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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by corabed, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    How about a dual type Fire/Fighting bipedal starter Pokémon? Anyone?
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  2. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK First Alolan Champion-----TWICE
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


  3. TheR3DX Aspiring Trainer


    I mean you kinda got that one
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  4. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Lol that 2011 post is amazing!

    Personally, I want a Pokemon that is any of the unused type combinations, especially a Twinrova-esque Fire-Ice type. I'd love to see how Game Freak would attempt to explore that type of unused design space.
  5. Vracken Trust me, I am not a Gengar ^w^

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    Do we have a sabertooth Pokemon? I would be happy to have one, could be Ice/Ground or Ice/Fighting. Otherwise, if they wanted to go a little more wild, I am still wanting on a Fire/Ice type.
  6. His Goominess sue me
    His Goominess


    I think the general consensus is that Raikou is at least partially based on a sabertooth, but I'd love to see another one though. I could see a whole different bunch of types working for it (Normal, Electric, Fighting, Ice, Dark, Ground, even Rock if they did it as a fossil mon) so it could be really interesting to see where they could take it.

    on the subject of now-extinct animals, I'd love to see a Terror Bird (which I could see as a Fighting or maybe Fighting/Flying type, possibly Rock/Fighting if it were a fossil), a polacanthus (which could be an interesting choice for a Grass type with its spikes being thorns), a dimetrodon (which could go in several different directions) and whilst I could list almost every single extinct sea creature (that's not already been made into a Pokemon), I'll just finish by saying I'd love a metriorhynchus.
  7. Vracken Trust me, I am not a Gengar ^w^

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    I specifically want it not to be a fossil, but that is just me personally, largely because we don't need more Ice/Rock types as it is just plain awful
  8. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK First Alolan Champion-----TWICE
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    Wut was bad about the Amoura line?
  9. Xous's prediction drawing of Zoroark was one of my favorites. I know it's not really an idea, but it looks legit.

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  10. His Goominess sue me
    His Goominess


    I'm assuming the Rock/Ice typing. Even though I like the line (they're probably my fav fossils visually) the typing is pretty bad (and their stats aren't anything amazing either tbh).
  11. Austin Eafford Aspiring Trainer
    Austin Eafford


    Both Bug/Poison type.

    It that suppose to be Mega Zoroark?

    I actually like the Dolphin Pokémon.A water type.

    Cheetah Pokémon: Electric
    Tiger Pokémon: Ice/Normal
    Flamingo Pokémon: Water/Flying
    Crane Pokémon: Normal/Flying
    Clock Pokémon: Steel
    Hourglass Pokémon: Steel/Ground
    Peacock Pokémon: Flying/Fairy
    Sphinx Pokémon: Rock/Psychic
    Angel Pokémon: Fairy/Flying
    Jester Pokémon: Fairy/Dark
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  12. Shishigami Amatsu Mikaboshi


    A red hot chili pokémon with fangs that would be the first official grass/fire type with an ability that acts like Destiny Bond on any opponent using a biting based move. Or a Wicker Man with the same typing. I've had this idea since 5th Generation so don't go taking my idea without telling me since I have some design ideas. ;) Not to mention a Leprechaun that should rightfully be dark/fairy obviously.

    Although not the first time, the Tapus imo have played an important staple in showing Game Freak's design tapping taken into account outside of Japanese mythology and I would love to see them take it further into realms of Germanic, American, Greek, Egyptian/Bablyonian/Assyrian/Mesopotamian (Pazuzu) and Celtic characters (Wicker Man).

    As most of you are aware there are encyclopedias full of natural history - zoology, paleontology, botany and even microbiology that they haven't even touched for influence despite their already impressive run so far combining these two areas of design (natural history and world mythology). Shame on them is deserved that they couldn't be arsed to expand the fossils this generation despite the fossil site appearing incredibly early, its such a deliquent, backward decision by them. We could have had a badass dromaeosaur by now from them... :(

    Last and as opposite the least as you can get, theres always the Cthulhu mythos, but then talk about tempering with power creeping because they would be easily the most powerful pokémon in both in and outside of existence despite having one Outer God already in this universe by the name of Smeargle... and they should all be ??? type.
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  13. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Frozen yogurt obviously
  14. A Dragon of Destiny The Rare-steak Wyvern of Death
    A Dragon of Destiny


    What about a rotom like pokémon that changes forms based on the current zodiac constellation that could be locked by an item?

    Also, why not a book pokémon with a grass (because they originate from trees) and psychic (because they contain knowledge) typing?
  15. Nekoban Ryo Fake Card Artist, Shiny-Hunter, & Fossil-Collector
    Nekoban Ryo


    Can we please get a rosy maple moth and Ice-Type snow leopard or Norwegian forest cat? I could imagine both going on my team for sure.

    More ideas:
    - Serpentine Dragon/Grass, Rock/Grass, or Rock/Dragon Pokémon based on Lepidodendron (giant scale tree) fossils
    - American five-lined skink, aka "blue-tailed skink" (Ground/Electric?)
    - Bug/Dark ambush bug that evolves into an assassin bug
    - Eevee-esque stick caterpillar that evolves into a variety of geometer moths (including a Bug/Rock emerald moth and Bug/Ghost pale beauty)
    - Hawk moth that's literally a moth mixed with a hawk (probably Flying/Bug)
    - Steel/Rock turtle-like Pokémon based on ironstone concretions (could even evolve with a new Iron Stone item)
    - Possible Meowstic (male and female) evo or fusion based on chimera cats
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  16. Austin Eafford Aspiring Trainer
    Austin Eafford


    Three brand new legendary pokemon for the another generation.

    Name: Astang
    Pokémon: Iron Horse
    Type: Steel/Fairy

    Name: Bingthy
    Pokémon: Night Fly

    Name: Calemela
    Pokémon: Sea Sliver
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