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  1. PumpedAaron S Type Armor


    Hey guys. Long time no see. It's been about 3 years or so since I was last active, but here I am again! I'm your resident Machamp fan. While I like Pokemon, and play the VG and TCG, I've taken quite a shining to Puyo Puyo lately. Howdidy doo!

  2. Attix Ethiopian Toilet Seat


    Hello there! My name is Dylan (my username is my last name), and I joined this site because I was looking for a decent TCG site. I'm fairly new to the TCG, but I have over three years experience in the video games.

    My other interests include hiking, biking, field research and staring at rocks, writing bad fanfiction, getting a job, paying off student loans, freaking my stepmom out with my questionable driving skills, crap-posing on Donald Trump's Twitter feed, and reading Touhou mangas.
  3. ... Pokemon Legend


    ... ...!


    Hi, I'm obviously Trainer Red from Pokemon red and blue versions (although I'm not in real life)

    Loved playing pokemon since gen 1 and am excited for ultra sun version and hopefully the switch versions (diamond pearl remakes please!)
    Feel free to talk to me if your curious :)
  4. Pennie Aspiring Trainer


    Ay, my name is Pennie... My interests include: improper capitalization, being overly emotional, getting excited in public and freaking people out, aaaaand art. Ever want to see a Pokemon as drawn by someone with shaky hands and anxiety? Hit me up. I like the video games, always been my thing! I like the pretty ones the most. :p
  5. Sheimeix Aspiring Trainer


    Hey all, I used to play PTCG years ago- the last event I went to was the Stormfront prerelease back in 2008. I played around a little bit during the BW2 era, but that was mostly "buy a structure deck for me and one for my brother and play each other with those". I've been a Pokemon fan since it came out in the west, mostly with the games, but lately I've been in a PTCG mood thanks to USUM, so I hope to get more into the competitive aspect of it. I also play YGO to some degree of competition, but the Links format really got me messed up with a good number of my decks :/.
  6. TheGabiType Grass type pokemon trainer


    Hi, everybody! I'm Gabi! I'm currently an animation student in NYC, and I've been a fan of pokemon for over a decade now! I started *really* watching the anime when Diamond and Pearl came out and saw some news on this site, but by now I've seen just about every episode, movie, and special out there. I've been visiting pokebeach for so long, I figured it's about time I created an account on here.

    I collect plush and anime merch for the most part, but I do purchase the cards when i see some artwork I particularly like. I used to play competitively in the tcg, but the best I've managed to do was 2nd place at a battle roads.
    I was a winner of the pokemon art academy contest a while back, and you might recognized my chespin card. (he's my favorite pokemon)

    Feel free to say hi, I'm always down for chattin'!
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  7. Cilantro maybe


    Oh, I guess I'm here now

    I'm Cilantro, I've been a fan of Pokemon since Generation 3. While I don't play the games, I keep up with all the latest news and events. I'm a major fan of the Pokemon TCG, and I get cards whenever I can. I'm good friends with @MegaPod_781, as he's the reason I've joined.

    If you want to message me, that's fine, although i'm awkward in conversation.
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  8. Mora Chaotic Neutral


    Oh hey, I remember you from way back when! Welcome back. (Sorry, I'm a little late.)
  9. UndeadMarowak Aspiring Trainer


    Just introducing myself. I have been playing Pokémon since RB first came out. I skipped generations 4 and 5, and started back up with XY. Trained about 15 Pokémon for IVs/EVs and did some WiFi battles. This generation really got me going again, and I have almost 30 Pokémon ready for competitive battling now. Very rusty since it’s been since RSE that I fought competitively regularly. I’ll probably be starting a lot of topics on specific Pokémon discussions for movesets. I stick with my favorites, so they’ll be a mix of OU, UU and RU.

    Happy to be here and be in a community where we can discuss Pokémon battling without constant trolling!
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  10. Number51x You had me at "Creep Show."


    Hello. Been playing and collecting for about a year, insist on playing Creep Show Gengar, and am probably way too old for this, but WHATEVER! Too much fun.
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  11. Ziggy Aspiring Trainer


    Hello everyone,

    My name is ziggy im 24
    Ive played pokemon before, but quited a few years.
    Right now im mostly playing on ptcgonline to praktisch

    Feel free to add me if u like : ziggyman164432
    Ye i already asked pokemon to change the account since its an old one...

    Anyway have fun.
    Greetz ziggy:)

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