like it'll compare with Vanguard, both by the show and game.
  15. Teal 黄前さん らしい ね


    I checked it out, looks really dissapointing. :( Seeing the cards actually made me sad. The real DM cards didn't look childish at all, these do. Totally.
  16. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    The biggest complaints I've been hearing about Vanguard lately is that luck plays too much of a factor in who wins games over skill. However it's more in the premise of how you use that luck to your advantage that determines who wins games or you could play a deck like Oracle Think Tank and stack your deck for a win which in a sense promotes cheating when the cards overrule it. Of course there's deck stacking strategies in Magic: The Gathering as well with Brainstorm and Sensei's Divining Top with the new Miracle mechanic from Avacyn Restored but I'll save that for another topic.

    Most matches in Vanguard ALWAYS comes down to whoever gets the lucky triggers or whoever gets their Grade 2's and 3's out first before their opponent does. Whenever you lose a game you learn from your mistakes from it and improve, in a TCG like Vanguard the only reason you would lose regardless of how good your deck is was due to not getting a trigger in time whether If it was to prevent damage from an attack or to deal damage with your Vanguard to add damage to your Opponent's Damage Zone with something like a Critical Trigger.

    I've also been getting complaints about the Vanguard Anime as well, by the end of
    Season 1 Crunchyroll stopped streaming Japanese Subs for it mainly due to a lack of viewership and loss of interest. Turns out that a different company was trying to stream the episodes from Crunchyroll so the loss of viewership might not be entirely to blame on it. This was from what I've heard on a different forum as I don't have a source to the new company that's trying to stream the Vanguard Japanese Subs. As for the Anime itself, well it's pretty bad. People are saying it's just a 20-30 minute advertisement for the TCG itself with no real plot, no character development, and a poorly written story.

    As for Kaijudo it does look like it takes a page from Duel Masters and it looks almost like an improved version of it but it's hard for me to judge it unless I've actually played the demo or bought a couple Starter Decks and actually played it out for myself. The Kaijudo Animated Series of course will appeal to Western Cartoon Audiences more than those that tune into Japanese Anime or Otaku for short. Whether If Kaijudo will bomb hard like Duel Masters will determine how well Wizards and Hasbro markets the game and If they keep at it like they have with Magic: The Gathering then things will look up possibly.

    Wizards and Hasbro have been planning Kaijudo for a long while and all signs are pointing that they won't screw things up like they did before with Duel Masters. They've been waiting for Yu-Gi-Oh! to die out and the Zexal series isn't really that popular with kids and alot of the older Yu-Gi-Oh! players are tired of the Ban List being used to manipulate card prices and product in the Secondary Market. Wizards' goal is to steal the 8-14 age demographic and some Yu-Gi-Oh! players as well. The next Magic Block being the Return to Ravnica is going to sell itself so that they can focus on growing Kaijudo.
  17. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    So Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro already have the Online Demo setup for the Kaijudo TCG and someone on YouTube is seen here playing through it although some people are saying that the Online Demo has nothing to do with the actual Kaijudo TCG. Click the video below to judge for yourself:


    From what I understand of the Demo, the actual TCG game rules are simple. Each player starts with 3 Shields, in Duel Masters you had 5. The first player to break all 3 of the other players' Shields wins the game. You have your Main Creature to do battle and the other Creatures you play are called "Supporters" to boost the attack power of your Main Creature to overpower your Opponent's Main Creature. When you overpower your Opponent's Main Creature you break a Shield.

    The "Supporters" that are played to boost the attack power of your Main Creature do have special abilities or card effects that kick off depending on what Colors/Civilizations you're playing based on them. For example If you're playing the Water Civilization (Blue in MTG) then you're going to get alot of drawpower as in the case with the demo portrayed in the YouTube link I posted here.

    For the Creatures themselves they are basically the same as in the old Duel Masters TCG but modified to fit into the new game mechanics of the Kaijudo TCG which confirms that the Kaijudo TCG isn't backwards compatible with the old English Duel Masters TCG. The TCG still also has the same 5 Civilizations of the old Duel Masters TCG, judging from the gameplay I saw of the Online Demo I'm going to go out on a limb and say it plays ALOT like Cardfight!! Vanguard except it's more like a dumbed down version of it I suppose.

    There's no blocking for your Main Creature or playing cards from the top of your deck to boost the power of your Main Creature. It just seems too straightforward with not much skill involved as compared to Cardfight!! Vanguard which does have quite a bit of skill involved depending on which Clans you're running but it is about as luck based as
    Yu-Gi-Oh! with the topdeck triggers and all. Judging from the Online Demo again, I'd still say Vanguard is WAY more fun than Kaijudo.

    The YouTube user whose video I linked to also uploaded a new video regarding her reactions to Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters with some interesting feedback as well:

  18. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    There's a Wiki now available for the Kaijudo TCG with cards already spoiled from the new Starter Decks and Base Set. You can check it out by clicking the link below:

  19. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


    Well If we are going to compare which TCG has the better Animated Series, I'd say Cardfight!! Vanguard because I've been watching it since Season 1 and although it's not perfect it was enough to keep me entertained and kept looking forward to the next episode. Sure some people will complain that it's just a 30-min. advertisement for the TCG but it keeps me interested at least because it can be used as a learning experience to get the hang of the TCG.

    The Kaijudo Animated Series on the other hand reminds me too much of the Chaotic Cartoon series as compared to Vanguard it isn't set in the real world where the characters are actually playing with their own cards and decks like in the real world. In the Kaijudo Cartoon set to premiere on The Hub instead of using cards and decks like in Vanguard the characters use Magic and Gauntlets based on the 5 Civilizations of the game itself.

    If you want to watch the Vanguard Anime I can PM you a link If you'd like. I've seen the most recent cards for Kaijudo from the Starters and it is infact a copy/paste reboot of the original Duel Masters TCG before it was discontinued in the U.S. back in 2005. Vanguard while it may be luck based is much more fun, the big problem I see with Kaijudo is that players will dismiss it right away as a dumbed down version of Magic: The Gathering where as Vanguard is basically what Yu-Gi-Oh! could've been with a resource system to keep the TCG itself balanced to a tee.
  20. Card Slinger J Aspiring Trainer
    Card Slinger J


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